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36: Finding Your Creativity

Today’s episode is for anyone who wants to start some kind of creative project but doesn’t know what they want to try. We share a few ideas on how to find something that sparks your inspiration and helps you add some creativity to your life. You’ll hear a list of questions to help you discover what kinds of creative pursuits would excite and inspire you, how to find time to fit it into your life, how to take the first step, and the new creative pursuits we are trying out! SHOWNOTES:To...


35: I'll Be Happy When...

How often have you caught yourself saying, “I’ll just be happy when _______”?? We all find ourselves believing that if only our circumstances were different that we would be happy. But it’s that very sense of discontent and frustration that prevents us from feeling how we want! In this episode, we’re talking about how to find lasting contentment despite circumstances. We share the ways we each find this feeling, including how Kristin found it while experiencing infertility. This episode is...


34: How to Stop Procrastinating Your Dreams

In this episode, we’re diving deep into a conversation about procrastination. It can be such a huge problem for so many of us and hold us back from the things we truly want to accomplish. Laura shares two reasons we procrastinate and how to overcome them both. We each share how we’re working on overcoming the temptation to put off the important stuff -- especially the scary, uncomfortable, big things that will lead us toward accomplishing our goals and dreams. SHOWNOTES: To check out any...


33: Purposeful Time Management

In this episode about purposeful time management, we ask two important questions: 1. What are the most important ways for us to spend our time? 2. How can we protect that time and use it in the most intentional way possible? These answers create the foundation of our priorities and discipline in getting to work. This strategy goes far beyond planners, lists, and apps and has truly helped us learn to get what matters done! SHOWNOTES: To check out any links, notes, and details from our...


32: Being True to Yourself

In this episode we’re talking about being true to yourself, especially when it comes to your art and creativity. It pretty much comes down to this: whatever you do, do it your way! We chat about how you can be true to your own sense of creativity, how to find inspiration outside your normal sources, and why it’s so important to define what it is you want to say with your creative work. We each share how we try to create before consuming content online and what we say to those who worry...


31: The Power of Thoughts

Today’s episode is all about how powerful our thoughts are -- and for the first time EVER, we recorded in person!! We chatted about how thoughts determine feelings and feelings determine actions. So if we want any kind of change in our lives, it all starts with what we’re thinking. Kristin shares how she would have approached her infertility experience if she knew then what she knows now about the power of thoughts and we each share some of the thoughts we consistently redirect to when our...


30: How to Stop Feeling Guilty for Doing What You Love

Do you ever feel guilty for taking time to do what you love? If so, today’s conversation explores some ideas about why we often feel this way and what to do about it! We talk about - Finding a little extra compassion and kindness for yourself - A great list of questions to clarify the thoughts BEHIND the guilt and discover whether guilt is actually the most accurate emotion for the situation - The purpose of guilt in helping us see when we’ve made a mistake and how we can set it aside in...


29: Slow & Simple Living with Ali Middleton

Today we’re chatting with Ali Middleton about living the slow and simple life. We talked about: - How to choose a slower-paced schedule when everything seems to conspire to keep us busy - How to get back on track when things don’t feel peaceful at home (Ali has three specific suggestions!) - How we can cultivate creativity for our kids AND encourage them to have more independent play - Encouraging a culture of reading in our families - Finding time for yourself as a mom and how Ali...


28: The Secret to Accomplishing Big Goals

When it comes to goal-setting, this year has gone pretty well for the two of us and today we’re chatting about why. We share what monthly activity keeps us both on top of our progress for the big things we’re working on, how to stay focused on a simple list of your priorities for the year while also keeping up on the things you’re already doing well, and what the biggest factor is when it comes to moving the needle on making big things happen. SHOWNOTES: To check out any links, notes, and...


27: How To Be a Good Listener

In this episode, we’re talking about how to be a better listener. Everyone really just wants to be heard! We all crave human connection and the understanding of our loved ones so when someone truly listens to us we feel like we matter. Laura shares her ideas about when to offer sympathy versus a solution, how to ask great questions that help people find answers and ideas for themselves, how to remember what people tell you so you can check in on them later, and even how we can get others to...


26: How to Organize Any Area of Your Home

We’re back with another episode about home organization, this time chatting about the four simple steps to organize any area of your home. We covered the overall strategy, a few general tips to keep in mind about decluttering, leaving margin, and finding momentum, then broke it down into two specific examples from listener questions about areas of their home they struggle to get organized. SHOWNOTES: To check out any links, and details from our conversation today, head to our website at:...


25: Bonus Episode! Essentialism with Emily & Erik Orton

We had too much awesome content to fit into one episode this week so we're sharing this extra conversation with you as a little bonus episode! Emily & Erik love the concept of Essentialism from the book by Greg McKeown -- learning to get the right things done and eliminating what isn't essential in our lives. They share how they applied the concepts when they were busy and overwhelmed after returning home from their year living on a sailboat. If you ever find yourself feeling busy but not...


25: How to Live a Better Story with Emily & Erik Orton

You do not want to miss today’s episode! We’re talking to Emily & Erik Orton, an unconventional couple who left their home in New York City to live on a sailboat for a year with their five kids. We talk about their life philosophy and how they have intentionally chosen to live a better story. They share how to find adventure in your own life without comparing it to others, how to get past fear and turn your excuses into reasons, and how we can put our lives on autopilot and do small things...


24: What To Do When You’re In a Slump

In this episode, we’re chatting about how to get out of a slump. We all go through ups and downs and sometimes need a little help getting through the down times. Laura describes it as a fog that blocks us from the light and prevents us from seeing things as they really are and feeling our best. She shares her experience with this and a few things she does to take care of herself in those times. We talk about not identifying with the feelings and remembering it’s just what you feel, not who...


23: Creating Systems for an Organized Home

In this episode, we’re chatting about creating systems for an organized home. Systems are Kristin’s nerd superpower so we talked about the practical aspects of what Kristin is currently doing to keep her home running smoothly, why a good system works, and how to create your own home systems. We talked about the key step of being proactive about your home routines and the secret to implementing systems that STICK and how to fix them if they’re not quite working. To check out any links,...


22: Making Healthy Living EASY

Our show today is all about healthy living! Laura has a unique and refreshing approach to this topic and she shares her perspective about rest, eating well, and exercise. One of the main things we chat about is how to make healthy living the EASIEST option for yourself. We also talk about being mindful by learning to listen to your body and how to make it fun. Then we dive into specifics: how to actually live this way, starting in small, non-overwhelming ways and some ideas for...


21: How to Make Lasting Change

We can already tell today’s episode is going down as a favorite! Not only do we have some very exciting news to share, but our topic covers the foundational elements of how to make lasting change. We talk every week about improving some area of our lives so we wanted to break down the process of how we actually go about making these changes. Kristin shares the 4 steps in this formula, along with an example of something she’s currently working on changing in her life to illustrate how it...


20: The Practice of Finding Work Life Balance with Catherine Weis

Today we’re chatting with Catherine Weis, founder of Bestowe Gifting. She is a mom, works full time, and runs her online business curating unique gift boxes. We talk about the struggle to balance it all and discover that we never truly “figure it out.” Instead, we find that striving for balance is always a practice. We talk about creating boundaries to get your work done, both physical and mental, and how to be present in whichever situation you are in. Catherine shares how she works to be...


19: When You’re Too Busy: Doing Better, Not More

In this episode, we’re talking about being BUSY. So many of us seem to be living in constant busy-mode with all the things on our schedules and more we want to fit into each day. We think about, stress about, and talk to each other about just how busy we are. But we wondered if it really needs to be this way. Is there a way we can simplify our schedules? Or even leave our schedules the way they are but change how we think and talk about them? What if 24 hours was really all the time we...


18: How to Have Confidence in Any Situation

Today’s episode is all about confidence! Both of us have experienced a dramatic increase in self-confidence throughout our adult years and we each share what has helped us with that. Of course there are always surface-level changes we can make like dressing better or learning to be a better conversationalist that help us feel better in certain situations, but we really wanted to talk about the deeper heart-changes that truly can help us be confident, no matter what situation we find...