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First Alien Contact | UFOs E.T.s and Angels | Melissa Peabody

Melissa Peabody has been engaging and her own CE5 contact initiative. After seeing lights outside of her home in San Francisco she felt an intuitive notion that the lights were trying to say hello. After repeat encounters with these strange lights in the night sky Melissa took it upon herself to try and speak to them and get their attention. Melissa takes out her camcorder and begins to film some of this interaction that began to take place as she willed. Many people across the globe feel...


Vinny Eastwood | Media Meltdown | Silencing The Arts

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Vinny Eastwood about creating independent media and how to thrive in the face of adversity. Both TruthSeekah and Vinny's YouTube channels were pulled last year as YouTube is cracking down on alternative media. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all have been caught throttling user accounts and articles that promote conservative values. When things like this happen it can be very disappointing especially if your video content is the backed up. YouTube is a...


Supernatural Is Practical Navigating Through Spiritual B.S. Matt Belair TruthSeekah Podcast

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Matt Belair about true spirituality and how it is manifest into our daily lives. Spirituality and the supernatural should be practical principals that are able to impact the lives of everyone that we come in contact with, not just some esoteric mumbo jumbo. In the spiritual community there are many charlatans and hoaxers and many people claim the have the truth and they make it up as they go. This is not just the spiritual community though, it is in...


Legalize It or Demonize It? | Mark Mohr of Christafari Interview

In this interview TruthSeekah speaks with legendary Christian Reggae artist Mark Mohr from the band Christafari. Many topics were discussed in this interview from Marks testimony and spirituality but the majority of the discussion was about the legalization of marijuana. Living in California Mark sees billboards daily promoting the use of weed and other THC products. This over sensualization of marijuana worries Mark a bit because of his past relationship with the plant as a misguided...


God's Voice Is Love | Jesus Within Spirituality | Pastor Nar

In this episode TruthSeekah is joined by Pastor Nar as they speak about the true essence of God in all religions and spiritual practice, which is LOVE. Pastor Nar served as a Christian evangelical pastor for many years until he had a spiritual awakening. Many of the self evident truths that Nar learned in the Christian church and read in the Bible he found contained within the very fabric of nature and spirituality as a whole. All this time his church clergy and elders told him that TRUTH...


War of the Machines | Independent VS Mainstream Media | Phillip J Watt

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Phillip J Watt about the war between the independent and mainstream media. Since the rise of independent media we have seen self made media outlets such as podcasts and YouTube channels rise up the ladders or ranking of organic viewership. Some of these outlets reach a far greater audience than many of the mainstream networks such as Fox News, MSNBC and TBS. Now we are beginning to see pushback from these companies who have cornered the market in...


Divine Genetics | God’s Will For Mankind | Joshua Davis

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Joshua Davis about his encounters with God through relationship with Jesus. Joshua speaks about what he calls Divine Genetics which he believes to be God's will for humanity. Joshua shares stories of being pushed to the brink physically with sickness and disease and how he overcame through faith in Jesus Christ. God will meet you wherever you meet Him. If your faith is to pay an overdue bill of $100 He will meet you there. If your faith is to...


Overcoming The Spirit of Jezebel | TruthSeekah & Michael Basham

In this episode TruthSeekah and Michael Basham speak about overcoming the spirit of Jezebel and how to break free from her attacks. By understanding what this spirit is an how it operates determines whether or not we will find victory from such vile attacks. In Ephesians 6:12 we are told that we do not war after flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places. This should be 101 for the majority of Christians but many fall victim because they have not been equipped to do...


The Mystical Side of Christianity | Daniel Lovett

In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Daniel Lovett of Sozo Radio about his experiences in the supernatural with Jesus. Many in christendom get scared when we mention terms and phrases like ESP or Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience. Maybe because these terms aren’t actually in the Bible by these names but many Christian leaders within the prophetic ministry are teaching these techniques with more of a Biblical approach. The Bible is full of mysticism and...


Spiritual Warfare | Our Own Inner And Outer Demons | Pastor Bryan Jones

In this episode Pastor Bryan Jones speaks with TruthSeekah about spiritual warfare and dealing with our own inner and outer demons. Much is to be said on the topic of spiritual warfare and there is an enigma within the Christian church about which demons we should cast out and which demons are sent by God to teach and buffett us. This understanding is made clear throughout the Old Testament where God is letting Satan tempt and test job but not letting him harm him. The scripture also goes...


Embracing Supernatural & Psychic Abilities | Leslie Luminare

In this episode Leslie Luminare speaks with TruthSeekah about supernatural and psychic abilities and how they affect our lives. Leslie talks about how the supernatural has been very natural throughout her life even back into childhood. She has always had a fascination with psychic abilities and the spirit world. These experiences were normal in her childhood, so much so that she thought that everyone possessed these abilities and knew about their functions. Leslie talks about being able to...


Set Free By Jesus | Taira Leanne's Testimony

In this episode Taira Leanne shares her testimony about how Jesus saved her from a life of drug use and abuse. Many people struggle with addictions through their life and Taira Leanne's story shows that people have the power to overcome. Her story doesn't stop there though. She elaborates on her journey by talking about how she felt the calling of the Holy Spirit on her life and how overcoming was not about a religion but about a relationship with the living God. Her story of hope and...


Billy Meier | The UFO Contactee Explained | Michael Horn

When entering UFOlogy many people's first interactions are with stories from UFO Contactee Billy Meier. Billy Meier is said to be many things by many people. Some say he is a hoaxer, some say he is a messiah figure and others simply pass him off as a mad man. The fact remains that Billy Meier has some very interesting stories about interaction with off planet beings and photos to back up his claims. Still many think that Billy's work is a sham and has been debunked years ago and other have...


Restoring The Foundations | Kenny Rideout

In this episode Kenny Rideout speaks with TruthSeekah about restoring the foundations back to the first love of Jesus. Kenny speaks about searching out deep truths within conspiracies and even within the Bible but all of it is built upon the framework of what Jesus has brought to the table which includes the remission of sins and liberation from falsehoods. This foundation does not limit us as most in christendom would have us believe but actually empowers us to seek after truth without...


Scarlet Moon | Astrology And Working With Elemental Spirits

Scarlet Moon shares weekly astrology reading on his quickly growing YouTube Channel dedicated to exploring integrative mysticism. Scarlet Moon's love for astrology and spirituality has led him to create a community around these themes full of like minded people as well. In this episode TruthSeekah and Scarlet Moon speak about astrology and how it plays a part in our own day to day life as well as working with elemental spirits. When trying to understand the spirit realm we always hear...


Raana Zia | Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life

Creating your dream life is very possible. There are specific keys and techniques that are available for you to bring your dream visions into waking reality. In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Raana Zia about her new book Your Hidden Light: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life. It is time for us to seize the moment, turn off autopilot and make a conscious decision to embrace all that God has in store for us. Many things play a role in this factor...


UFOs, Aliens & The Occult | David Curtis

In this episode David Curtis joins TruthSeekah to speak about his experiences with UFOs and Aliens. David speaks about summoning UFOs and making contact with aliens or interdimensional beings through meditation. David also speaks about how when these experiences come into our lives we also start to see more synchronicities and coincidences that have something important to do with our life's journey. Many people refer this this as being led by our intuition, the holy spirit or even by our...


A Look Back At The 2nd 50 Episodes! TruthSeekah 100 Episodes In Review!

100 Episodes in. Here is a review of the second 50. SOCIAL CONNECT WITH TRUTHSEEKAH ON SOCIAL MEDIA iTunes - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Email - SUPPORT THE SHOW BECOME A MEMBER via PATREON AND GET REWARDS!!! We do not exist without the help of our Patrons! Running a professional podcast is very costly and has many monthly fees. If you enjoy the content please consider coming on board as a partner at any level. You enable me to continue to bring you content and you get tons of...


A Look Back At The 1st 50 Episodes! TruthSeekah 100 Episodes In Review!

100 Episodes in. Here is a review of the first 50. SOCIAL CONNECT WITH TRUTHSEEKAH ON SOCIAL MEDIA iTunes - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Email - SUPPORT THE SHOW BECOME A MEMBER via PATREON AND GET REWARDS!!! We do not exist without the help of our Patrons! Running a professional podcast is very costly and has many monthly fees. If you enjoy the content please consider coming on board as a partner at any level. You enable me to continue to bring you content and you get tons of...


Matthew Silver | Spirituality & The Power of Laughter

Matthew Silver joins TruthSeekah in this episode to speak about spirituality and the power of laughter. Matthew Silver is a street performer who goes out into busy places in public to share the power of love through laughter and creativity. In this episode TruthSeekah & Matthew speak about the importance of taking the leap of faith to do what you were born to do in the first place, There Is no greater joy than that journey. SOCIAL CONNECT WITH TRUTHSEEKAH ON SOCIAL MEDIA iTunes -...


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