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Roots, branches, and confluence: A Northwoods Pagan podcast.

Roots, branches, and confluence: A Northwoods Pagan podcast.
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Roots, branches, and confluence: A Northwoods Pagan podcast.




Episode 46: Kiki & Mary

In this high-flying episode, the gang saddles up for Studio Ghibli's animated classic, Kiki's Delivery Service and Studio Ponoc's new magical adventure, Mary and the Witch's Flower. What themes in these films speak to real-life Paganism? How do they deal with magick? And what lessons can we find in them for our own self-development? Note: Something was amiss with our equipment that wasn't apparent when we recorded. Please be aware that the sound quality is a little rougher than usual at...


Episode 45: The Young and the Pagan

The Amanda and the Jacob talk with real-life teenage Pagan and all-around excellent human being, Selje. What's it mean to be young and Pagan today? How's it different from back in the 90's and early-aughts? And where might the future of Paganism be heading? Mentions: - Harry Potter (book series): - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky:...


Episode 44: Calling Direction

In this squirrelly episode, Amanda, Aimee, and Jacob look to the matters of direction, intention, attraction, manifesting, and seeking guidance. What do these mean? Where do we find them? And just how the the universe are they supposed to work? Not all who wander are lost, so come along for an encompassing journey about: The law of attraction, thought and behavior patterns, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the drumbeat of time, limitations, mentors, sources of support and guidance,...


Episode 43: Shamama Knows

In this brief, strange trip, Amanda and Jacob sit down with the enigmatic "Shamama," for a little look into the history and use of entheogens and psychedelics in modern Paganism. Are drug culture and Pagan culture somehow inseparable? What connects us to sacred experience? And what made "Neo-Paganism" so "neo," anyways? Mentions: - Timothy Leary: - Ram Dass (Richard Albert): - Terrence McKenna:...


Episode 42: Recovery

Amanda, Aimee, and Jacob are joined by their friend Sam for a sobering discussion about alcohol, addiction, and recovery in Pagan culture. How do we hold space for those who struggle with addition or those in recovery? What resources does the Paganosphere provide? And just where is that higher power found? In pursuit of those questions, and the answer to life, the universe, and everything, the gang comes clean about: Socio-cultural pressures, alcohol in ritual and sacred spaces, the...


Episode 41: Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke

The Priestesses go to the movies! Again! In this fresh installment, Amanda and Jacob "Ohm" in on the Studio Ghibli classics, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. What makes these films so powerful, even today? What lessons and perspectives might Paganfolk find within them? And what makes a Princess a Princess? Wading into the water includes exploring: Thematic similarities, liminal protagonists, complex antagonists, strong female characters, ritual purity, human...


Episode 40: Let's Talk About Sex Magick

In this sticky episode, Amanda, Aimee, and Jacob talk about sex magick. But mostly about sex. And they have a healthy go at masturbation, while they're at it. How does sex and self-love play along with our mental, emotional, and spiritual health? How do they connect us to ourselves and others? What techniques might... come in handy? And moreover, what does it mean to embrace our own power? Mentions: - The Lesbian Kama Sutra, by Kat Harding:...


Episode 39: Craftycraft

Crafting, creativity, Witchcraft, and Paganism. What threads run through these? How do they shape our paths and practice? Why do many Pagans seem to be makers, artists, or craftspeople? Who is able to take on a particular role? Where does creativity and crafting fit into all this Pagan stuff? In this episode, Amanda, Dani, and Jacob put together the pieces to find out. Mentions: - Hunter-Gatherers: - Women in Medecine (Wikipedia):...


Episode 38: The Pilgrim's Path

For modern Pagans, what does pilgrimage mean? Largely removed from the paths, places, and practices of ancient Paganism, what is pilgrimage like for us? And what does it mean? Treading the way, Amanda and Jacob are joined by Irish Seabhean and returning guest, Danise Shipley. Along the road, these travelers explore expectations, experience, faith, preparation, planning, relating to places, getting naked, recovery, processing, inner vs. outer travel, journeying, working with limitations,...


Episode 37.5: Partnering Plus

In this cozy half-episode, Jacob field interviews Gary and Michelle about being Pagan in the context of polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous relationships. What challenges are there? What are some misconceptions? How does one share and practice your spiritual path with a partner or partners who may or may not be Pagan? All this, and much more partnering for your earholes await... Michelle's Recommendation for those curious about Polyamory: - More Than Two: Franklin Veaux's...


Episode 37: Partnering

Ah, the challenges of being Pagan in intimate and/or romantic relationships. Is it harder in interfaith relationships than with other Pagans? What challenges arise for Pagans when discussing faith and practice? How do we deal with change and development in these relationships? In this one, Aimee, Amanda, Dani, and Jacob wail in the dungeon about their experiences (and lessons learned). Along the way, there's talk of enchanted swords, undead and/or robot armies, fisting, necromancers, a...


Episode 36: New Years

In this freshest of episodes, Aimee's back! And with the recent changeover to 2018 in mind, the gang explores the concept of "new years," along with ideas about reassessment, resolve, resolutions, goal-setting, intention, transformation, and much, much more. Sharing Space: - Fables: - Sword & Laser: - Vaginal Fantasy: - Pocket Casts: - Strange...


Episode 35: Meditate On This

Meditation is an oft-used tool in the spiriutal toolbox, buy why? What are the purposes of meditation? What forms can it take? Who should venture to meditate? How does it fit into Pagan practice? In this contemplative episode, Amanda and Jacob attune to the vibrational hum of the universe for an insightful and varied discussion about their experiences with meditative practice and how those fit into the Paganosphere. Along the way, there's talk about meditational goals, methods, types of...


Episode 34: Money Matters

Money. What's it got to do with Pagan practice? How do we place value on our time and energy? What makes for wealth? And does luck or fortune have anything to do with it? In this deep pocket discussion, Amanda and Jacob are joined by small business owner and multi-modal practitioner, Hilary (the EC Energist herself)! Skill, compensation, markets, the value of care workers, Star Trek economics, basic needs, economic justice, American Gods, debt, reciprocity, fortune, luck, fate, destiny,...


Episode 33: Death Becomes Us

In this wonderfully grim exploration, Amanda, Jacob, and (returning friend) Dani go beyond the pale... for a hallowing chat with a most morbid special guest, Angie! Trained as a Death Midwife and Certified in 2011 by Nora Cedarwind Young, Angie is one of the founders of the Death Midwife movement. She is also a Rite of Passage Officiant, Senior Minister at Earth Traditions Church, Emeritus Board Member of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, and Pagan Student Advisor at...


Episode 32: Divining Divination

In this insightful episode, the triumverate is joined by Shela, who's a local divination darling, seasoned tarot consultant, and creatrix of The Seer's Path website (an online community for exploring divination). Together, they look deep into the spread of all things divination and have a naturally clairvoyant time along the way! Why is divination such a big part of Pagan practice? And just how is it supposed to work? What are the pros and cons of reading for yourself? Or for others?...


Episode 31: Love and Trust

What does love and trust mean in Paganism? And why does it matter in our relationships? Or to our loved ones, our communities, our practices, or ourselves? Does love and trust need to be "perfect?" Do they make us weak? In this ardent installment, Amanda and Jacob raise their cups to explore what's just so damn important about love and trust. Drink deep with us, dear listeners, as we quaff the heady brew of: Communication, trauma, vulnerability, negotiating healthy boundaries, holding...


Episode 30: The Love Witch

Once again, The Priestesses go to the movies! This time, for a look at Anna Biller's occult-inspired tale of nightmarish beauty, The Love Witch. How does fantasy shape desire and love? Does a woman's greatest power really lie in her sexuality? Is that which we call a Jerry by any other name just as sweet? Dear listeners, in this episode, we give the rainbow to you... Which (witch?) includes some discussion of: Sex magick, love spells, witchcraft, witch tropes, Tarot symbolism, the...


Episode 29: Interfaithing

Interfaith communities and interactions. How does that work for Pagans? How can it? In this exciting installment of The Priestesses, Amanda and Jacob discuss their recent and ongoing experiences in the interfaith realm, purpose in action, shared experience, navigating differences, and more. What maddness ensues, dear friends? Pucker up those earholes and find out. Corrections: Agape is the Greek term for universal love. Jacob mistakenly uses the term "storge" here, which refers to familial...


Episode 28: Talking Body

Body image. Sex. Tattoos. Yes, the gang's back together and laying it down with friend, romance consultant, and sex educator extraordinaire, Michelle. Sharing Space: - THINX Period Panties: - The Handmaid's Tale (TV show): - The Handmaid's Tale (book): - Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving, by Betty Dodson:...