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Episode 167 - The Gift of Long Suffering

This Episode starts off with clips from a motivational Speech by Denzel Washington*. Ross then talks about elements in the speech that resonated with him such as the gift of long suffering and how there is wisdom in suffering some never experience. He also discusses the concept of failing forward and shares his own intimated encounters with failure. *Video Posted by Chispa Motivation - _______ Join the FB Group, Book a service, Browse our Shop or...


Episode 166 - Take the fruit, leave the roots

In this episode, Ross explains his concept of "Take the Fruit, Leave the roots". He views it through different lenses but generally promotes the concept that you have to take other peoples wisdom and cultivate it in your own field rather than becoming dependent on them for your opinions and philosophies. Ross also discusses the concept of thoughts having people rather than people having thoughts. Join the FB Group, Book a service, Browse our Shop or more at...


Episode 165 - Retrograde Schmetrograde and lessons learned

Ross shares his perception of what retrograde is really about and his opinion that most of what is portrayed about retrograde is at best a half-truth and disempowering. He closes the show with an explanation of a lesson through this process and the like. Visit the shop Spiritual Phoenix Book a reading with The Oracle at Mushin use code 10-off for ten dollars off, only ten discounts available. Join the Temple of Mushin...


Episode 164 - Transforming Growth - With LIfe Coach Leah

Ross chats with life coach Leah from Rewind Release Rewild and they discuss a little about who she, is what she does and get into some deep concepts of healing and transformation. Leah is available for in-person life coaching, meditation and more for those in the Cleveland area and she is available to help those who aren't local via phone or internet. You can contact her with the links below!


Episode 163 - The Gifts of Growth

Ross talks about how many people stop growing or moving forward when it gets uncomfortable, which is right before they would receive the most benefit. He also ties it into his own personal experience. This episode was recorded a week ago after Stupid Fest at Nelson Ledges. Life prevented it from being released until today. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 162 - Capacity, Equality, Humbleness with Asa Leveaux

Ross and Asa's chat comes from two daily meditation books and some questions Ross has about relationships. Asa adds a level of clarity and energy to the conversation that is rarely found in today's society. Get involved with Asa's work Get the Entrepreneur's Playbook and on Demand Coaching for $10 a month Work with Asa directly _______________ My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link...


Episode 161 - Money Mindset ( a life coaching session) with Cali Jean Blake

Ross helps Cali work through some disempowering beliefs about money, creativity and earning an income doing what she loves! Here is a link to the group I mention. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 160 - Is your future self impacting now? W/ Kayla S.

Ross asks Kayla what her opinion is on something he has believed for a while and even thinks he has experienced. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 159 - Irina: The Healing Madness w/ Kayla S.

Ross is joined in studio with Kayla S. and they discuss the concept of Irina, the healing madness, from the Last book of the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. I highly suggest you give that series a read. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 158 - Buckle up Buttercup - with Kayla S.

Ross chat's with Kayla about her spiritual experiences, life and more. It's an abundance of feel-good fun and examining the odd. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 157 - If, Should and Try: Sublte thieves of joy

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. Regular listeners of this podcast and those who have explored some self-healing or esoteric concepts understand the power of words. Some of the words commonly used in our culture are obviously unhealthy for our own well being. Other words tend to be more subtle. They silently start our self-destructive thoughts, fuel alternate realities, construct anxiety-ridden realms, and set us up for failure before we even begin. Today we will talk about IF, Should and Try....


Episode 156 - Accountability And Remaining Centered With Jessica

This is the first episode of Season 3.5 as the Podcast shifts to a new direction. Ross and Jessica discuss a daily reading, dive into remaining centred, discuss the issue of extremism in politics today and finish with some interesting headlines. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link ______ The articles read can be found here Martian Fossils Could Be Hidden in Ancient Rocks, Scientists Say...


Episode 155 - Sedona and a new direction

I don't have a fancy intro to this, the general gist of it is I talk about my vacation to Sedona and the new direction I want to take the podcast. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 154 - Ethical Spiritual Business

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. As we begin to explore our minds and delve deep into the fabric of who we are, often times we uncover gifts, something a little bit extra unearthed that maybe we were always aware of but never noticed as unique. These gifts can be great assets but there is also a great responsibility that comes with these gifts. We have to consciously cultivate them, expand upon them and often times let go of our own perception of what that means. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses,...


Episode 153 - Facing your Fears!!

Welcome fellow phoenixes. The fabric of our society runs rife with fear. It seems to infect and occupy every advertisement, political campaign, law and so on. Fear is so deeply ingrained in our culture it has almost been ground down to permeate the very fiber of our being. What if there was a way out? What if we could face our fears!! My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 152 - Enjoying the Journey

Welcome fellow phoenixes. When we set our minds on a goal, we often anticipate how we will feel when we finally achieve what we are working for. Fixing our focus on the destination we pursue our passions blindly, often times ignoring the entire journey. When we arrive to a place of “completion” we are our so busy focusing on the next horizon we ignore the beauty of our actual accomplishment. What if we learned to not only savor our journeys but also our victories. My Poetry Book, Vagrant...


Episode 150 - Outside issues reflecting inside issues

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. When the world treats us harshly or it’s easy to become resentful, angry and into a panic state. We can easily shift from a state of peace and tranquillity to tension, resistance and anxiety. When this occurs expecting the outside surroundings to change if we just push harder, suck it up and grind to the mirage on the horizon all will be well. Right? What if I told you that the situations outside of you are all reflections of what is going on within you? Those in...


Episode 148 - New Age Power Struggles ( You're Powerless)

Welcome fellow Phoenixes. In new age circles, the concept of having the power to physically manifest our deepest desires is a common concept. We are taught we are the ultimate creators of our reality and we are in fact, god, everyone else is a reflection of us and every outside situation was manifested by our own minds whether conscious or unconscious. What if I told you all this was a lie, that we, by and large, are actually powerless over almost every aspect of everything around us. That...


Episode 146 - Social Media Sickness

Welcome fellow phoenixes. Social media has become a staple of the modern world. The longer it exists the further it entrenches itself into our everyday life. Pictures of your cat, bathroom selfies and funny memes can’t be bad right? It’s my position that social media is perpetuating a sickness of body, mind and soul. My Poetry Book, Vagrant Verses, all of my links, services, etc can be found at this link


Episode 145 - Allow And Release Resistance With Bita Rad

Ross chat's with Bita Rad about shifting to allowing life to unfold instead of resisting what is occurring. They also discuss the feminine and masculine energies and the role these are playing in our culture. It is an incredibly insightful and enjoyable chat however the audio quality suffers due to some factors on the podcast's part. It is something I will work towards remedying in future episodes. If you find the information worthwhile you will listen, if not, it's really your loss. My...