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God is writing a great big story and you have a standing invitation to be a part of it. Every week, host Meridith Foster sits down with a guest to share their chapter in God’s Unfolding story.


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God is writing a great big story and you have a standing invitation to be a part of it. Every week, host Meridith Foster sits down with a guest to share their chapter in God’s Unfolding story.






Page 173: Update on Michael & Shanaree Muzinich: From Atheists to Medical Missionaries

For the first time, we’re sharing an update on a story from The Unfolding. We first told Michael and Shanaree Muzinich’s story on Page 135. They were successful physicians, chasing things they thought would bring happiness – a dream home, prestigious careers, and big incomes. But their relationship was a mess. It was filled with conflict, and they were miserable. They didn’t believe in God, but one night 6 years ago they had an encounter with Jesus that changed everything. When they met Jesus, they surrendered everything. When we left Michael and Shanaree in August of 2022, they were preparing to move with their four children to Kenya to become medical missionaries. Learn more about a project to buy a portable x-ray machine for Kijabe Hospital at


Page 172: Caleb, Jordan and Josh Ward: Walking By Faith, Wanting to Quit, and the Legacy that Lead to Consumed By Fire

When Caleb, Jordan, and Josh Ward formed the band “Consumed By Fire” in 2006, they were just 13, 16, and 21 years old. They hit the road with a heart to serve and tell people about the hope of Jesus through music. For years they played and traveled, mostly for small crowds and little pay. They were living and working by faith- A way of life they had watched their parents model in a powerful way. But it’s tough to live a life of ministry on the road and they were burning out. So despite a clear call from God, after 13 years of hard work, they made the decision to quit. That’s when God gave them a song called “First Things First” that changed everything.


Archive Page 109: Joe and Tara Buchanan: Bringing Baggage and Expectations into Marriage

We often come into marriage with both baggage and expectations. When your spouse’s baggage is harder than you expected, how do you navigate that? Joe and Tara Buchanan came into their marriage with vastly different backgrounds. Joe shares the story of his childhood on Page 1 of The Unfolding. It’s one of the most powerful stories of transformation you will ever hear, and it will give you some background on the challenges he faced in trying to have a healthy marriage. Tara’s background was the opposite--a healthy, intact family that had faith at its foundation. Two people with such different histories were bound to face some hard stuff. God knew they needed to face it and they would need His help to do it. Joe and Tara are the hosts of Behind Our Smiles, a podcast on the Wow God Podcast Network.


Page 171: Humberto Salgado: Facing Darkness and the Devil in a Mexican Prison

One of Humberto Salgado’s favorite Bible verses is Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” There are few places as hopeless as the Diamond cell block in a maximum security prison near Mexico City. When Humberto was invited to visit, he felt God wanted him to go, but he was afraid. The men of the Diamond cell block were the worst offenders- dangerous men serving multiple life sentences. And among the worst, was a man they called “the Devil.” In the view of most people, there was no hope any of these men could be transformed, especially the Devil.


Page 170: Kevin Santiago: Devastating Consequences, Depression, and God’s Power to Redeem

Kevin Santiago was driven to succeed. He set out to acquire the things he thought would bring happiness – a good job, house, car, and family. But when his plans began to crumble, he fell into depression. One night he got in his car after having a few drinks. It was a choice that had devastating consequences and left Kevin overwhelmed with guilt and shame. Facing years in prison, he began to believe his life wasn’t worth living. Kevin’s story is a reminder that there is no one who is too far gone, no sin or story that is beyond God’s power to redeem. This episode includes references to depression and suicidal ideation. If you’re struggling, call 988, the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.


Archive Page 134: Blessing Offor: “Brighter Days” Singer on Trusting God with Life’s Challenges

Nigerian-born singer and songwriter Blessing Offor immigrated to the United States when he was six years old, leaving his parents and five older siblings behind. His family made the difficult choice to send him to America for medical care because he was born with congenital glaucoma and was nearly blind in his left eye. A few years later a fluke accident left him almost totally blind in both eyes. It was a series of events that some might consider tragic, but Blessing Offor considers a gift. Blessing is an incredibly talented musician and songwriter, with songs like “Brighter Days,” “Tin Roof,” and “Believe.” If you’re in a place where your prayers don’t seem to be answered and it feels like everything has gone wrong, Blessing’s story might change your perspective.


Page 169: Dave Munson: From Missionary to Saddleback Leather CEO

When Dave Munson graduated from Bible college, he was sure of one thing: the most spiritual thing he could do was full-time ministry. Then Dave went to Mexico as a missionary and that’s where he purchased the leather bag that God used to change everything, including Dave’s pride-filled heart. Dave is the founder of Saddleback Leather Company, whose goal is to love people around the world by making excessively high-quality leather bags. How does a prideful missionary become a humble but super-successful CEO? That’s Dave Munson’s story.


Page 168: Jamie Winship: Identity and Hearing from God

Not long after Jamie Winship joined the police force, he realized he was not equipped to face the challenges on the streets of Washington DC. He needed supernatural help to live out his God-given identity as a peacemaker. Jamie learned how to listen to God. God gave him creative, often radical, solutions that transformed hardened criminals into followers of Jesus. His track record was so successful, he was recruited by the CIA. Jamie spent 30 years working in some of the most dangerous conflict zones on earth, including with terrorists in the Middle East. Jamie is the author of Living Fearless, and he and his wife Donna are the founders of


Archive Page 102: Tasha Layton: “Look What You’ve Done” Singer Talks About Searching for Hope and Finding Healing in Jesus

After experiencing dysfunction and hurt, Tasha Layton left church and set out on a search for truth. It was a long journey that led her back to Jesus. As a gifted worship leader, God opened doors in music but not what Tasha had imagined. She found herself on American Idol and touring the world as a backup singer for Katy Perry, before finding her home writing worship songs and books to help others experience the freedom she’s found in Jesus.


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Page 167: Iveth Luna: God’s Call, Closed Doors, and Finding Hope in the Midst of Depression

Iveth Luna is known as one of the rising new artists of today, writing songs that inspire people to worship Jesus. Although she had always secretly dreamed that she could be a worship leader, it wasn’t until she had a supernatural experience at 19 that she knew God was calling her to music. But then she experienced one crushing disappointment after another. In auditions for both The Voice and America’s God Talent, she came so close, only to experience heartbreak. It seemed God was closing every door. The disappointment she felt soon turned to depression and then questioning both God and herself.


NEW PODCAST called "Wow God Stories" - Subscribe today!

Hear the brand-new podcast called "Wow God Stories", with hosts, Lisa WIlliams and Ann Sorenson. This podcast reminds us of a God who is able, alive, and active in our lives. Click the link, or subscribe on Apple, Google, or Spotify today.


Page 166: Kevin “KB” Burgess: Finding Hope in Jesus Through Christian Hip Hop

Like many kids growing up on the south side of St. Petersburg, Florida, Kevin Burgess struggled with depression and hopelessness. After his parents’ divorce, he moved from a place where he felt safe, to a community where drugs and violence seemed to rule. He felt forgotten by society and had little hope of living to the age of 30. That’s when an acquaintance handed him a Christian hip-hop CD that changed his life. Kevin Burgess is better known by his stage name, KB. He is a Christian hip-hop artist, music executive, the author of Dangerous Jesus, and a man with a heart to shepherd the lost and hurting toward hope in Jesus.


Page 132: Katy Nichole: “In Jesus’ Name” Singer Shares the Story Behind the Song

The spinal surgery Katy Nichole underwent to correct scoliosis left her in excruciating pain. For three years she battled anxiety and depression. She came to a point where she wanted to give up, but God met Katy at her lowest and promised He had a purpose for her life. During those years of struggle Katy realized God had given her the gift of music so she could encourage others. Katy’s song, “In Jesus’ Name (God of Possible)” became a viral sensation and set a record for the fastest rise to #1 for a female artist’s debut single. In this episode, Katy shares the story behind the song and how she became convinced there is always hope with Jesus.


Archive Page 122: Toni Collier: Broken Crayons Still Color

When Toni Collier was young, her family experienced a traumatic event that forced her to grow up fast. She had to take control in order to ensure the survival of the people around her. It was a heavy burden and by the time she was a teen, that weight was too much. She set out on a path of destruction that included drinking, drugs, and toxic relationships. Even meeting Jesus didn’t really change her life. Real change didn’t happen until Toni was willing to surrender everything. Toni is the founder of Broken Crayons Still Color, a ministry that helps women know that God can redeem any story when we surrender it to him, and the author of “Brave Enough to be Broken.”


Archive Page 130: Ben Fuller: Songwriter’s Search for Love Leads to Jesus

In 2022, Ben Fuller was a singer and songwriter just beginning his career in Christian music. His song “Who I Am” has been played on stations around the country. He grew up on a dairy farm in Vermont as a well-liked kid who seemed to have it all together. But he always struggled to earn his father’s approval. On the inside, he felt an emptiness that left Ben searching for something to fill the hole. He tried relationships, alcohol, cocaine, and even “making it” in country music. With each new thing, he was left asking himself, “Is this it? Is THIS what life is all about?”


Page 165: Taylor & Lindsey Hohulin: Finding God’s Faithfulness Through Infertility

Infertility is more common than we might imagine. One in six couples struggles to conceive, and yet it can be a very lonely experience. Taylor and Lindsey Hohulin had always assumed they would have children. They were healthy and they came from families with lots of kids. So when they had trouble conceiving, it was surprising. Taylor and Lindsey have experienced the highs and lows of an infertility journey. They have been optimistic, disappointed, full of hope and full of grief. When you long for something so desperately, something that God says is good, how do you trust He is faithful even while your prayers seem to be unanswered?


Page 164: Jon Reddick: Singer/Songwriter on Pursuing Purpose and Trusting God’s Timing

Jon Reddick is a singer and worship leader who writes songs of hope and healing, like “God, Turn It Around” and “I Believe It.” There was a time when the hurts and hard parts of life left him questioning, is God’s plan always good? Would the dreams planted in Jon’s heart ever really happen? He seriously considered leaving music behind. But God used encounters with 2 strangers to affirm Jon’s purpose and change his life.


Page 163: Scott Spiezio: Former St. Louis Cardinal and World Series Champion Finds Freedom from Addiction

When it comes to addiction, freedom comes through surrender. Scott Spiezio had always been a “goal guy,” setting goals, working hard and finding success. The son of a major league baseball player, he grew up with his hopes set on playing in the big leagues. He won two World Series Championships with the Anaheim Angels and the St. Louis Cardinals in his 12 years in the major leagues. But an injury, a move away from the tight-knit community of believers that had surrounded him, and the pressures of great success led to the crumbling of his life and career.


Page 162: Scott Hamilton: Olympic Champion and Cancer Survivor on Trusting God

Scott Hamilton is one of the most recognized male figure skating stars in the world, winning four World Championships and Olympic gold in 1984. He is a three-time cancer survivor, television broadcaster, motivational speaker, and more. Scott says failure is the thing that has fueled much of his success. God used the challenge of Scott’s journey with cancer to get his attention and to grab his heart.