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Two middle age dudes, 2 mics, everyday theology banter, no Turkeys.

Two middle age dudes, 2 mics, everyday theology banter, no Turkeys.
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Two middle age dudes, 2 mics, everyday theology banter, no Turkeys.




The power of Gratitude - Episode 4

Sometimes we forget to be grateful to God and to others, but can living in thankfulness and gratefulness change us on the inside and even affect other people in our lives? We examine the story of the ten lepers that came to Jesus for healing in which only one returned to give thanks and how that affected his life. Øystein shares a discovery of a Greek word for being thankful. Special thanks to Bradley Dyess for our new Intro and music, you can find him on Spotify. Find all podcasts and...


Making Changes - Episode 3

Change is hard, but when you are faced with a harsh reality about yourself and your situation, it is necessary. This week Øystein probes Rodger on a time in his life where he was faced with an important decision after a bad report.


How does God lead us? - Episode 2

How does God lead us? Øystein talks about the significance of waking up at 6:10 am three days in a row! Rodger explains why we are not a podcast about Turkey (the country), and then goes on to share about an interesting mission trip to Turkey. What voices can we hear in our journey with God? and how should you be careful what you hear and from whom. The guys share personally about experiences and we conclude by talking about the role of the Spirit and the Trinity in personal...


Spending time with God - Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of The Talking Turkey Theology Podcast. Today Rodger and Øystein talk about quiet times, devotionals, personal prayer times or meditating on the bible. Through personal experience over many years we discuss how busy Christians can use their time to spend time with God and which tools they can use to do that. We are just a couple of middle age, Northern European theology fans, who want to make everyday theology accessible for everyone.