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Rod and Cyndee discuss some very unexpected spiritual topics, from past lives to spiritual magic. Join Rod and Cyndee as they plan their next adventure.

Rod and Cyndee discuss some very unexpected spiritual topics, from past lives to spiritual magic. Join Rod and Cyndee as they plan their next adventure.
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Rod and Cyndee discuss some very unexpected spiritual topics, from past lives to spiritual magic. Join Rod and Cyndee as they plan their next adventure.




Reiki for Animals with Kate Klasen

Pets act differently when their owner or Mommy or Daddy is around. Putting a human emotion on animals. How they respond to emotions How different animals react to them.. How they bring out your own emotions your true self. Bringing in special need animals and what you need to do. Reiki is very important to her practice.


Wendy and Virginia talk with Rod about toxic relationship

Virginia and Wendy talk about a toxic relationship. How can someone go from a knight in shiny armor to Dr. Jeckal? Can we change to a higher frequency and leave our spouse behind? What is the Dingal berry effect? Relationship without expectations.. People that are needy has more expectations..


Wendy Carroll Talks about energy healing and much more.

When you don't find yourself you feel empty. Working with your guides and angles. Wendy talks about a Hollow Baby Carrying grief and anger around and what to do Wendy an Angelic Angel.


Former Meat Puppets guitarist Troy Meiss Talks spirituality..

This is the picture they were talking about in the podcast.. Troy's beautiful friend is next to them.. Very next picture no light.. What a gentle loving soul. Troy has experienced so much in his love and has truly always lived through his heart. Troy brings Reiki into his life. Great dedication to SPENCER LEE DALTON Troys email Troys Phone: 602 820 7422 Troy is: Guitar technician at The Feelies Former Guitar Player at Meat Puppets


Creating Abundance With Virginia Lasley

Virginia Lasley You are an Abundant Palace! You can create anything with your Palace that you choose, it already lives within you! Shine your light and allow yourself to see the loving goodness that you already are and your inner abundance will overflow raising your vibration to allow more abundance to flow to you in the process. In this workshop, Virginia Lasley will explore with you, how Conscious Alchemy open’s your inner self and allows you to see your inner abundance so you can...


Lara From Pagan Pride Talks to Rod and Cyndee

Some of the questions asked in the interview. What is Pagan Pride day, and how long has it been around? why is it important? What kind of people attend? What types of Pagans are there? Are you all witches? Do I HAVE to participate in the ceremony? Are you guys gonna sacrifice anything? What's that star you wear all about? How much does an event like this cost, and where does the money come from? What can we expect on November...


Cyndee talks about finding her happy in Maine

Cyndee finds her happy in Maine. Some magical stuff happening in Maine. Cyndee shares some magical stories about her and finding her happy in Maine. What makes you happy? What does it take to make you happy? Cyndee discusses how she was able to leave her friends and family and puppy to chase her happy. Cyndee shares a beautiful experience on the shores of the Island she is working on. Rod shares a story of channeling he had.. What is going to happen when Cyndee comes back to Phoenix? The...


Raymond Kopakowski Talks with Rod about the 5 easy steps

I love talking with Ray.. Ray talked about being a Universal Channel. Listen to Ray he will be doing lots more talks.


Michael talks with Rod about just showing up.

Michael Anthony Book an appointment! The time is now to bring your greatest gifts forward for you and the world to enjoy! Allow yourself to step into your own personal power and peace!


The Golden Age of Gaia is activatied

"Antoinette Hemberger is blessed to be among the Intuitive Empath skillset and life path. As a young child, she suppressed this skillset best she could to attempt a co-existence in a space quite uninformed of her apparent differences however a rebirth in life led Antoinette back onto her path illuminated with truth and light. Antoinette's soul mission is to invite and encourage others into their own awakening and to assist in teaching/maintaining self-actualization and the divinity thereof,...


Dr Emil Faithe and Sue Faithe



Toni and Patrick Love Share some amazing gifts with Rod and Cyndee

Toni was born with many natural gifts and abilities, it seems she is more spiritually sensitive than most normal people. Not into methods, structures, or labels. She says, "I am what I am, given many beautiful gifts that were not taught to me, but only received from The Spirit of God." She had two Near Death Experiences when she was a child. Her natural abilities really started when she was born, but the gifts were enhanced even more after the two near-death experiences. She became very...


Christine Nicole Psychic Medium Share some great secrets.

Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the Spirit and Angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details that she will share with you. Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their soul’s purpose and life path...


Ranon talks to Rod and Cyndee about being a channeler and healer..

Ranon says. I started doing healing work in my late teens early twenties. I was known as the block doc in San Diego. It came with a tremendous amount of insecurities seeing as how I had no idea how I was able to do it. The insecurities have followed me around for the majority of my life but it never stopped me from what I've grown to know is my Universal connection. I'm a universal channeler. I get 80 to 90% of all my information from a space inside me. I've been given new ideas, many of...


Mike Suszczynski Talks with Rod and Cyndee about bringing your medicine to the world!

Mike Suszczynski After a debilitating injury that threatened his ability to ever walk again, Michael started a journey of deep soul searching and came to a realization. He wanted to make an impact on this world. Michael recognized that the best way to do so was to do what brought him true happiness and what brought Michael true happiness was working with people to help them heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. Michael's strong intuitive ability to connect with people along with his...


The Spark Workshop with Maribel Hernandez

Maribel Hernandez She will be speaking about her Set The Spark Workshop. Always end up dating the same person? Keep repeating the same patterns in life? Feeling stuck? Are you the “bad” guy in your story? Reclaim your power to live a more worthwhile and complete life. By facing the Shadow aspect of self you are able to reclaim the gold that is hidden in the dark. Tell me who you don’t want to be and I’ll show you how that person has been running your life in the background.


Valentines Special

No more excuses. What is happening in the Spiritual world. Male and Female are 1. You are love. Valentines Special Whats in your heart.


Cynthia Dunn Selph gives Rod a reading.

Cynthia talks about how to use Tarot cards and the meaning of the cards. Cynthia gives Rod a reading while doing a podcast. The reading is out of this world.


Rod talks to Cynthia without Cyndee

Cynthia Dunn Selph talks with Rod about there exciting 3-day adventure in California. We discussed manifestation of energy. What is coming up for both of us? Labels and self-worth. We talked about perceptions and who we are. What makes you happy. What do we put our attention on?


Challenges in peoples lives.

Being unhappy in life adds challenges. Self-acceptance.. Letting go of things in life. 5 people, you hang around make you who you are. Fear will fuel you. Fear is a choice. Spiritual excuses. Do not die inside while you are still alive.