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The Redeemed Man podcast features interviews with dynamic speakers on a variety of topics affecting men in our competitive, polarized world. Paul Amos, founder of The Redeemed, hosts this podcast in hopes of offering Christian wisdom and insights into many of life’s challenges. Issues ranging from financial and relationship troubles to health problems, addiction, anxiety, and more.


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The Redeemed Man podcast features interviews with dynamic speakers on a variety of topics affecting men in our competitive, polarized world. Paul Amos, founder of The Redeemed, hosts this podcast in hopes of offering Christian wisdom and insights into many of life’s challenges. Issues ranging from financial and relationship troubles to health problems, addiction, anxiety, and more.




Go Low: Maintaining a Life of Humility, Transparency, and Vulnerability

Mayo Sowell’s career has taken him to the pulpit, but his life path could’ve led to a different and much darker place. An Auburn football standout whose pro career was cut short by injury, he got into the drug trade and was eventually sentenced to five years in federal prison. Toward the end of his sentence, though, a chance encounter with a fellow inmate guided him to God and a total change in his world view. With frankness and humor, Mayo talks about the lessons he’s learned over the...


Pain Rarely Stays Hidden

So often we think we’re doing the “noble thing” by keeping our pain and brokenness hidden; Matt Bostic knows all too well that this isn’t the case. In this podcast, Bostic tells the story of how he bounced from ministry to ministry in the wake of his mother’s death, eventually developing a drinking problem that took him to some of the lowest depths of his life. In the process of recovery, he learned that he didn’t have to take on all his problems and responsibilities alone—trusting other...


Giving Grace to Everyone—Including Yourself

Jason McKenzie’s seemingly perfect life—his own business, an active lifestyle, a loving marriage—was devastated in an instant when his wife Natalie committed suicide in 2011. Though he kept his pain inside for years, he eventually realized just how desperately his experience, wisdom, and compassion were needed at a time when the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic was driving suicide rates sky-high. In this conversation with Paul Amos, Jason touches on grief, patience, and staying faithful...


Surviving The Most Difficult Seasons

This month’s theme for The Redeemed Man podcast is overcoming tragedy. Director Nathan Dewberry gives us a short introduction to this topic in this week’s edition. Nate draws lessons from scripture, the examples of his grandmothers who persevered even after losing their spouses, and his own traumatic divorce as he shares his thoughts on how men in crisis can maintain their faith in God even when life has taken a painful turn and rediscover the hope that He offers each of us. Finding strength...


Marriage: Thriving Through the Seasons

When Steve Trader made the decision in his 40s to retire from a successful career with a global pharmaceutical corporation and go into ministry, he and his wife Barb found themselves tested in their ability to communicate, relate to one another, and deal with adversity. In this edition of The Redeemed Man podcast, Steve and Barb share what they’ve learned about surviving the different “seasons of marriage,” especially the hard ones—everything from career changes and “empty nesting” to...


Healthy Communication in Marriage

Great communicators aren’t born, they’re made—and that goes double for people in relationships, who have to commit to learning more every day about their partners and how best to speak, listen, and relate to them. In this podcast, Jon and Teresa “Tree” Demeter cover a wide range of topics including being a more active listener, shutting out distractions, and what it’s been like sharing those lessons with couples in their “Weekend to Remember” marriage retreats. They even offer tips on being...


Intentionally Building a Stronger Marriage

Disagreement and conflict will eventually be present in every relationship, especially when considerations such as children, careers, and outside activities get involved. But there are ways to handle those disagreements that can actually make your relationship stronger in the long run. In this upbeat, freewheeling episode of The Redeemed Man Podcast, Jeremy Isaacs, pastor of Generations Church in Canton, Georgia, and his wife Corrie, who serves on the church’s creative team, discuss how to...


Making Marriage Work - Together

Redeemed director Nate Dewberry and his wife Liz have managed a trans-Atlantic relationship, difficult seasons of life, and the challenges of a blended family to build a healthy, successful marriage. In this edition of The Redeemed Man podcast, Nate and Liz speak from the heart about the tips they’ve used and what they’ve learned from each other—and from God—to keep their marriage strong and prevent the disagreements and frustrations of everyday life from damaging their relationship. Whether...


Beyond Work, Beyond Trauma: Finding Identity in Christ

After a successful military career that included the liberation of Baghdad in 2003, Marine infantryman Jeremy Stalnecker struggled to find an identity or meaning outside of his military career—and his relationships suffered as a result. But after meeting with fellow vets 10 years later, he realized God had found him a purpose helping hurting veterans through the Mighty Oaks Foundation. In this podcast, Jeremy talks with Paul Amos about losing one’s identity, regaining it, and finding a life...


At Times, It's OK To Not Be OK. Guest: Brandon Bailey

When tragedy strikes, how do we acknowledge our sense of loss and honor our need to grieve while still moving forward in life? Church of the Highlands’ Brandon Bailey had to figure this out in real time after he and his wife lost a pregnancy, but he found that God still had a plan for him, even if it wasn’t the same as the plan he’d made for himself. In this conversation with Nathan Dewberry, Brandon talks about bouncing back from tragedy and the unexpected way he and his wife were able to...


Let's Get Emotional: Moving from Immaturity to Maturity with Kenny Luck from Every Man Ministries

The Redeemed Man podcast is joined by Kenny Luck, founder of Every Man Ministries, a church-to-church men’s ministry that provides tools and resources for men to achieve “spiritual maturity." The key to finding it, he says, is to stop letting one’s purpose be determined by other people or the surrounding culture, and to focus less on the question of “Am I influential in the world?” and more on “What kind of influence am I having?” And by looking deeper, honestly assessing our emotions, and...


Deciding Who We Want To Be in 2023

This is the time of year for new year’s resolutions and fresh starts, but how do we make those last longer than just a few days—or even than an entire year? In this week’s podcast, Nate Dewberry and Paul Amos dig deeper into the topic of making new beginnings and healthy habits, focusing not just on the things we want to achieve but the people we want to become—and how we can put ourselves in the best possible situation for success. Planning, prioritization, and being part of a healthy...


Care-Sourcing: Connecting the Church with Those in Need

Rodney McClure, Founder & Lead Care Pastor of One Need, and Lance Osborne, the organization’s CEO join The Redeemed Man Podcast. Community churches are always getting requests for help from people in difficult financial situations, but they don’t always have the time, manpower, or resources to give those requests the attention they deserve. One Need partners with churches to review requests for assistance, determine what the actual need is, and broadcast the need to e-mail subscribers who...


Challenges Facing Military Families - Guest: Military Chaplain

A chaplain on active duty in the United States Army (his name is being withheld due to safety concerns) joins The Redeemed Man Podcast. From frequent moves and long separations to depression and the stress of combat, members of military families face many unique and difficult challenges. Our guest, a married father of two young children, will talk about his background and share the insights he's gained into how these families can safeguard their mental health and maintain strong, loving...


Radical Mentoring: Uncovering Purpose Beyond the Wreckage - Guest: Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris, president of Radical Mentoring, joins The Redeemed Man podcast. Radical Mentoring is a ministry facilitating group mentorship opportunities and helping individuals find the tools to lead groups. Rather than being one-on-one and topic-driven, the organization’s group mentorship model, as envisioned by founder Regi Campbell, mirrors the conversations Jesus had with disciples and followers: open, freewheeling, sharing stories rather than giving lectures. “What we are saying is...


How to Become a Servant Leader: It's Not About You - Guest: John Shibley, Last in Line Leadership

John Shibley joins The Redeemed Man podcast to discuss how to become a servant leader. John Shibley is a leadership coach who is spreading the gospel of servant leadership through his podcast, writing, and ministry. Servant leadership means focusing less on one’s own power, influence, and accomplishments and instead prioritizing the growth and well-being of those being led—recognizing that we have just as much a responsibility to serve them as they have to serve us. And that’s not just a...


From Zero to Substance with Nate Dewberry

Nate Dewberry, director of The Redeemed, joins The Redeemed Man podcast. Nate Dewberry, who was appointed director at The Redeemed in 2022, bringing extensive experience as a student, associate, and administrative pastor, as well as several semesters of seminary training. A native of Lineville, Alabama, Nate earned a degree in horticulture at Auburn University and worked for seven years in the Auburn area as a landscape designer. He moved to Columbus, Georgia when his wife, an army veteran,...


Why Church Leaders Should Be Re-examining Men’s Roles Within - Guest: Brett Clemmer

Brett Clemmer joins The Redeemed Man Podcast. Brett has been with the Florida-based ministry Man in the Mirror since the year 2000, serving as its president and CEO since 2016. The mission of Man in the Mirror is to help Christian men worldwide engage in meaningful relationships that change lives and build the kingdom of God. They focus on helping the local church reach and disciple men effectively, and specifically on helping churches reach men who are hurting, as well as younger men who...


Why Mentorship is Essential to Every Man. Guest: Garret Barbush, Men of Iron

Garret Barbush, president and CEO of Men of Iron, a ministry that develops frameworks and resources for a number of different kinds of mentoring relationships joins The Redeemed Man Podcast. There are plenty of younger men out there looking for advice and mentoring from men with more life experience, Barbush says, and many older men who would jump at the chance to share what they’ve learned with a younger generation. “There’s just this stalemate that’s happening in God’s kingdom right now,...


Redefining Manhood in the Midst of Toxic Masculinity. Guest: Tierce Green

Tierce Green, director of the Authentic Manhood Initiative and Good Feed Media joins The Redeemed Man Podcast. A longtime pastor, speaker, and writer, Tierce is one of the producers of “33 The Series,” which uses experiences and teachings from the brief but prolific life of Jesus to help men form fellowship and face challenges in all areas of life by reclaiming their God-given purpose. Visit The Redeemed's website for downloadable discussion question sets, show notes, inspirational...