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The Puddcast is a weekly show featuring interviews with interesting Christian people, and as well as sermons and reflections about God, love, life and freedom from author & kid's pastor, Jonathan Puddle.

The Puddcast is a weekly show featuring interviews with interesting Christian people, and as well as sermons and reflections about God, love, life and freedom from author & kid's pastor, Jonathan Puddle.
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The Puddcast is a weekly show featuring interviews with interesting Christian people, and as well as sermons and reflections about God, love, life and freedom from author & kid's pastor, Jonathan Puddle.




#53: Common Lies That Christians Believe (with Shane Pruitt)

Shane Pruitt is a blogger and evangelist, who, along with his wife Kasi have 5 kids—3 through adoption. Kasi oversees the Adoption & Foster Care Ministry at Lake Pointe church, and Shane, who is also the Director of Evangelism for The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, joined me for a broad ranging discussion on authenticity, personal hardship, adoption, God’s sovereignty, and rethinking God’s will for your life. We also discussed his book, “9 Common Lies Christians Believe - And Why...


#52: How to Raise Jesus-Centered Kids (with Natalie Frisk)

Natalie Frisk oversees the curriculum development for kids from birth to high school at The Meeting House (think Bruxy Cavey). She joined me on The Puddcast to talk about parenting and discipleship of children, especially in a context of deconstruction. How do you raise kids to care about faith when you’re busy cleaning up the junk in your own spiritual life? Natalie had many amazing and insightful things to share.


#51: How happiness happens (with Max Lucado)

This week Max Lucado joined me to discuss happiness, that elusive joyous emotion we all want to feel all the time. Max’s latest book is called How Happiness Happens: Finding Joy in a World of Comparison, Disappointment and Unmet Expectations, so we riffed on that subject for a while and also talked about writing, pastoral ministry and a few other things. Listen now.


#50: Art, beauty and truth (with Ruth Chou Simons)

Ruth Chou Simons, author & popular creator of inspirational artwork joined me this week to talk beauty, truth, art, history, trends in wallpaper, the industrialization of modern education, how to have a conversation with your children, and surviving the moment by moment hopelessness that besets all of us while we await our own maturity. Sound packed? It sure is! Listen today and enter the giveaway to win a copy of Ruth’s latest book, Beholding & Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship.


#49: Overcoming anxiety and panic attacks (with Sarah E. Ball)

Sarah Ball is a highly energetic, “can-do” mother of 5 who was floored by crippling panic attacks and generalized anxiety. The kind of person who just didn’t understand depression was riddled by it until God drew her into healing, a journey which included therapy, emotional counselling, spiritual healing, physical health & fitness, and more. Sarah is the author of the award winning devotional, Fearless in 21 Days: A Survivor’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, which we discussed in this interview.


#48: Supporting yourself through trauma (with Aundi Kolber)

Aundi Kolber is a licensed therapist and author who I’ve been following online for the last couple of years. We finally managed to schedule some time together and the result is a really helpful conversation on trauma, what it does in our bodies and brains, and how God designed our bodies and brains to give us the feedback we need in order to heal. As Aundi says, you can become a partner with God in your own healing. Listen and share today!


#47: Responding to the Sexual Abuse Crisis (with Mary DeMuth)

Mary DeMuth is the author of over 30 books including popular fiction and Christian living titles. A survivor of sexual abuse at a young age, Mary has devoted much of her life to helping people walk out healing, and now she has turned her sights on the church itself. In this powerful discussion she shared deep truths about where the church is failing, and why, and practical tips on how we can all do better. We discuss her latest book, We Too, which is part expose, part memoir, part healing...


#46: Finding Your Identity (with Priscilla Shirer)

Priscilla Shirer came back on the show to discuss finding our identity and significance in God, both major themes of Overcomer, the new film from the Kendrick Brothers which she stars. Priscilla shared about some events in her life that exposed her own identity issues, while I pointed out that in her last film she played a music teacher and now she’s playing a principal. Promotion!


Summer Break 2019

I’m taking a little break for the summer to recoup and spend time with family and friends. Lots of great guests are coming up and we’ll be back on air in August! Please consider supporting the show (and my writing) at


#45: The church in a post-Christian context (with Rohadi)

Our series for pastors and church leaders continues with Rohadi, a Canadian church planter, entrepreneur, author and speaker hailing from Calgary. We discussed the importance of creating safe spaces for people to live out the gospel in their unique racial, cultural and neighbourhood contexts. Rohadi argues that the church has not been marginalized by anyone in particular but by its own failure to act.


#44: Rethinking Evangelism (with Curtis Hinds)

Curtis Hinds wants to help Christians become normal human beings again. Currently serving as the Pastor of Evangelism & Outreach at Catch The Fire Church in Toronto, Curtis joined me to discuss how to stop assaulting people with the truth, and instead build genuine, vulnerable relationships that naturally display the power of God in our lives. If you’ve ever felt ashamed for not doing enough work to spread the gospel then get this in your ears today.


#43: The Church as Destiny Incubator (with Michael Brodeur)

Michael Brodeur is a pastor to pastors and a church consultant. We discussed church growth vs church health, the failing megachurch model and the differences between family churches and factory churches. Michael told me that part of the spiritual responsibility of leaders is to help people discover their unique gift mix, their unique passions and dreams, and to get them on a path towards that outcome. If you’re in pastoral ministry you should definitely have a listen.


#42: Upside-Down Spirituality (with Chad Bird)

Chad Bird is an author, theologian, and teacher, and I was super pumped to have him back on the show to discuss his new book, Upside-Down Spirituality: The 9 Essential Failures of a Faithful Life. We talked about God’s perspective versus our own, our goals for marriage versus God’s goals for marriage, and we riffed at length on the nature of freedom in Christ. There’s something in here for everyone!


#41: A Mission of Compassion (with Allison Alley)

Compassion is a global child development relief organization that exists to end poverty in the lives of kids and their families. I sat down with Allison Alley, the CEO of Compassion Canada to talk about her philosophy of mission as well as the church’s role in development aid.


#40: God is a Black Woman (with Christena Cleveland)

Dr. Christena Cleveland is the Director of the Center for Justice + Renewal, and a social psychologist, public theologian, author and professor. Christena joined me on the show to discuss her exploration of the social location of God and concepts of the divine. She helped me understand the damage that the vision of God as a powerful white man has done to people of colour for centuries, and how we can repurpose metaphors to enable us to enter into forgiveness and compassion.


#39: A More Christlike God (with Brad Jersak)

Brad Jersak is an author and teacher who was raised Evangelical before joining an Eastern Orthodox monastic community. Brad shared his thoughts about the God we see in Jesus, what The Cross was all about and how to deal with Old Testament violence. In Brad's words, “The law says there must be a payment. But Christ comes and freely forgives. The ledger is not paid off, it is wiped off. God effectively says, ‘If you don’t repent… I will!’”


#38: Marriage & sex stereotypes (with Sheila Wray Gregoire)

Sheila Wray Gregoire, author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and owner of the popular blog To Love, Honor and Vacuum joined me on the show to discuss sexual intimacy and the many stereotypes that exist surrounding marriage. Sheila shared some insightful and practical advice on dating, marital communication, sex and more.


#37: Emotions and what to do with them (with Marc Alan Schelske)

“The Wisdom of your Heart” by Marc Alan Schelske has been one of the most important books for me in the last few years. In this interview Marc shared his story with me about being a very performance driven pastor and the effect that had on his family, his church and ultimately his mental and emotional health. We talked about why we have emotions at all, what purpose they serve and how to listen to them.


#36: Brave Surrender (with Kim Walker-Smith)

Kim Walker-Smith’s moving autobiography “Brave Surrender” comes out April, 2019. In it she shares her story of growing up under the shadow of a number of major traumas and how she eventually met Jesus. I was impacted by her vulnerability and authenticity and I cried on almost every page. We discussed her writing process, her worship philosophy, parenting and more.


#35: Love, justice and universalism (with Wm. Paul Young)

So I’m talking to William Paul Young, and I’m thinking, “Man, I’ve got the author of The Shack and Lies We Believe About God right here. Do I ask him about universalism? Does he believe God is a woman? What does he believe about hell? Can I ask to see his heretic card? Where do I even begin?!” We ended up having a beautiful, dynamic conversation centred on the intersection of love and justice in the context of Christ’s finished work on the cross. Beware… this might change your life.