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Welcome to the Official Think Atheist Radio Show!

Welcome to the Official Think Atheist Radio Show!
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Welcome to the Official Think Atheist Radio Show!




Episode 89 Dr. Jeremy Koons DEC 16, 2012

This week on Think Atheist Radio we have our chat with Dr. Jeremy Koons. Dr. Koons received his BA in the philosophy of religion from Virigina's Hampden-Sydney College, graduating Summa Cum Laude, before receiving a PhD in philosophy, with distinction, from Georgetown University. He has held positions at Auburn University, the American University of Beirut, Hong Kong University, and Massachusetts' Stonehill College. Dr. Koons is now an associate professor of philosophy at Georgetown...


Episode 88 Dr. Addy Pross DEC 9, 2012

A distinguished chemist and co-author of the acclaimed Pross-Shaik model, Dr. Pross received both his BSc and PhD from the University of Sydney. He did his postdoctoral work at Kings College, London and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem before taking a position at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel where he was ultimately made Professor of Chemistry. Even while maintaining his position at Ben-Gurion University (indeed, while serving as the Chair of the Chemistry Department) he has...


Episode 87 Dr. George Church DEC 2, 2012

Dr. Church performed his undergraduate studies in Chemistry and Zoology at Duke University before moving on to Harvard University for his MA and PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is now a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work has led to advancements in the next generation of genome sequencing and synthesis of cell and tissue engineering, with the...


Episode 86 Dr. Peter M. Hoffmann NOV 25, 2012

Dr. Hoffmann did his undergrad work in physics and mathematics at Technische Universität Clausthal in Germany before receiving an MS in physics at Southern Illinois University and a PhD in materials science and engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Previously a Research Fellow at Oxford University, he is a Professor of Physics and an Associate Dean at Michigan's Wayne State University. One of the founders of Wayne State's Biomedical Physics Program, he conducts research in the...


Episode 85 Dr. John Allen Paulos NOV 18, 2012

Dr. Paulos received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin and is now a professor of that same subject at Temple University. Mathematical logic and probability has been the focus of of his academic work and the subject of many scholarly papers. The recipient in 2003 of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Award for Promoting the Public Understanding of Science and Technology, Dr. Paulos has been a long time contributor to print, radio, and television...


Episode 84 Dr. Paul Cliteur NOV 11, 2012

Dr. Cliteur is a legal and ethical philosopher and Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He's well known in the Netherlands as a columnist and writer with strong opinions on a host of issues including religion, politics, animal rights, and multi-culturalism. He has published numerous journal articles on topics relevant to his interests and areas of expertise. The President of the Humanist Association of the Netherlands from 1993 - 1995, Dr. Cliteur is...


Episode 83 Dr. Kathleen Taylor NOV 4, 2012

Dr. Taylor is a freelance science writer affiliated with the Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics at Oxford University where she does her postdoctoral work in cognitive neuroscience. After studying physiology and philosophy at the University of Oxford she moved on to Stirling University where she received a research Masters of Science (MSc) working on neuro-chemistry before ultimately returning to Oxford for her PhD in visual neuroscience. Her interests center on belief formation...


Episode 82 Dr. Joe Nickell OCT 28, 2012

Dr. Nickell received his MA and PhD from the University of Kentucky, concentrating on folklore and on literary investigations. He is a well-known skeptic and investigator of the paranormal with a career going on 40 years. The main character in the 1997 movie The Reaping starring Hilary Swank is loosely based on Dr. Nickell– indeed, he consulted on set for the filmmakers. He has made multiple appearances on Point of Inquiry, has been on numerous television programs including Bill Maher’s...


Episode 81 Dr. Christopher French OCT 21, 2012

Dr. French is a Professor of psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London where he teaches courses on the psychology of paranormal beliefs and of ostensible paranormal experiences. He is the founder and head of that institution’s Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit where research into these beliefs and the claims of paranormal experiences is conducted. Dr. French is the Special Adviser to and former Editor-in-Chief of The Skeptic magazine, the UK’s premier and longest-running...


Episode 80 Dr. John W. Reich OCT 14, 2012

Dr. Reich was educated at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Colorado. First engaging in psychological research, the then moved to teaching, first at the University of Oklahoma but then moving to the University of Arizona. He is now Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Arizona and the Associate Dean for Research at that institution’s College of Public Programs. His research interests include using social psychology theory to investigate adult interactions and...


Episode 79 Dr. Massimo Pigliucci OCT 7, 2012

This week on Think Atheist Radio we feature our chat with Dr. Massimo Pigliucci. Dr. Pigluicci is the Department of Philosophy Chair at the City University New York- Lehman College. A double PhD– one from biology from the University of Connecticut and one in the philosophy of science from the University of Tennessee– plus a doctorate in genetics from the University of Ferrara, Italy, he is a prominent skeptic, atheist, and critic of Intelligent Design/creationism and a proponent of...


Episode 78 Ms. Katherine Stewart SEP 30, 2012

This week on Think Atheist Radio we feature our chat with Ms. Katherine Stewart. Ms. Stewart is a journalist. She began her career at The Village Voice and has written for Newsweek International, Rolling Stone, and Marie Claire. After publishing two books on parenting in the modern age she was moved to research and author a new book, published recently, on the Good News Club. The Good News Club: The Christian Right's Stealthy Assault on America's Children exposes the reality of the Christian...


Episode 77 Dr. Carlos Calle SEP 23, 2012

Dr. Calle is the founder and lead of the Electrostatics and Physics Laboratory at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. A PhD in theoretical nuclear physics from Ohio University, his research interests center on electrostatic phenomenon on the surface of planets– when static electricity builds up and discharges on a rover on the surface of another planet it can mean the end of the mission right then and there! He is the author of 4 popular level science books; Einstein For Dummies; Superstrings and...


Episode 76 Dr. Theodore Schick SEP 16, 2012

Dr. Schick received his B.A. from Harvard and his PhD in Philosophy from Brown University. He is a Professor of Philosophy at Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College while serving as the Director of the Muhlenberg Scholars Program. He has a place on the editorial board of the philosophy journal Philo and has published repeatedly on the nature of knowledge, reality, and value. His main interests include the philosophy of mind and science plus biomedical ethics. He has authored or co-authored...


Episode 75 Dr. David Montgomery SEP 9, 2012

Dr. Montgomery is a Professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle. He leads that school’s Geomorphological Research Group and is a member of the Quaternary Research Center. He has a B.S. in geology from Stanford University and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in geomorphology. His research interests center around the evolution of topography and how changes in landforms influence ecological systems and human societies. Dr. Montgomery,...


Episode 74 Ms. Jen McCreight SEP 2, 2012

Ms. McCreight is an aspiring biologist, an activist, speaker, and blogger. She graduated from Purdue University with a double major in Genetics and Evolution plus a minor in Psychology. While at Purdue she co-founded the Society of Non-Theists, for which she served as President for 3 years. She now does research at an ecological genetics lab while looking forward to working on her PhD in Genome Sciences. Her activism is focused on atheism, feminism, diversity, and LGBT issues. Ms. McCreight...


Episode 73 Dr. Rebecca Goldstein AUG 26, 2012

Dr. Goldstein graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College then received her PhD in Philosophy from Princeton University. While working for her PhD she was awarded both the National Science Foundation Fellowship and the Whiting Foundation Fellowship. She has taught courses in philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, and more. Dr. Goldstein is the recipient of numerous awards for her work including the National Jewish Book Award, the Edward Lewis Wallant Award,...


Episode 72 Mr. Matthew Hutson AUG 19, 2012

Mr. Hutson uses his Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University and Master’s in Science Writing from MIT to do just that: write about science. For 4 years ending in 2010 the News Editor of the excellent Psychology Today, he has seen his writing published in The New York Times, Wired, Discover, and Popular Mechanics, just to name a few. Mr. Hutson’s recently published book, The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking, describes how evolved cognitive short cuts and biases...


Episode 71 Dr. Caleb Scharf AUG 12, 2012

A Cambridge University Astronomy PhD, Dr. Scharf did his postdoctoral work at the Space Telescope Science Institute and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He is now the Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University. His areas of research include the study of exo-planets and exo-moons plus an answer to the question of what sort of environments would support life elsewhere. His Life, Unbounded blog on the Scientific American network always makes for interesting reading. We asked Dr....


Episode 70 Mr. David Niose AUG 5, 2012

A lawyer, after being on the American Humanist Association’s Board of Directors beginning in 2005 he was named that organization’s president in 2009. While with the AHA he has worked on promoting humanism while developing and implementing a legal strategy shifting the thrust of cases of religious discrimination away from the Establishment Clause as the overarching issue to simple equal rights. Mr. Niose has appeared on and in numerous media outlets from the BBC, FOX News, The National...