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Reclaiming what's holy about our humanity - a weekly podcast with Steve Wiens.

Reclaiming what's holy about our humanity - a weekly podcast with Steve Wiens.
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Reclaiming what's holy about our humanity - a weekly podcast with Steve Wiens.




Episode 175 | What Do you Want?

There is an ache that accompanies the season of Advent, and it is related to the invitation that Avent gives us: to name what we're deeply longing for - in our own lives and also in the world. This is easier said than done. In this episode, I name the three most common questions that come up as it relates to naming what we really long for, and I differentiate between the longings that are impermanent and the longings that don't go away. Enjoy! Check out the show notes for links to three...


Episode 174 | Getting Back At It

On today's episode, I talked about the unique challenges - and invitations - that come when you decide to get back at something that you haven't done for a really long time. I offered four questions that will hopefully encourage you as you go about the business of doing something that feels scary. Enjoy!


Episode 173 | Advent with Ruth Haley Barton

I talked with Ruth Haley Barton about how the season of Advent - the four weeks leading up to Christmas - helps us connect with our deepest longings for what needs to be made right in our own souls, and also in the world. I also announced that we're releasing five exclusive Advent episodes which will only be available to Patreon supporters. Click here to become a Patreon supporter and get those bonus Advent episodes. Check out this episode's show notes for more information about Ruth Haley...


Episode 172 | Piles

On today's episode, I talked about how my wife's mad organizational skills helped me to see how out of balance my life was, and how I am slowly getting back on track.


Episode 171 | What are you supposed to do with those lemons?

In this episode, I talk about how to change your perspective and find joy even when you are suffering through circumstances that aren't changing.


Episode 170 | An Alternative to Pushing Through

On this episode, I talked about what to do when you've been going, and going and going..... but you don't know how to stop, and you don't know how to do it any other way. Enjoy.


Episode 169 | Finding Holy in the Suburbs with Ashley Hales

Ashley Hales is the author Finding Holy in the Suburbs: Living Faithfully in the Land of Too Much. Check out the Shownotes for more information about Ashley, her book and how to connect with her.


Episode 168 | Reflections on Oscar Romero on the Eve of his Sainthood

Archbishop Oscar Romero is being canonized as a Saint by the Catholic Church on Sunday, October 18, 2018. In this episode, I share some reflections on his life and also how we can follow his lead in these times of violence, bitterness, and division in our country. For more on Oscar Romero, check out this episode's Show Notes.


Episode 167 | Angsty Book Proposals with Erin Lane

Erin Lane is one of my favorite human beings, and if you listen, you'll know why. If you don't listen, you don't deserve good things. Find out more about Erin on the show notes. Enjoy!


Episode 166 | A Flexible Faith with Bonnie Kristian

Bonnie Kristian is a theological and political writer who had columns and bylines at publications including The Week, Rare, Time, CNN, Relevant, Politico, The Hill, ReKnew, and The American Conservative. You can find out more about Bonnie, her new book, and how to get in touch with her by going to this episode's Show Notes. Enjoy!


Episode 165 | Raise Your Voice with Kathy Khang

Kathy Khang is the author of Raise Your Voice: Why We Stay Silent and How to Speak Up. She wrote it to challenge and encourage everyone to find and use their influence to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Find out more about Kathy on this episodes Show Notes. Enjoy!


Episode 164: Live at Art House North with Tov Music and Shawn Smucker

Check out the Show Notes to find out more about Shawn Smucker and his incredible books, and Tov Music and their breathtaking music.


Episode 163 | Learning to Speak God from Scratch with Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt is the author of the brand new book Learning to Speak God from Scratch, and he's also published more than 3500 articles in outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Buzfeed, and many more. To find out more about Jonathan and to link to the content we discussed in this episode, check out the Show Notes. Enjoy the podcast!


Episode 162 | The Unlikely Seminarian with Dan Cook

Dan is a good friend of mine who hosts a brand new podcast called The Unlikely Seminarian. Check it out! And check out this episode's Show Notes for links to all the great stuff we mentioned in the podcast. Enjoy.


Episode 161 | Now

On today's podcast, I talked about mindfulness. And an eye injury. And a walk in the woods. And asking for help. Enjoy, my friends! In this episode: I mentioned Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh I want to give you free books! Click here for a chance to get SIX FREE BOOKS all from guests I've recently interviewed (or will interview very soon): The Eternal Current by Aaron Niequist Learning to Speak God From Scratch by Jonathan Merritt Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker I'm Still...


Episode 160 | The Eternal Current with Aaron Niequist

Aaron Niequist is the author of the brand new book, The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save us From Drowning. When the limits of his own faith experience left him feeling spiritually empty, Aaron determined God must have a wider vision for worship and community. In his search, Aaron discovered that there was historical Christian precedent for enacting faith in a different way, an ancient and now future way of believing. He calls this third way "practice-based faith." This...


Episode 159 | Experiments in Honesty with Steve Daugherty

Steve Daugherty is a pastor and counselor, and his most recent book is called Experiments in Honesty. Visit the ShowNotes page for more information about Steve Daugherty and his work. Enjoy!


Episode 158 | The Spiritual Legacy of Madeleine L'Engle with Sarah Arthur

Sarah Arthur has just released A Light So Lovely: The Spiritual Legacy of Madeleine L'Engle, Author of A Wrinkle in Time, and it's gorgeous! I loved this conversation about Madeleine, who is one of my very favorite authors. For links to all of the content we discussed in the podcast, please visit the show notes page. Enjoy!


Episode 157 | Rethinking Incarceration with Dominique Gilliard

In Rethinking Incarceration, Dominique Gilliard explores the history and foundation of mass incarceration, examining Christianity’s role in its evolution and expansion. He assesses our nation’s ethic of meritocratic justice in light of Scripture and exposes the theologies that embolden mass incarceration. Gilliard then shows how Christians can pursue justice that restores and reconciles, offering creative solutions and highlighting innovative interventions. God's justice is ultimately...


Episode 156 | I'm Still Here with Austin Channing Brown

Austin Channing Brown is a writer, speaker, and practitioner who helps schools, nonprofits, and religious organizations practice genuine inclusion. Her writing has appeared in outlets like Christianity Today, Relevant, Sojourners, and The Christian Century. Austin Channing-Brown's new book, I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness has quickly become the book everybody is talking about, and it's well-earned. In story after story what it's like to live as a black woman in a...