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Jacinta Percy | Journeys with Voice

“Go into the unknown. Be in the unknown in every moment… I am constantly teaching myself how to be in that space in every moment, with every person I meet along the way.” Jacinta is a sound weaver, a teacher, a facilitator. She talks about her journey with voice. Throughout her life she has worked with many instruments, but the voice is the instrument that creates the deepest resonance for her. She shares about trust and safety, the stories that play out inside of us, and how we need to...


Nique Murch | Celebrating Absurdity

This really was a unique (read: absurd) service. From the get go things were set for hilarity. A stage of trivial calamities: Nique happened to be specifically allergic to the decorative autumn foliage, our soy candles too; there also featured one delightfully anxious dog. As such, apologies for the abrupt conclusion of this podcast, said dog intervened with the mic and called “cut” on our recording. Humour is everywhere! Nique trained in physical theatre in Paris in the 80's. Other...


Season 4 | A compilation

An adventure through the realms of human experience – from hope to burn out, from grief to a sense of home-coming. A longing for joy permeates these tales: adventures in trusting strangers, dancing in the rain, and the ridiculousness of Peter Gleeson's choir. Each story is a thread that unravels the humble mysteries of being alive.


Henry Churchill leads the Joys and Sorrows

A moment in time, of reverence and aliveness, at The Weekly Service. This beautiful and short piece captures some of the joys and sorrows humans were feeling on 14th October 2017. For no other reason than to remind ourselves we all experience the the profound and the horrendous. The beautiful and the painful. Stay to the end for the 'bonus track'...


Todd Gillen | On Awe an the Sacred

As a child, Fox Gillen's visits to the vaulted ceilings of his local church were filled with bouts of awe that stilled his frayed nerves and sent tingles shivering down his spine. He felt himself in the presence of god. All that changed on one particular day, when his religious faith dropped away. Since then he has spent most of his life searching for ideas and theories of god that match what he feels and his experience of his own spirituality. As a professional archaeologist, he has spent...


Bobbi Allen | Finding Stillness Inaction

Passionate about spiritual practice and positive societal change, Bobbi connected the two in 1984 when she read Joanna Macy’s first ‘Work that Reconnects’ book by torchlight in a tent in a rainforest on a meditation retreat. Since then Bobbi’s quest has been connection – linking nature, the personal, social and political. It has been a lifelong quest to create a culture of sustainable activism. After studying then teaching insight meditation and ‘engaged Buddhism’ for over 30 years,...


Abe Nouk | Catalysing A Creative Rebellion

Abe Nouk is a poet, a community educator, a mentor and a humble human being with an infectious sense of gratitude. In this Weekly Service podcast he talks about his journey to Australia - fleeing civil war in Sudan with his mother and siblings - and his journey to creativity and gratitude as a way of unravelling the numbness and trauma he grew up with. He talks about discovering how important it is to be 'available for life', and his daily appreciation of the lavish freedom of living in a...


Haley Peckham | Poster Girl For Neuroplasticity

Haley's story begins with ordinary, yet tragic miscommunication, journeys through self-harming and feeling crazy, then having successful psychotherapy. Her story, or at least the telling of it, ends with her becoming a molecular neuroscientist and realising that her super neuroplastic brain and body had adapted in meaningful ways to the experiences she had, for better and for worse. Haley explores how early experiences biologically shape our anticipations of love and the world, and what...


The Healing Power of Connection

Few people pull themselves back from the destruction wreaked by drug addiction. Fewer still have the strength and courage to openly share the guilt, shame and sadness they experienced in such a public forum. But this is exactly how Jimmy rescued himself - by sharing his whole self - the radiant beauty and dark ugliness - with others and forging connections that were stronger than his addiction. His lesson is relevant for all of us for we all feel the ache of disconnection, we just numb it...


Adam Murray on Crisis and Transition

"I am here to explore the mystery and wonder of existence through love. Love of myself through consciousness and wellbeing. Love of others through connection, conversation and compassion. Love of my planet and universe and all the beings and objects they contain through understanding my context, through creation, contribution and compassion." Adam Murray's daily mantra. Adam tells three beautiful, heart-wrenching and deeply personal stories of life situations that left him feeling pain,...


On Self: 'Dear Self' by Luke Hockley

Luke, a wonderful human being who helps people and organisations tell their story, talks to The Weekly Service about his 'Dear Self' project. Refusing to define himself through negative words labelled on him from an early age, Luke has been on a long journey to create a narrative of 'yes, I can do that'. His 'Dear Self' project daily exposes Luke's vulnerabilities and real self, which both acts as personal development and therapy for Luke, and inspires others to reveal their authentic...


Michelle Dabrowski on Poetic Alchemy for Self-Actualisation

Our storyteller this week is Michelle Dabrowski, a true renaissance woman. Michelle is an Entrepreneurial Artist-Activist, Writer, Speaker, Arts Educator, Producer, Vocalist and founder of Montreal Throw Poetry Collective, Slamalamadingdong, and Crescent: A Course for Creative Visionaries. Michelle’s mission is to resource people with the tools they need to become their best selves and serve the world. We were lucky enough to have Michelle share a few of these tools as well as an original...

Floating in a sea of parents

Lina tells her story of rejecting parenthood for practical and ethical reasons. A personal, passionate and articulate take to help us ponder on parenting, and ultimately how we're living our lives.