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Stories of redemption and healing from relational brokenness and divorce.

Stories of redemption and healing from relational brokenness and divorce.
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Stories of redemption and healing from relational brokenness and divorce.








**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT** – New Podcast Name – “Hope Reclaimed”

Formally known as The Rclaimed Podcast, Hope Reclaimed is a podcast by Ellie Herringshaw and Hope Reclaimed Ministries. It's the same podcast, only with a new name! Remember to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts so you never miss an episode.


Episode 48 – Why I Will Never Slander My Ex-Husband

When we've been hurt by someone, it can be an easy step to begin tearing down that person with our words. In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Ellie Herringshaw sits down with her father, Mark Herringshaw to discuss the importance of forgiveness and choosing to honor our former spouses even though they are no longer in our lives.


Episode 47 – Normal Responses After a Traumatic Event (With Dr. Kristen Eliason, Ph.D)

After a traumatic event you may be asking yourself, "Am I crazy?" The truth is, you're not! There are a number of normal or typical responses that individuals have to trauma and in this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, we talk about that! Ellie Herringshaw sits down with Dr. Kristen Eliason, Ph.D. and talks about trauma, therapy, avoidance and resentment.


Episode 46 – Joy’s Story of Divorce and Healing

Divorce is never the easy answer, but when we surrender any challenging situation, God will always meet us to bring redemption and healing. In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Joy shares her story with Ellie Herringshaw about the ending of her difficult marriage and how she experienced the freedom and acceptance of Jesus even while she was still healing and grieving. Joy is a soon-to-be published author and her book of poetry, I Was Married is scheduled to be released in the fall of...


Episode 45 – Singleness and Dating After Divorce (featuring Kaitlyn Raley)

Navigating singleness and dating can be extremely challenging, and post-divorce, the stakes are even higher! In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Ellie Herringshaw dialogues with Kaitlyn Raley about their similar seasons of singleness. They discuss how they decided to date after divorce, online dating tips and tricks, and those dreaded break-ups. Although it may be an unwanted season for a time, singleness is important and it can be incredibly healing!


Episode 44 – Finding Rest While Reclaiming

Rest can be a struggle for everyone, but especially during a season of healing. In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Mark Herringshaw and Ellie Herringshaw discuss how God is calling His children to work from rest, rather than work for rest.


Episode 43 – Reclaiming Independence After A Breakup

In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Ellie Herringshaw talks about Reclaiming Independence after a breakup or divorce. When a relationship is broken, our default may be to run to something like friends, Netflix or food, but God wants to be our refuge! In that way, we are being called not only to be independent, but independently dependent on God alone!


Episode 42 – Kaitlyn’s Story – Healing from Abuse, Infidelity and Divorce

Kaitlyn Raley shares her story with Ellie Herringshaw in this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast. In 2016, Kaitlyn went through a divorce after experiencing domestic abuse and betrayal in her marriage. Ellie and Kaitlyn discuss healing, reclaiming and the importance of surrender in the healing process.


Episode 41 – Reclaiming Faith

After painful experiences, there are often moments of doubt and unbelief in our walk of faith. Tough questions are posed: Is God there? Is He good? Ellie Herringshaw speaks with Mark Herringshaw about Reclaiming our Faith after seasons of doubt. The father-daughter team dialogue about the famous prodigal son story and the warning Jesus gives about trying to do life on our own.


Episode 40 – Mark’s Story – Physical Healing

Mark Halstensgard was given 10 days to live after being diagnosed with a severe case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome. In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Ellie Herringshaw interviews Mark about his experience receiving miraculous healing after his diagnoses. Although Mark's physical healing was almost instantaneous, the emotional healing is still ongoing. Mark shares his theology of pain, sickness as well as healing.


Episode 39 – Self Care (With Mel Noel)

After stressful and traumatic events such as divorce, self care is a must! However, it can be challenging to take the time and the energy to be kind to ourselves. In this episode, Ellie Herringshaw dialogues with returning guest, Mel Noel about self care, self compassion and identity. Contrary to what we might believe, self care is not selfish. "We cannot give out of an empty cup." Self care simply all boils down to self awareness, hearing the voice of God for what we actually need, and...


Episode 38 – Pep Talks with Dad

Do you need a pep talk? After a hard few weeks, Ellie Herringshaw needed one, and her Father, Mark Herringshaw was willing to provide! Hope is never lost and in this scripture packed episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, that's exactly what we learn! This episode is also available on video form on youtube: Romans 4:19-22 // Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about a hundred years old—and that Sarah’s womb...


Episode 37 – Roxy and Mike’s Story

God is in the business of restoration! In this episode, Mike and Roxy Lynch share their story about how God healed their marriage after Mike had an affair several years ago. Roxy had the faith to believe that God would restore their marriage and that it would not end in divorce. Through constant prayer and community, God brought healing to their marriage. Matthew 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. Psalm 27: 1-4 The...


Episode 36 – Mel’s Story

In this episode, Ellie Herringshaw interviews Mel Noel about healing and restoration from domestic violence and divorce. Mel's process has been focusing on forgiveness, believing that God is good and having an understanding of her own identity has a daughter of God. Mel has a pizzazz for life and faith that are truly infectious to those around her. She lives in South Minneapolis with four other girls from her church and Brutus, her 3 year old great dane. The Reclaimed Community Spring...


Episode 35 – Finding a Therapist Featuring Dr. Kristen Eliason

Finding a therapist can be like dating: You have to put yourself out there, maybe go on a few dates and it can be really scary! In this episode, Ellie Herringshaw and her life-long friend Dr. Kristen Eliason, Ph.D. talk about how to find a good therapist and what you can expect in your first therapy appointment. Dr. Eliason recommends trying out a few therapists before making a final decision. Try taking recommendations of therapists from friends as well as checking out


Episode 34 – Your 2019 Reclaiming Resolutions & Ellie’s Story

It's the time of year that everyone's making new year's resolutions! In this episode, Ellie Herringshaw and her father, Mark Herringshaw talk about you can make 2019 the best year yet by Reclaiming areas of your life that have felt stolen by betrayal, divorce or trauma. Ellie also gives a recap of her story of healing from infidelity and divorce for new listeners to The Rclaimed Podcast. You are not a victim and you are stronger than you know! Video Podcast //


Episode 33 – Wrapping Up 2018

In this episode, Ellie Herringshaw shares about what 2018 was for her and how she's looking forward to a new year. Ellie recaps her story of healing from infidelity and divorce in the form of Reclaiming. She tells how she launched Rclaimed this year, and how she has struggled with depression and anxiety as well. Sometimes our year is not what we had planned. We can trust that when we surrender, God will take our small loaves of bread and fish, and he will feed the multitudes. Website //...


Episode 32 – Reclaiming Christmas Traditions

In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Mark Herringshaw and Ellie Herringshaw discuss steps a person can take to practically Reclaim Christmas traditions this holiday season. Recognize the pain associated with Christmas.Voice the pain to another person. Remember the traditions.Decide which traditions to keep and toss.Have grace for yourself. Website // Instagram // @rclaimed Facebook // Patreon //


Episode 31 – Tribute to Grandma Verlie – Rereleased Interview

November 30th, 2018, Ellie Herringshaw's grandmother, Verlie Miller passed away. To honor her life and legacy, The Rclaimed Podcast is rereleasing Verlie's interview from September, 2018 (episode 19). In this episode, Verlie shares about love, marriage and grieving the death of her husband Alvin Miller in 2012. Verlie's Obituary: "Verlie Eva (Branstner) Miller, born on January 18, 1924 in Hewitt, Minnesota, passed away at age 94 on November 30, 2018 in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota. Preceded in...


Episode 30 – Maria’s Story – Grief and Losing a Spouse

In this episode of The Rclaimed Podcast, Ellie Herringshaw interviews Maria Dopp about how she experienced losing her husband, Robbie Dopp in a plane crash. Robbie was a commercial pilot in agriculture aviation. Maria shares about grief, getting stronger and even "Reclaiming" flying. Matt Fitzgerald - How Resilience Beats Talent Laura Story - Blessings Nora McInerny Purmont - It's Okay to Laugh; (Crying is Cool Too) Exodus 17:8-15 - Story of Moses and the Amalekites Website //