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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.

The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.
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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.




Witch Wound, Law of Attraction and Shadow Work

The Witch Wound, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Bypassing and Shadow Work Your questions answered by Anna Joy! In this episode, Anna Joy answers a host of questions from listeners of The Queer Witch Podcast. Anna Joy explains the witch wound from a nonbinary standpoint with tips to care for your witch wound, explains the Law of Attraction and shares a personal story of a time they were exploited by a Law-of-Attraction-spouting-pyramid-schemer, plus ways the Law of Attraction has actually...


Intuitive Manifesting with Kimra Luna

This week’s episode continues deeper into the theme of Self-Love September (a monthly theme I picked up from Kelly-Ann Maddox). First, Anna Joy thanks listeners of The Queer Witch Podcast for picking back up after a several month break, which they explain in the context of their own journey with self-love. Then comes an interview with one of the realest in the game: Kimra Luna. Kimra Luna is a personal branding and online business strategist with an audience of over 200,000 who has...


Self-Love: A Survival Strategy for Queer Witches

Tune in with Anna Joy as they share their experience with Self-Love, how to do it without spiritual bypassing, how to do it when you don’t feel like it, and some practical, reasonable techniques you can use to start a self-love practice! To download Anna Joy’s free Ancestral Healing Tarot Spread go to Today’s episode of The Queer Witch Podcast is brought to you by The Queer Witch Coven, an online community and healingi school for Queer...


Stolen, Retrieved and Returned Spiritual Practices

Season 1 guest Joshua Berkowitz returns with a deepened and even more nuanced understanding of the connection between various faiths. In this episode we focus on the connection between Christianity, witchcraft, colonialism and power. If you’ve ever wanted to talk about the particulars of returning stolen culture, this is the episode for you. Or if you've ever wanted to run a coven. Or if you're a Jewish Witch! Announcement: Queer Witch t-shirts (and hoodies and beanies) are here! Go...


The Queer Witch Collective

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEER WITCH PODCAST! To celebrate, we are launching the official merch line! Dad hats, beanies and sweatshirts oh my! Check it out here: use code "ONEYEAR" at checkout for 10% off your first order! In this episode we cover: A brief foray into the natal chart of The Queer Witch Podcast on this, the anniversary of it’s debut (surprise - it’s an Aries Sun, Taurus Moon, Libra Rising) Then Anna Joy discusses seven things...


Witchcraft Activism with David Salisbury

I'm back from the underworld, Queer Witches! Welcome to a new episode of the Queer Witch Podcast featuring a fascinating interview with David Salisbury, author of Witchcraft Activism. We discuss: -The connection between witchcraft and activism -How to deal with burnout -How marginalized communities can use witchcraft and activism -A short story about the Goddess Aradia But first, Anna Joy comes in with a brief yet juicy astrological update all about the month of April - Queer...


Pictureplane on Creative Expression and Community

This week we have an interview with Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane, who recently released Degenerate, which you will hear a few tracks from throughout the show. Before the interview, Anna Joy discusses the astrology of the present moment, including the Full Moon Lunar eclipse that occurred on January 21, 2019 and what it means for the rest of the year starting with Aquarius season. They discuss: -The concept of a “cusp” in astrology and whether or not it is real -Working with...


Happy New Year

This week we’re catching up on some personal shit. First, Anna Joy gives their personal recap on 2018, shares some of their blunders and mistakes as well as the lessons they garnered from them: personal content ahead. Next, Anna Joy gives their interpretations on the numerological cards of 2019, The Hanged Man and The Empress. This was inspired by the January episode of Lindsay Mack’s Tarot for the Wild Soul which you can find here To access Anna Joy’s...


Compassion, Meditation and The Sacred Path of the Warrior

This week, I found myself doing something I hadn’t done in a while: meditating. I felt called in my meditation to revisit a book I had once loved; Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chogyam Trungpa. I bought this book from the Shambhala Center in Boston where I first learned meditation almost 7 years ago. In this episode, I discuss: -A brief intro to the context and content of Shambhala, which is a secular spiritual practice with its roots in Tibet -A big question that has...


Shamanism with Chiron Armand

This week we have a wonderful interview with Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism. But first a few announcements: -There is a preview of a video episode Anna Joy worked on all about the Big 3 in astrology (Sun, Moon and Rising placement) that is available to patrons at Support the Queer Witch Podcast by becoming a patron today! -There are only a few spots left in Anna Joy’s Mentorship Program. Schedule a complimentary 20 minute discovery call if you are...


RUUNE Returns: Neptune in Babylon

Welcome to Season 2 of The Queer Witch Podcast! Queer Witch Manifesto: -There is always more to learn -Respect all life -Be yourself This week, we are catching up with RUUNE, a guest from Season 1, Episode 2. RUUNE recently moved from Western MA to Portland. We discuss the differences between both places, catch up with RUUNE about their work, and get some intimate info about where they are at now with their attitudes toward healing, cultural appropriation and magick. We...


Episode 26: Revelations, A Scorpio Review and Discussion of Gender-Inclusive Witchcraft

**PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE LISTENING TO THIS ON AUDIO I USE A LOT OF AIR QUOTE WHEN I'M USING THE PHRASES "DIVINE MASCULINE AND DIVINE FEMININE" WHICH MAY NOT TRANSLATE** watch the youtube version here: On this New Moon in Scorpio, we have the opportunity to fully inspect and emote the revelations we’ve experienced about our personal occultism, taboo experiences and magic. Anna Joy begins this episode by highlighting the recent Queer...


Episode #25: Wish You Were Here - A Samhain Special

This is a comfy episode. It’s all about family, loved ones and friends, living and dead. Sit down with some pumpkin spice tea, a snuggie and your dearly beloved for this All Hallow’s Eve special. In this episode, Anna Joy keeps it casual with some personal reflection on how she got to her current ancestor practice, how it’s grown, and the ways it has allowed miracles to go down with her living family members. #vulnerability Anna Joy discusses why she had a hard start to her ancestor...


Episode 24: Love is LOVE with Tonya Gonzalez

Blessed Scorpio Season & Happy Full Moon In Taurus The dark side of the astrological wheel of the year is upon us. We are officially in Scorpio season, the season of revealing taboos, allowing the most misunderstood parts of us to have space, and acknowledging our scariest and most divine desires. If you haven’t already, check out a Bonus Episode that was released last week all about the lessons of Scorpio season: In profound...


Bonus Episode! Venus Rx in Scorpio - Astro Update (Facebook Live Replay)

Bonus Episode! Venus Rx in Scorpio - Astro Update Listen to the replay of Anna Joy’s Facebook Live video on 10/19/18 about the astrology of the moment and a recap of the astrology of 2018. We discuss: Venus in Scorpio Mars retrograde through Capricorn and Aquarius Jupiter in Scorpio The Leo Eclipses of summer 2018 Specifically with Venus in Scorpio, we are looking at what we hold space for. At the very end, two tarot cards are pulled to describe the energy of the Mars & Venus...


Episode 23: The Science of Witchcraft

Metafiction and Metaphysics? Join host Anna Joy for a solo episode where they nerd out about the various scientific evidences there is for witchcraft being a real phenomenon and not make believe. First, we discuss Anna Joy’s life directly before she discovered she was a witch: she was a creative writing student highly interested in the genre of metafiction. We discuss such authors as: Sheila Heti Ben Lerner James Joyce David Foster Wallace Jean Luis Borges And get into why and...


Episode 22: Wheel of the Year Work with Maeanna Welti

As we draw closer to Halloween, aka Samhain, aka the time when the veil between the spirit and the living worlds are connected, it is a perfect time to welcome Maeanna Welti, author of the Healing Wheel Samhain-to-Samhain workbook, to The Queer Witch Podcast. This episode is a must-listen for any queer witch out there who has ever felt like maybe being a human is a bit of a drag. Maeanna gives really incredible insight on the special, magickal, spiritual powers we have not in spite of,...


Episode 21: Queer Desire and Manifestation

CN: This episode & show notes discuss sexual assault A two-fer you may not have expected: the connection between sexual assault and creative manifestation. But how? Read on, listen or watch! This week Anna Joy is talking about why queer representation is so essential in discussions and activism about sexual assault. This episode includes Anna Joy describing her own experiences with sexual assault and how healing from her assaults has required a dedication to uncovering her personal...


Episode 20: Millennial Astrology with The Firebrand Witch

Climate change! Capitalism! Millennials! What is apocalyptic witchcraft and how can we use this pre-apocalyptic foreboding to make our lives more joyful and present rather than succumb to immobility and paralysis? This week Anna Joy talks with dear friend, astrology peer, and hot-take-haver, the Firebrand Witch We get into: -Apocalypse, cyborgs, the Internet -12th house witches, death, rebirth and integration. -A deep and thorough investigation into upcoming astrology,...


Episode 19: Nonbinary Tarot with Casey Wait

This week is all about Tarot. First, Anna Joy introduces a new segment (complete with a jingle by Molly @thefirebrandwitch) called “Dispelling New Age Bullshit” and gives a historically accurate response to the commonly held myths about the Tarot deck, where it originated, and who came first: playing cards or the Tarot. Sources: Then we move into a wonderful...