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On Elections, Faith and Politics: Thoughts on Tuesdays elections

Early voting has ended in the midterm elections and Election Day is Tuesday. Many in America see it as a turning point, there is much at stake. Locally, we have a big fight brewing. Ted Cruz is defending his senate seat from challenger Beto O’Rourke. You might have heard of him. I already decided almost […]


The Power of a Spiritual Journey: A Review of “By Faith” by Nancy Gavilanes

Sometimes our fears hold us back from experiencing God’s blessings. Sometimes we need to be brave enough to step out of our comfort zones. ~ By Faith, Nancy Gavilanes, pg. 93 Before ascending to Heaven, Jesus told his disciples, “and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the […]


Psalm 23: A Praise for Spiritual Warfare

The 23rd Psalm is familiar to many. It is a reminder of God’s faithfulness and evokes beautiful mental imagery. We can imagine beautiful hillsides, lush pastures, and the peaceful streams. Even in our Biblically illiterate culture, if people know any passage of Scripture, it is likely to be this one. It is encouragement in times […]


Can You Find God Without Religion?

Many people want to find God. There are many books on the subject which promise to put you on the path to find Him. Most of religions of the world make the claim to make you one of His own.1 However, there are some people who want to find God without religion. They might say […]


Why God Gave Us Dogs

My daughter started an Instagram account for our dog recently, @fernandothepup. I thought it was a sweet idea, a way to give her sister who just went to college her Fernando fix. I didn’t realize that dog accounts are actually a big thing on Instagram. Did you know this? She’s had a brand contact her […]


On Giving, Blessings, and Obedience

It is written, “The Lord loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Cor 9:6-7) It’s one of those things even those who are a stranger to Scripture are familiar. It resonates with us because no one wants a “gift” that is grudgingly given. When the first Tabernacle for the Lord was built in the wilderness, the Israelites […]


A Review of “Atheist Delusions” by David Bentley Hart

All of us know someone who is not a believer in Christ. Many of us likely know someone who is not only an unbeliever, but one who is aggressive in their unbelief. If the subject of religion or faith comes up, they bring up an area in which they think Christians or Christianity itself reflects […]


Two Babies and a Funeral

+It’s been an eventful week. Barbara Bush, the wife of our 41st president went home on April 17th and her funeral was held at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston on April 21st.[1] First families from the Clintons on attended to show their respect and demonstrate that a person is not defined solely by their […]


Justice and Mercy Meet in Grace: A Review of the Two Powers in Heaven

The Trinity is one of the biggest issues encountered when discussing the Christian faith with those who believe in God, but not quite the God of Christianity. Mormons, Muslims and Jews all believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; however, they believe in a strictly monotheistic God, one being and one person (’yachid’ […]


What is the Origin of Easter?

So what is the origin of Easter? The answer is extremely obvious, yet skeptics and even some Christians seem to think it is a perversion of the Apostolic faith. This is far, far from the truth. Apart from the move of the Sabbath observance, one of worship, communion, and reflection, from the seventh day of […]


What Does the Bible Say About that?

It’s amazing the things you miss when you take a break from online media. I checked my Facebook feed today after a short break and found a slew of unbelieving friends slamming evangelical Christians. Some of the claims they were making made absolutely no sense and the posts they were sharing made assertions that were […]


2018 When Good Intentions Aren't Enough

At the beginning of each New Year, most of us start with new resolution and good intentions. It is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. We resolve to read more, to eat right, and to follow through on that exercise program. But according to research, only 8 percent 1 Kelsey Mulvey, “80% of […]


What does God really Mean by That?

When reading the Bible people often ask “What does that mean?” Some things are very clear, such as God’s plan of salvation. Some points of connection in God’s overarching theme throughout the Bible are clear such as God’s command to put the blood of a slain lamb on the entrance to the home, saving the […]


What does God think of your house?

Would God be happy with your house? Psalm 101 tells us what God expects from us, how he wants us to live, and what the lifestyle of people who are called by his name is supposed to look like. It addresses both our own actions as well as those with whom we associate. Actually, the associations […]


It’s Not All About You: A Lesson from the Life of Solomon

“It’s not all about you.” We say that to people sometimes. We may be in the middle of a conversation about something and they make it all about them, completely missing the point. Because their focus is directed inward, towards themselves rather than outward to others, they miss the point and don’t understand what is […]


The Duggars, Servants, and Our Post-Modern World

I don’t watch the Duggars and don’t have an opinion on them other than holding the opinion that you shouldn’t be taking about “God’s Will” in relation to family size unless you are actually raising a baby the way we were naturally designed to do, which is extended and on demand nursing and weaning between […]


Atheists, Cessationists, and What they Have in Common

Atheists and cessationists are those who hold two very different belief systems. One says that there is no God, the other believes in God and Christ as Lord, so what could they have in common? Definitions First, let’s define our terms: Atheist: An atheist is one that believes that there is no God. Buddhism is […]


Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? On the Biblical Basis for Christmas

Should Christians celebrate Christmas? Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming. But along with the Christmas season, come those who criticize and bash it. It is easy to respond to attacks from atheists and Christian cults such as the Jehovah Witnesses that don’t believe anything should be celebrated; however, often Christians have a hard […]


Supernatural Book Review

We know of the Bible as the story of God’s plan of salvation for mankind. From the first page to the last, we see that he had the end in mind from the very beginning. However, most of the time we see just two parties to the story: the Triune God and mankind, those inhabitants […]


The Voice of God, the Man of God and the Prophet

There is an interesting passage in the book of 1 Kings about the true voice of God, a man of God, and a prophet. It was the in time of the divided kingdom, Jeroboam was the first king of the northern nation of Israel after the people had revolted against Solomon’s successor, Rehoboam (over taxes . . . Go figure.) (1 Kings 12:6-17)