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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.

The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.
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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.




Wheel of the Year Work with Maeanna Welti

As we draw closer to Halloween, aka Samhain, aka the time when the veil between the spirit and the living worlds are connected, it is a perfect time to welcome Maeanna Welti, author of the Healing Wheel Samhain-to-Samhain workbook, to The Queer Witch Podcast. This episode is a must-listen for any queer witch out there who has ever felt like maybe being a human is a bit of a drag. Maeanna gives really incredible insight on the special, magickal, spiritual powers we have not in spite of,...


Episode 21: Queer Desire and Manifestation

CN: This episode & show notes discuss sexual assault A two-fer you may not have expected: the connection between sexual assault and creative manifestation. But how? Read on, listen or watch! This week Anna Joy is talking about why queer representation is so essential in discussions and activism about sexual assault. This episode includes Anna Joy describing her own experiences with sexual assault and how healing from her assaults has required a dedication to uncovering her personal...


Episode 20: Millennial Astrology with The Firebrand Witch

Climate change! Capitalism! Millennials! What is apocalyptic witchcraft and how can we use this pre-apocalyptic foreboding to make our lives more joyful and present rather than succumb to immobility and paralysis? This week Anna Joy talks with dear friend, astrology peer, and hot-take-haver, Molly, the Firebrand Witch We get into: -Apocalypse, cyborgs, the Internet -12th house witches, death, rebirth and integration. -A deep and thorough investigation into upcoming astrology,...


Episode 19: Nonbinary Tarot with Casey Wait

This week is all about Tarot. First, Anna Joy introduces a new segment (complete with a jingle by Molly @thefirebrandwitch) called “Dispelling New Age Bullshit” and gives a historically accurate response to the commonly held myths about the Tarot deck, where it originated, and who came first: playing cards or the Tarot. Sources: Then we move into a wonderful...


Episode 18: Psychic Development for Queer Witches

Do you ever feel confused about what you really want? Is it hard for you to tell the difference between anxiety and psychic information? Do you have natural psychic sensitivities that are difficult for you to control? Then this episode was made lovingly, painstakingly, just for you, Queer Witch. Anna Joy decided to dedicate an episode of The Queer Witch Podcast to one of her most common suggestion for one-on-one clients: Psychic Development. When you’ve been raised since childhood...


Episode 17: Christopher Penczak and The New Age

You may have discovered Christopher Penczak’s ( works on the shelves of your favorite metaphysical book store or on the Internet. His books, including “City Magick” and “The Witch’s Shield”, are bestselling in the pagan community for good reason. He’s thoughtful, patient, and never draws conclusions without proper research and citation. Plus, he’s been in the game since the late 90s! He is also, as you may have guessed, queer as fuck! Anna Joy and Christopher sat...


Episode 16: Money Magick with Matthew VanHorn of LGBTQ Entrepreneur

This week is all about SECURING THAT BAG. Making your money work for you and your anti-oppression work. Becoming profitable in a way that makes you feel MORE authentic rather than less so. This episode is a must listen for all recovering crust punks, guilty privileged people and witchy entrepreneurs. Matthew VanHorn, this week’s guest, delivers and inspiring and highkey mindblowing interview about his work at LGBTQ Entrepreneur, a company he founded with his partner Caleb Arring (who runs...


Episode 15: Ancestral Healing as Anti-Plastic Shamanism

In this solo episode, Anna Joy shares another chapter of her personal ancestral healing journey, but first, an in-depth discussion of this Friday’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and what it means for us as Queer Witches. The lesson of the Blood Moon: stepping into our own unique, attractive and badass authenticity as an essential path towards the healing we deserve as individuals and as a community. Because if you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love the...


Episode 14: Rise Up! Good Witch Talks Queerness & Chiron

This week Anna Joy talks to Corinna of Rise Up! Good Witch “Corinna Rosella is a self-proclaimed 'good magic witch' living in humboldt county, california. she uses wildcrafted and garden grown herbs to make magical plant medicine, and uses 8 years of in-depth tarot insight to tell folks stories about their barriers and setbacks. The tarot is an old ancient way of applying human archetypes to human conditions, and offers us powerful tools in making the changes we need. “...


Episode 13: New Moon/Eclipse in Cancer Collective Tarot Reading

This week Anna Joy comes to you solo with a collective tarot card reading about the July 12, 2018 new moon/eclipse in Cancer. This reading includes affirmation, advice and understanding. Use code “BDAY” to get $15 any service from Anna Joy (tarot, reiki and/or astrology) at from now until midnight on July 16! It’s Anna Joy’s birthday sale! Next week tune in for an interview with Corrina at Rise Up! Good Witch @riseupgoodwitch on instagram. The Queer Witch...


Episode 12: WITCHDOCTORPOET author Bola Juju

This week’s episode is sure to be a favorite of poetry lovers and/or novice witches! Anna Joy talks with Bola Juju, author of WITCHDOCTORPOET, her debut book of poems. In addition to giving us a thoughtful and profound interview, Bola treats us to readings of three of her poems, which you will hear interspersed throughout the episode. Before we get into this amazing interview, Anna Joy answers her FIRST EVER listener question from Monica! “Can anyone advise on how to start a magickal...


Episode 11: Ancestral Healing as Political Activism

This week, Anna Joy brings you a solo podcast episode inspired by recent events both in the political environment of the United States, but also in the anti-racist environment of instagram and social justice online culture. The common thread? Child separation at the border. The context Anna Joy is coming at this from? Ancestral healing as political action. She starts off with a short poem about her ancestors and a moment to celebrate today’s Full Moon in Capricorn (find the youtube video...


Episode 10: Valeria The Mexican Witch

In this week’s episode of The Queer Witch Podcast, Anna Joy interviews Valeria Ruelas, the Mexican witch. We talk about: -how Valeria transitioned from pursuing a mainstream helping career- the medical profession - to a non-traditional career as a witch -Valeria’s tarot origin story with the Motherpeace deck -how Valeria transitioned from studying tarot to reading for clients -Our birth charts and the cancer connection -the catholicism & magick connection, and how Jesus was a...


Episode 9: Soul Mates and Codependency

On this episode, Anna Joy takes listeners on a philosophic journey, drawing connections between past lives, reincarnation, codependency, #couplegoals and soul mates, to bring you some relationship advice you may never have received before- at least not in these words! If you are in a relationship of any kind that is important to you or that frustrates you beyond belief, this episode is a must-listen. Anna also gives a teaser at the end of the episode for next week’s episode which is an...


Episode 8: Interfaith Prayer with Joshua Berkowitz

In this week's interview, Anna Joy interviews Joshua Berkowitz, a psychic reader, astrologer and spiritual healer who, in Anna's words, is the most theologically-minded millennial she's met! In this in-depth interview, Joshua is kind enough to share alot about: -being magickal as a Jewish man -the limitations of the theory of the law of attraction within the mundane world and how each person has their own experience with it -the subtleties of gender identity as someone who has lived...


Episode 7: Internet Censorship & Uranus in Taurus with Anna Joy

In this personal episode of the Queer Witch Podcast, Anna Joy discusses her experience with having her Facebook ads censored due to supposed “sexual content” - sexual content that was nowhere to be! Hear that story and how Anna Joy feels it connects to the issue of Internet censorship, net neutrality and SESTA-FOSTA. In the second part of the episode, Anna Joy describes the May 15, 2018 transit of Uranus from Aries into Taurus, what that means for us individually and as a society, and how...


Episode 6: Femme Magick with Rae Maltz of Wild Femme Designs

This week I bring you a lovely interview with Rae Maltz of Wild Femme Designs. We discuss: -getting into magick as a kid through faeries -dealing w femmephobia as a witch who loves jewelry -Emergence & the importance of recognizing the context of your magick -FEMME MAGICK! I also talk about the May 15, 2017 transit of Uranus into Taurus & how to build that into your astrology practice. To learn more about my Uranus in Taurus offering visit...


Episode 5: The Desire & Anxiety Connection

In this solo episode, Anna Joy offers her experiences & conclusions about the connection between desire & anxiety, how her personal healing work helped her understand how to approach anxiety. She also shares some techniques that are easy to build into your own healing practice to help expand your desire and manage your anxiety. Plus, Anna Joy leads you on a short guided meditation from the book “Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose and the Power of Desire” by T Thorn Coyle, which you...


Episode 4: Iyawo Oyá (Geovanny Manrique Interiano)

Today, I bring you a super valuable episode of the Queer Witch Podcast with Geovanny Manrique Interiano, who I will refer to as Iyawo because he recently was initiated into his religion, Santería! What’s super unique about Iyawo is that his predominant spiritual contact is through dead people! He is a medium and espiritista who has had contact with the other side since he was a little baby, which he tells you all about. Iyawo was also gracious enough to give us a personal narrative of his...


Episode 3: Healing From Shame

One of the most common techniques I use in my personal healing practice and with my clients is shame reduction. Anyone with a marginalized identity, such as a queer one, will understand this. Shame is often something that we learned to feel about our authentic expressions from a very young age. In this solo episode, I share my understanding of shame as it manifests in an energetic context and some techniques for addressing it head on.