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Listen to Sunday messages from The Vine Church in downtown Fullerton, CA. We pray you’ll be encouraged and challenged by God through these sermons. For more information about our church, visit, or email

Listen to Sunday messages from The Vine Church in downtown Fullerton, CA. We pray you’ll be encouraged and challenged by God through these sermons. For more information about our church, visit, or email
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Listen to Sunday messages from The Vine Church in downtown Fullerton, CA. We pray you’ll be encouraged and challenged by God through these sermons. For more information about our church, visit, or email






Jesus Friended Me (John 15:9-17) Michael Swanson 2019-06-30

The God who spoke the cosmos into existence calls us his friends - and wants us to live out of that reality! Pastor Michael Swanson shared about his journey from God as "consultant" to "boss" to "friend" - a developmental trajectory many of us go through in our Christian life. He explored what it means to be a friend of God, and how to grow in this way of relating to God as an intimate friend.


Awakened (Rev. 3:1-3, 22:17) Michael Swanson 2019-06-23

It is sobering to realize you can be spiritually asleep, all the while thinking you're awake. Such was the situation of the church in Sardis that John delivers Jesus' message to in Revelation 3; and such is the situation in many of our lives. Pastor Michael Swanson explored how Jesus wants us to be spiritually awake, full of life, growing in relationship with him; and how every "wake up call" we receive in our lives is the call of love, an invitation to life.


The Trinity Leads Us to Worship | Mike McNichols | 2019-06-16

Dr. Mike McNichols joined us this Trinity Sunday, speaking about the "Threeness" and "Oneness" of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as a call to worship a Triune God.


Seeking God's Face (Luke 24:44-53, Acts 2:1-21) Michael Swanson 2019-06-09

On this Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Michael Swanson invited us to notice what was happening just BEFORE Pentecost (and, he noted, before many movements of God's Spirit throughout Church history): people were gathered to intentionally seek God's face. This is "presence" language, and we are invited to actively seek the manifest presence of God in our lives now, too - persistent and united in our waiting.


Christ's Ascension (Luke 24:44-53, Ephesians 1:15-23) Michael Swanson 2019-06-02

Pastor Michael Swanson talked this Ascension Sunday about one of the most important - and most overlooked! - events in Christian history: the Ascension of Christ. He talked about why it is important, and why it is such good news for us. Jesus ascending to heaven - God's dimension of reality - meant that he can now be present to us at all times and in all places!


The Resurrection: Past, Present, and Future (John 20:30-31, 21:24-25) Greg Ganssle

Dr. Greg Ganssle concluded out Easter series by talking about how Jesus' resurrection shapes our lives - our past, our present, and our future. We may have past wounds and "baggage" in that have shaped us, but we have the life of Jesus' resurrection in our "past" as well - and it gives us both hope for the future and life in the present.


"Peace Be With You" (John 20:19-23) Michael Swanson 2019-05-19

Jesus came to the disciples Easter evening, met them in their darkest hour, and offered them peace. He does the same for us; we serve a God who loves to come to us in our darkest moments and offer us his presence. In our most anxious moments, he wants to bring us peace. Pastor Michael unpacked this passage in John 20 and how it connects with our anxious world today.


When God's Mercy Meets Our Failure (John 21:1-17) Michael Swanson 2019-05-12

Continuing our Easter season series about the true life Jesus' Resurrection makes possible, Michael Swanson talked this week about one "roadblock" to experiencing that abundant life: failure. He asked the question, "What happens when the mercy of God meets your failure?" Looking at the "denial" of both Judas and Peter, we noticed their different responses, and how one led to death while the other led to restoration - to life. We saw Jesus paying attention to what Peter needed - and the...


The Resurrection and the Life (John 11:17-27) Michael Swanson 2019-05-05

In this season of Easter, we are continuing to explore how Jesus came to bring life. Wherever Jesus goes, resurrection happens. We looked at Lazarus' resurrection and Martha's conversation with Jesus in John 11, and how he IS the life we are looking for. Death doesn't have the last word - Jesus conquered death on our behalf so that we might know LIFE.


True Life (John 10:1-10) Michael Swanson 2019-04-28

On this second Sunday of the Easter season, we continued to explore the true, abundant life Jesus brings through the Resurrection. We looked at some of the metaphors Jesus used for himself in John 10, including being the Shepherd and the Door for the sheep - and how the shepherd's voice is always for life (while the Thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy).


Good Friday (Isaiah 53:4-6) Michael Swanson 2019-04-19

When you think of the cross, what comes to mind for you? In this Good Friday service, we got to look at the "Great Exchange" that was made by Jesus that day: our guilt for his forgiveness, our woundedness for his healing... our death for his life. We have a God who enters our pain, who carries our sorrows. The message of the cross is that if you come to Jesus for this great exchange, you can know peace with God your Creator - real, objective peace with the God of the Universe.


Easter Sunday (Luke 24:1-12) Michael Swanson 2019-04-21

The first Easter didn't start with celebration - it didn't start with joy. Instead, it began with confusion, with bewilderment. So, if you don't know what to do with this whole resurrection, you are in wonderful company; because Jesus' closest friends - his most committed followers - were actually completely bewildered that first Easter morning! Pastor Michael Swanson talks about what made the difference for them, and invites us to see the incredibly good news of the reality, the...


Palm Sunday (Luke 19:28-40) Dr. Tony Baron 2019-04-14

Dr. Tony Baron invited us to use our imagination to consider what the celebration on Palm Sunday would have felt like as the people welcomed in their liberator. He talked about the Preparation, Procession, and Passion of Jesus, the King of Peace - and how so many missed him then... and how so many miss him today in this "time of visitation", too.


Getting "Un-Stuck" (Isaiah 43:16-21) Michael Swanson 2019-04-07

Do you ever feel "stuck" spiritually? Pastor Michael Swanson invites us to look at the God who makes a way forward - as we remember what he has already done, and open ourselves to what "new thing" (Is. 43:19) he may be doing in our present reality.


Anxiety, Depression, and the Faithfulness of God (1 Kings 19:1-9)Michael Swanson 2019-03-31

As we journey with Jesus in the wilderness - a place of focus and preparation, but also often a time of trial and hardship - we can sometimes find ourselves struggling with fear, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. How do we journey WITH GOD through those things? Michael Swanson looked at the life of Elijah (a man like us - James 5:17), who struggled with many of these same things - and how he was cared for and called to LIFE in the midst of his fear and anguish.


God's Love in the Desert (Isaiah 43:1-7) Nigel Morris 2019-03-24

Sharing vulnerably from his own experience, Nigel Morris spoke about when things go wrong - where God's love is when we find ourselves in a desert season. Nigel suggested we have become so accustomed to the cross, we often fail to see it as the "irresponsible love of God" that it is.


God's Presence in the Desert (Exodus 33:1-18) Michael Swanson 2019-03-17

Last week, we spent time with Jesus in the desert. This week, we continued to look at what God is up to in desert seasons by spending some time with Moses in the desert. Pastor Michael Swanson brought out the intensity of the Israelites' time of waiting for the Promised Land, and how when it was finally offered - but at the exclusion of God's presence with them - Moses said, "No deal". And God honored this hunger for God's presence, going with them and giving them rest.


Streams in the Desert (Isaiah 43:16-21, Luke 4:1-13) Michael Swanson 2019-03-10

How do you navigate a spiritual "desert" season? What is God up to in those times? Michael Swanson looked at Jesus' 40 days in the desert and how it mirrors much of our own "desert" experience. This was the first Sunday of the 40-day Lent season (modeled itself after Jesus' time in the wilderness), and Michael asked very honest questions and temptations that might come up in a season like this.


Prayer That Doesn't Give Up (1 Samuel 1:1-20) Michael Swanson 2019-03-03

Michael Swanson asks us the question, "Have we settled for the way things are?", looking at the life of Hannah in 1 Samuel, chapter 1. Hannah refused to give up, but instead took a stand and leaned further into prayer, desperate for God to "show up". We were invited to go "all in" like Hannah, looking to God to awaken a "sleepy" church.


Send Revival, Start With Me (Judges 6-7) Michael Swanson 2019-02-24

Michael Swanson spoke about our church's vision this week - seeing our city transformed by the Love of Christ - and how that begins with transformation in each of our own individual lives. He spoke about the cycle we see in Judges, of a whole people group going through the cycle of spiritual decline and then revival - looking especially at the life of Gideon as one person who was transformed, and how that led to the transformation of an entire people.