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SHW 12: Strengthening Partnerships with Our Missionaries

Jerry Singh returns to the podcast, along with wife, Kathy, to help us understand some of the joys and challenges that missionaries face. They share personal insights that will help those of us in the local church strengthen our partnerships with the missionaries that we care for and support. Jerry and his wife, Kathy, are missionaries and founders of One-Way Evangelistic Ministries based in Cheyenne, WY.


SHW 11: A Missionary's Story

As a young boy, in line to be the next Hindu priest of his family, Jerry Singh was introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ by missionaries that came to his village in Trinidad. We invite you to listen in as Jerry shares the story of God's work in his life to bring him from darkness into light, and stir a passion within to take the hope of Jesus to the world. Jerry and his wife, Kathy, are missionaries and founders of One-Way Evangelistic Ministries based in Cheyenne, WY.


SHW 10: Leading Worship in the Local Church

Jeff interviews worship pastor, Cody Villarreal of New City Church in Bellevue, NE, about leading musical worship in the local church. Cody shares his wisdom and insight regarding the purpose of Sunday morning worship, working with limited resources and musicians, the importance of setting aside ego, and more.


SHW 09: 2017 Year-End Episode

It's our year-end episode! Jeff and Dana take a brief look back over the year and reveal an important transition that will be take place in their ministry life. You will hear from several ministry workers in a variety of ministry settings, both staff and volunteers. They share what God has taught them in their own ministries over that past year. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired to keep pressing on through the ups and downs of ministry life, as you look forward to 2018! It's...


SHW 08: Sharing the Bible through Story

Dr. Tara Rye provides valuable insight into bible storytelling. She shares how story can be one of the most effective ways, globally, to share the Word of God. Tara also provides techniques to help you to remember and internalize the bible stories you wish to share with others.


SHW 07: Identifying and Overcoming Ministry Burnout

Jeff interviews Larry Austin, Director of Church Health for the Central District of the Evangelical Free Church of America. Through this role, Larry has met with pastors who are facing ministry burnout and Larry brings his wisdom and personal experience to this important topic. Discover four causes of ministry burnout, as well as practical advice to help overcome burnout in your own life. While Larry's primary focus in this podcast addresses pastors, much of the counsel he shares can be...


SHW 06: Understanding and Ministering to Special Needs Families

Josh and Colleen Ogburn share their experience as parents of a child with a disability. Listen and gain a better understanding of what life looks like for families with special needs children. We hope this increased understanding will help you to more effectively minister to them in the future.


SHW 05: 9 Keys for Effective Recruiting

Recruiting volunteers for your ministry can sometimes be difficult. In this episode, Dana Banks shares the recruiting keys that have helped her to be most effective when asking people for help. If you are a pastor, church staff member, or volunteer ministry leader, this podcast will help better equip you for ministry. A free training resource is available to use alongside this episode. This downloadable PDF can be found at Thank you for listening!


SHW 03: Servant Leadership with Dr. Fred Campbell

Dr. Fred Campbell has a passion for servant leadership. His ministry provides The Authentic Servant Leadership Workshop for pastors and leadership teams. Its focus is to help church leaders develop servant leaders by following the model of the greatest leader of all time, Jesus Christ. Fred seeks to help us understand that leading well is not about control, it's not about dictating, it's about leading from a heart that's really being changed from that of self-serving to servant leadership.


SHW 02: Faithfulness - An interview with Pastor Jake Roberts

Friend and mentor, Pastor Jake Roberts, has been serving the Lord FAITHFULLY for many years. It is Pastor Jake, who began encouraging us with the motto, "Serve Him Well," and we believe he will encourage you, as well. Jake shares a bit of his story and his thoughts on ministry life and the importance of faithfulness through it all. Faithfulness is closely related to trust...are we going to trust God with this life he has given us? Are we going to trust Him enough to do what He asks us to do?


SHW 01: Introductions

Jeff and Dana Banks introduce The Serve Him Well podcast...a podcast dedicated to encouraging and equipping ministry staff and volunteers. If you are listening to our podcast, then we believe you are seeking ways to be more effective in God's work through you. We desire to come alongside and hope the stories and experiences shared on our podcast will sharpen you and motivate you to remain faithful in the ministry to which you have been called!