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Episode 158 - Buckle up Buttercup - with Kayla S.

Ross chat's with Kayla about her spiritual experiences, life and more. It's an abundance of feel-good fun and examining the odd. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 157 - If, Should and Try: Sublte thieves of joy

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. Regular listeners of this podcast and those who have explored some self-healing or esoteric concepts understand the power of words. Some of the words commonly used in our culture are obviously unhealthy for our own well being. Other words tend to be more subtle. They silently start our self-destructive thoughts, fuel alternate realities, construct anxiety-ridden realms, and set us up for failure before we even begin. Today we will talk about IF, Should and Try....


Episode 156 - Accountability And Remaining Centered With Jessica

This is the first episode of Season 3.5 as the Podcast shifts to a new direction. Ross and Jessica discuss a daily reading, dive into remaining centred, discuss the issue of extremism in politics today and finish with some interesting headlines. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link ______ The articles read can be found here Martian Fossils Could Be Hidden in Ancient Rocks, Scientists Say...


Episode 155 - Sedona and a new direction

I don't have a fancy intro to this, the general gist of it is I talk about my vacation to Sedona and the new direction I want to take the podcast. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 154 - Ethical Spiritual Business

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. As we begin to explore our minds and delve deep into the fabric of who we are, often times we uncover gifts, something a little bit extra unearthed that maybe we were always aware of but never noticed as unique. These gifts can be great assets but there is also a great responsibility that comes with these gifts. We have to consciously cultivate them, expand upon them and often times let go of our own perception of what that means. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses,...


Episode 153 - Facing your Fears!!

Welcome fellow phoenixes. The fabric of our society runs rife with fear. It seems to infect and occupy every advertisement, political campaign, law and so on. Fear is so deeply ingrained in our culture it has almost been ground down to permeate the very fiber of our being. What if there was a way out? What if we could face our fears!! My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 152 - Enjoying the Journey

Welcome fellow phoenixes. When we set our minds on a goal, we often anticipate how we will feel when we finally achieve what we are working for. Fixing our focus on the destination we pursue our passions blindly, often times ignoring the entire journey. When we arrive to a place of “completion” we are our so busy focusing on the next horizon we ignore the beauty of our actual accomplishment. What if we learned to not only savor our journeys but also our victories. My Poetry Book, Vagrant...


Episode 150 - Outside issues reflecting inside issues

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. When the world treats us harshly or it’s easy to become resentful, angry and into a panic state. We can easily shift from a state of peace and tranquillity to tension, resistance and anxiety. When this occurs expecting the outside surroundings to change if we just push harder, suck it up and grind to the mirage on the horizon all will be well. Right? What if I told you that the situations outside of you are all reflections of what is going on within you? Those in...


Episode 148 - New Age Power Struggles ( You're Powerless)

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. In new age circles, the concept of having the power to physically manifest our deepest desires is a common concept. We are taught we are the ultimate creators of our reality and we are in fact, god, everyone else is a reflection of us and every outside situation was manifested by our own minds whether conscious or unconscious. What if I told you all this was a lie, that we, by and large, are actually powerless over almost every aspect of everything around us. That...


Episode 146 - Social Media Sickness

Welcome fellow phoenixes. Social media has become a staple of the modern world. The longer it exists the further it entrenches itself into our everyday life. Pictures of your cat, bathroom selfies and funny memes can’t be bad right? It’s my position that social media is perpetuating a sickness of body, mind and soul. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 145 - Allow And Release Resistance With Bita Rad

Ross chat's with Bita Rad about shifting to allowing life to unfold instead of resisting what is occurring. They also discuss the feminine and masculine energies and the role these are playing in our culture. It is an incredibly insightful and enjoyable chat however the audio quality suffers due to some factors on the podcast's part. It is something I will work towards remedying in future episodes. If you find the information worthwhile you will listen, if not, it's really your loss. My...


Episode 144 - Magical Unexpected Inspiration - Interview With Colby Rebel

Ross chats with Colby the Psychic Rebel about her life and journey to be where she is today. They discuss Colby's early experiences with spirit, later experiences where she began to recognize the power of her gift and how she used her life experience in one field to transition to where she is today. Colby's Book Colby's Website _____ My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link...


Episode 143 - PCMT ( Persistent Compound Microtrauma)

Welcome fellow phoenixes. Its common in our culture to have compassion for those who are exposed to individual instances of incredibly impactful trauma. However, Often times we tend to overlook what occurs more frequently, the persistent, pervasive, powerfully poisonous effects of what I would deem microtrauma. It slowly seeps into our souls and erodes our emotional stability drop by drop until we find a vast chasm at our core. Today I’m here to talk about persistent compound microtrauma...


Episode 142 - Internal Archaeology

The sweltering sun bears down overhead as a strong wind kicks up a cloud of grit across the open desert. When we hear a voice oddly like our own shouting, “we got something” come look. We rush over and look at what was uncovered and lying before us, is our childhood dreams, fossilized and exposed in a durable form. Welcome fellow phoenixes. It’s safe to say that many of us have detached from ourselves over the ages. Our younger versions are safely tucked away in that box of memories just...


Episode 140 - Don't Worry About It - Chance Being Thunder Of InnerVerse

Ross chat's with Chance of the Inner Verse Podcast about all sorts of interesting topics. Chance's Links _______ _____ My...


Episode 139 - The Tao Of Now

Salutations fellow phoenixes. While on the journey of our lives it’s easy to get postponed pondering the past or feverishly fixate on the future. Needless to say next to none of us are able to navigate the now while transfixed by these phantoms of time. In my experience, we can learn to live a prayer, dive into the depths of our present and at times surface to evaluate our position on our path. We can see where we have come and utilize that knowledge in the present to roughly prepare for...


Episode 138 - Harmonize Because Balance Is Bull$h!+

Harmonize cuz Balance is bullshit Buy my book here!!! Welcome fellow phoenixes. It is often stated in spiritual circles that we must strive for balance to find happiness. However on my personal quest for happiness I have found balance to be as impossible to maintain as perfection is to achieve. Let’s be honest to achieve balance one is stating the need to strike and maintain a permanent state in an impermanent world. Maybe our we should shift our focus off of trying to...


Episode 137 - The Work Is The Same - Interview With Myself

For my 34th birthday, I decided to interview myself and kind of distil what the hell I have been talking about for the past 136 episodes in some capacity. Maybe this will be my yearly tradition, interview myself to see what else is added on. Please subscribe and review Itunes ____ Intro music is done by the Debris of Titan. Outro Music and Lyrics by Ang Kerfoot featuring Melanie Ash. ____ To see my most...


Episode 136 - Find The Others - Tim Leary And Terence Mckenna

Welcome fellow phoenixes. As today’s economic ecosystem continues to isolate and drive ideological wedges between us and our fellow man, we are in need of a solution. Unbeknownst to many that solution rests in the less familiar psychedelic philosophy of a counterculture legend, Timothy Leary. This concept was dusted off decades later by the Techno-Shaman Terence Mckenna and decades later we will examine it again. Today we will “Find the others”. Tim Leary Quote Clip...


Episode 136 - I Won - With Angela Kerfoot

Life has a way of bringing people in and out of our lives at the convenience of the mysteries. No amount of effort or energy can prevent the ebb and flow of people for long. Angela is an old friend whom Ross is able to pick up communication with better than it was before. They discuss a laundry list of topics from dealing with loss, to Hunter S. Thompson, nature as a higher power, and the power in your life's purpose just being yourself. _____ Listen to Ang's Music Here....