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16: "What we can learn on leadership from Andrew Fuller" w/ Dr. Michael Haykin

This week, Dr. Michael Haykin (professor of church history and Biblical spirituality at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) and I chat about the life and leadership legacy of Andrew Fuller. If you are unfamiliar Andrew Fuller, prepare to learn a lot and to be challenged by his short, powerful life. Would you do two huge things for me? 1) Rate and review me on Itunes. 2) Sign up for my "Read like a Boss" newsletter [by going...


15: "Memes for Jesus, Platform Building, Content Creating and Haters" w/ Michael Schaffer

I sit down with the founder of Memes for Jesus, Michael Schaffer and we talk about how to build your platform, creating content regularly (and without burnout) and dealing with haters. I awkwardly call Michael "The Da Vinci of Memes." I don't think it will catch on but I left it in so you can laugh at me, which Michael recommends for us to do as leaders. Check out: * Memes for Jesus on [Facebook]( and the [Interwebs and...


14: "Breaking Binary Thinking and Finding the Hidden Option" w/ Jonathan Malm

In this month's bonus episode, I sit down with Jonathan Malm (founder of Church Stage Design Ideas and; author of The Hidden Option and co-author of The Come Back Effect) to talk about how we can find hidden options when it seems like there are only two options available. Jonathan helps us get out of our binary way of thinking and teaches us how to think biblically about our limitations. Check out: * Jonathan's websites [Church Stage Design...


13: "Leadership Lessons from the Apostle Paul and His Team" w/ Dr. Ryan Lokkesmoe

I sit down with Dr. Ryan Lokkesmoe (Lead Pastor of Real Hope Community Church in the Houston area, a church he helped plant in 2016). We talk about his new book published by Moody Publication called [Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership and Influence]( Check out: * Dr....


12: "How the Gospel Influences our Leadership" w/ Pastor Will Basham

Will Basham (lead pastor at [New Heights Church]( talks with me about how the Gospel has influenced his leadership at his growing, multi-site church in West Virginia. * If you are a pastor or are part of a parachurch organization, you should check out our sponsor [Ministry Assistant Services.]( offer virtual assistant help, taking care of those tasks that suck up your time and leave you exhausted. They can do it all at...


11: "Revelations of Love: What Leaders can Learn from Julian of Norwich" w/ Veronica Mary Rolf

Author and scholar Veronica Mary Rolf, sits down with me and discusses what we can learn from the life and revelations of Julian of Norwich. We talk about whether we can trust the mystics, what Julian's revelations were all about, the love of God, and how Julian can inspire both me and women in Christian leadership today. Hey, can you do THREE huge things for me? 1) Rate and review my podcast on Itunes. It helps me out a lot when you do that. 2) Sign up for my monthly "Read like a Boss"...


10: "Should We Rethink Seminary?" w/ Dr. John Frame

In part two of my conversation with Dr. John Frame (professor emeritus of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary Orlando) we talk about the need to rethink how we do seminary education. If you are a member of the local church, you have a role to play in training future leaders. You don't want to miss this important episode. Check out our sponsor [Ministry Assistant Services.]( They provide amazing virtual assistant help at unbeatable prices. They...


9: Leadership from Three Perspectives with Dr. John M. Frame

In part one in our conversation, Dr. John Frame (professor Emeritus at Reformed Theological Seminary) talks about how to think about leadership from three perspectives. He also teaches us how to think tri-perspectivally about all of life. * Check out our sponsor [Ministry Assistant Services.]( Schedule a free consultation and they can help you deal with those pesky administrative tasks that are sucking up the time you could be using to preparing to...


8: Witnessing in a Post-Christian Society

This week, Cas Monaco (Executive Director of Gospel in Culture at CRU) and I talk about how to witness to others about Christ in a post-Christian society. Society has changed and Cas helps us navigate what exactly that means for us as Christians. * Check out our sponsors [Ministry Assistant Services]( They can help your church and parachurch ministry in exciting ways and for a price that fits almost any church budget. * Also, [sign up for my "Read Like a...


7: How to Engage Culture Wisely with Doug Ponder

This week, Doug Ponder and I talk about culture, writing, reading and the so-called "culture wars." Doug gives us so much practical that you will want to listen and re-listen to make sure you get everything. Make sure you check out our sponsor, [Ministry Assistant Services]( They offer amazing virtual assistant help for church and parachurch ministries of any size. Doug has written a ton of articles at the Intersect Project and you can [read them...