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Do you have a favorite Saint or a special devotion? Do you have what it takes to be a Saint? As Christians, we have thousands of examples on how to live our lives -- and we'll meet them here!

Do you have a favorite Saint or a special devotion? Do you have what it takes to be a Saint? As Christians, we have thousands of examples on how to live our lives -- and we'll meet them here!
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Do you have a favorite Saint or a special devotion? Do you have what it takes to be a Saint? As Christians, we have thousands of examples on how to live our lives -- and we'll meet them here!




SaintCast #147, Soundseeing in Molokai, in the footsteps of Father Damien

This week, Paul travels to the island paradise of Molokai, Hawaii. From 1866 to 1969 thousands of men, women, and children diagnosed with leprosy were forcibly exiled to this island to die here in anonymity. Two Catholic saints, Fr. Damien de Veuster and St. Marianne Cope ministered to them, built their houses, soothed their wounds, and helped them live lives of meaning and worth. Join Paul in his white knuckle flight to the small Pacific island, and walk rainy and windswept paths in the...


SaintCast #146, Servant of God Professor Jerome Lejeune

In the wake of the 42nd annual March for Life, we revisit the life and work of Servant of God Jerome Lejeune, French geneticist and pediatrician. The first to discover the genetic basis of a disease, Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. Lejeune was a tireless defender of human life in its most vulnerable form, and after his incredible discovery, was vilified for his position in defense of human life. On today's SaintCast we profile his life, and speak with the Postulator for his Cause for...


SC 145 'The Pope who Quit' St. Celestine V

Prior to Pope Benedict XVI, over 700 years ago, one man resigned the papacy at age 84 and was canonized a saint a short while later. Peter Angelerio, otherwise known as Pope Celestine V was a saintly monk who was chosen pope in 1294, only to resign a short 5 months later, dying a prisoner of the next man to hold the Chair of Peter in a prison at Fumone. On this SaintCast we interview author and historian Jon Sweeney, who authored a biography of Celestine V, "The Pope Who Quit," in 2012. He...


SaintCast #144, Seven New Saints!

Paul travels to Rome for the canonization of 7 new saints, including the North American Saints Kateri Tekakwitha and Mother Marianne Cope. Hear the excitement in the crowd of tens of thousands of pilgrims who have traveled to witness the special ceremony on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica. Witness parts of the canonization ceremony preceding a Mass in Piazza San Pietro, with pilgrims from many nations. The Filippino's clearly had the largest international contingent for the canonization...


SaintCast #143, The Holy Chalice of Valencia. Is this the Holy Grail?

From the Cenaculum, to St. Lawrence in Rome, to Spain. . . this small stone cup has been tenaciously protected and revered for centuries. This week on the SaintCast we interview Janice Bennett, author of "St. Laurence and the Holy Grail," a book that traces the history of the Holy Chalice of Valencia, the reputed Holy Grail that Christ used at the Last Supper. Mrs. Bennett describes her search for the Holy Grail that brought her from libraries in Madrid, across the Pyrenees to the small...


SaintCast #142, Soundseeing in Athens, St. Paul and the Areopagus

Paul takes SaintCast listeners on a tour of ancient Athens, touring the Acropolis, and especially the Areopagus hill, where St. Paul preached his sermon on the unknown god, found in the Acts of the Apostles. Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha miracle approved, more saints to come next year. Feedback and Saint Jeopardy returns. Feedback at 312-235-2278


SaintCast #141, Be My Methodius? and Profile of Bl. Niels Stensen

Be my Cyril or Methodius? We naturally think of today as St. Valentine's Day. In today's SaintCast we learn of the alternate feast day patrons, Cyril and Methodius, as well as the other Saints celebrated on the liturgical calendar this week. Today's SaintCast features one of my new patrons, eminent Baroque-age neuroscientist, anatomist, and the father of Geology, Blessed Niels Stensen. Can love of science and religion co-exist in the same person? Tune in to find out. Feedback, a new St....


SaintCast Extra #140 - Philmont Bound

Back from an extended SaintCast break, Paul embarks on a trip into the New Mexico wilderness under the patronage of St. George, the patron Saint of scouting. Back with all new episodes, including stories from the back country, in 12 days.


SaintCast #139, Auschwitz Diaries, Last Days of St. Maximilian Kolbe

SaintCast listener Peter Wiberg interviews Auschwitz survivor Tadeusz Raznikiewicz, from Uppsala, Sweden, eyewitness to the last days of St. Maximilian Kolbe. You won't want to miss this chilling first-hand account of life in Auschwitz, and the story of how 'Pater Kolbe' gave up his life to save a doomed young man. News on the canonization cause of the first U.S. priest of African descent from the Archdiocese of Chicago.


SaintCast #138, St. John Fisher, and canonization 101

Does the Catholic Church 'make' a saint? Of course not, but in this episode of the SaintCast, learn the intricate details of the canonization process from square one. Also, a profile of the great English martyr, St. John Fisher. The Saint news segment features new on the relics of Padre Pio, Kateri Tekakwitha's cause, and the upcoming Beatification ceremony of St. John Newman. More extras on the iPhone SaintCast App, and the Saints of the Week in the liturgical calendar on this week's...


SaintCast #137, Ven. Michael McGivney, founder K of C, St. Anthony's relics, postulator interview, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

He's responsible that nearly 2 million Catholic men are closer to their faith and families today - He's Venerable Michael McGivney and today on the SaintCast we learn about the founder of the Knights of Columbus from the postulator for his canonization cause in Rome, Father Gabriel O'Donnell. News about St. Anthony of Padua's relics, St. Joan of Arc's relics, and an icon of a young Russian martyr in 1996 reportedly exuding sweet aroma. A new St. Jeopardy quiz, and a joke of the week,...


SaintCast #136, St. Paul Miki & companions, 'Saints win,' new JPII Book, new Blessed, audio feedback _1.312.235.2278

Yes, don't the Saints always win? Chalk up another win for the saints. This week we profile St. Paul Miki and companions, and discuss the moving story of the Catholic Church in Japan. New book on John Paul II, and a new Blessed from the Spanish Civil War . . A new Saint Jeopardy question, saintly jokes, an appearance by the iPadre, and more giveaways on SaintCast #136. SaintCast #25 on Saint Agatha from Catania, Sicily


SaintCast #135, St. Anthony's Feast, Boston, new miracle for Pius XII? St. Meinrad, San Onofre, feedback@+1.312.235.2278

It's called the largest religious festival in the America, St. Anthony's Feast in Boston's North End. Paul takes you there to witness the sights, sounds, and festivities on the last weekend in August, simultaneously celebrated in Montelfalcione, Italy. Saint news on a possible Pius XII miracle, a new movie on His Holiness, and feedback on San Onofre. Pius XII movie siteCatholic Vitamins PodcastIf Saints Wrote Conversation HeartsNotre Dame Basilica Schola Choir


SaintCast #134, Patron of the Daily Grind, Mary appearing in Egypt?, disposing of holy cards, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Ever wonder to whom to pray to help you get through the daily grind? Here's the man - a saint for the rest of us. No visions, miracles while alive, no extraordinary penances - just did his daily duty with love for God. Get to know St. Benildus. Is Mary now appearing in Egypt? Try your luck at the new St. Jeopardy. Saints of the Week, feedback, and more. . . ROMCAL.netAnthony the Abbot blogpost/videowww.sqpngear.comCamino of St. Vincent iPadre


SaintCast #133, St. Thomas Becket, Pope Saint titles, death of Italian stigmatist, audio feedback at +1.312.235.2278

839 years ago today, the murder of St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, inside Canterbury cathedral has been memorialized by T. S. Eliot, Jean Anouilh, and many others. Today we take an in depth look at the life and times of Henry II's close friend and confidant, whose life change and resulting martyrdom spawned years of miracles and pilgrimage. A St. Jeopardy quiz winner and a new quiz on St. Lucy in this extended SaintCast on the 5th day of Christmas. approval of miracles and...


SaintCast Extra - Santa Lucia, Catholic Roundup Advent Calendar, Elvis,Caruso, St. Lucy from Syracuse, feedback +1.312.235.2278

What do Elvis Presley, Enrico Caruso, Dante Alighieri, and Venetians have in common? They all have a special love for Santa Lucia. On December 13th we celebrate the Feast of St. Lucy. Special traditions take place all over the world. blog on St. LucyMagnatune.comAdvent Calendar


SaintCast #131, A Saintly Ghost Story, John Bosco, Saints on I-5 in California, All Saints Day, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Today, in honor of the Feast of All Saints (and Halloween) we recount a true ghost story as told by St. John Bosco, whose best friend who came to visit after his death. "What about Ghosts?"Writings of St. John Bosco


SaintCast #130, St. Crispin's Day, 5 new Saints, The Mills Brothers, a Catholic pilot & chemist, audio feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul wishes a belated 'Happy St. Crispin's Day' to all, recalling the famous speech from Shakespeare's Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt. We highlight the lives of 4 of the 5 new saints from October 11, the Mills Brothers, New Orleans, a Catholic Pilot and more. The Catholic FoodieThe Mills Brothers 'Basin Street Blues'St. Crispin's Day speechThe Catholic PilotThe Catholic Laboratory


SaintCast #129, Soundseeing in Rome and SS. John & Paul, St. Januarius' blood,Sheen anniversary, feedback +1.312.235.2278

Paul and daughter Laura walk above the Coliseum in Rome, combing the Celian hill for Saint-related sites, and stumble upon the magnificent Basilica of SS. John and Paul, and the former home of Pope St. Gregory the Great. Also hear news of the miracle of San Gennaro in Naples this week. St. Januarius blood liquefaction miraclefoundation


SaintCast #128, Bl. Miguel Pro, Mexican martyr, Man-on-street St. Louis, new SQPN podcasts, feedback @ +1.312.235.2278

In one of the fiercest Catholic persecutions of the last 100 years, 'God's jester,' Miguel Augustin Pro, was executed for his witness to Christ among the faithful of Mexico. Learn about his many disguises, his pranks, and his faithful ministry to the poor in SaintCast #128. Also, Paul takes to the street in St. Louis to ask St. Louisians 'who is their patron saint?' www.shopphilomena.comnewsletterbiography of Miguel ProPatrick Madrid's DVDIn Between Sundays podcast pageThe Catholic Foodie