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11: How to Live a More Creative Life

In this episode, we talk about creativity - the difference between creativity and imagination, getting out of a creative rut, and consuming less so we can create more. We also ask ourselves how we can find our own voices, create meaningful work, and bring more creativity into our everyday lives. Today there were a BUNCH of links and notes to share so you can see those, plus a recap and an awesome freebie on our website at:


10: How to Be a Better Friend

Today’s conversation is all about friendship. We cover what makes a really fantastic friend, four tips on how to invest in friendships to make them the best they can be, and what questions to ask yourself when there’s a problem with a friend. We both also talk about our best friends of 20+ years and why we love them so darn much. To check out any links, notes, and details from our conversation today, head to our website at:


9: Getting Started With Minimalism

Today’s conversation is about minimalism. And for a topic all about LESS, this podcast ended up with MORE info than we usually record... clearly we’re still figuring out minimalism ourselves! We think of minimalism as clearing the clutter to make room for what’s most important. It’s freedom from whatever is excess that weighs you down. We talk about how to get started living with less without being overwhelmed by it, resources to get you inspired, and how minimalism is not just about...


8: Continuing Relationships After Death

Inspired by the anniversary of Laura’s dad’s passing, we’re talking today about how we can maintain and nourish relationships with loved ones who have passed away. Laura shares how she has stayed close to her dad and some profound experiences she has had. We also discuss how to develop relationships with family members we never met in life by learning about them and how that can help us recognize their continued presence in our lives today. To check out any links, notes, and details from...


7: Making Space for Rest

Our episode today started as a chat about giving yourself permission to rest and evolved into a meaningful conversation about how busy-ness is not the same as truly being needed. We explored how to find a true sense of contribution in your life and what to do when you aren’t sure of your purpose. We also talked about creating boundaries for work vs. family time and shared some practical tips on making space for the rest we all crave in our hectic days. To check out any links, notes, and...


6: How to Make Your Goals Happen

This week’s topic is goal-setting. Nope, it’s not January, we just love setting goals allllll year long! Laura and Kristin share how they each approach goal-setting and how they incorporate yearly goals into daily life. To check out any links, notes, and details from our conversation today, head to our website at:


5: Meditating in Real Life

Today we’re talking about meditation. Laura shares her experience learning how to meditate and the real-life benefits it brings. She also explains her personal meditation practice and gives her best suggestions for getting started with it if you’re a newbie like Kristin. To check out any links, notes, and details from our conversation today, head to our website at: If you aren’t on our email list yet, you can sign up for our monthly...


4: How Using Mantras Can Change Your Life

In this episode, we're discussing mantras: what they are and how to incorporate them into your life. Laura tells us how to get started choosing a phrase or word to focus on and Kristin shares how using mantras while going through infertility and IVF pretty much cured her anxiety. To check out any links, notes, and details from our conversation today, head to our website at:


3: Creating Daily Rhythms and Routines

In this episode, we talk about creating daily rhythms and routines that help you intentionally make time for the things you want to fit into your days that might otherwise never happen. We also chat about doing things that refuel us rather than drain us further. Plus, our current favorite things! To check out any links, notes, and details from our conversation today, head to our website at:


2: Making Time For What You Love

In this episode, we ask each other for advice on making time to do the things that are most important to us. Whether it's finding time for what helps us truly relax (and not just zone out) or the stuff that helps us attain our goals and make progress toward what we’re working on, we're doing our best to make time for both. Find show notes for this episode at


1: How to Have More Meaningful Conversations

In this, our first full episode, we talk about having better conversations, whether with people we know and love or the strangers we encounter in daily life. And as we will do each week, we each share our current favorite thing! Find show notes for this episode at


0: Everything You Need to Know About Laura & Kristin

In this introductory episode, we share a little about us, test how well we really know each other, and tell you what to expect from the podcast!


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