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Two best friends host weekly topics from a Pagan/Witch perspective. We'll talk about our personal experiences and share some knowledge that we've picked up along the way. Recorded in Bremerton, WA and Tacoma, WA

Two best friends host weekly topics from a Pagan/Witch perspective. We'll talk about our personal experiences and share some knowledge that we've picked up along the way. Recorded in Bremerton, WA and Tacoma, WA
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Two best friends host weekly topics from a Pagan/Witch perspective. We'll talk about our personal experiences and share some knowledge that we've picked up along the way. Recorded in Bremerton, WA and Tacoma, WA




TW!P Ep. 18 Raising a Pagan Family Pt. 1

This week, Angela and I begin part 1 of our Pagan Family series. This episode is all about getting the kids involved. How do we make things fun, while also instilling lessons that they'll remember? How do we handle our kids spilling the beans and blabbing about us hiding in the broom closet? Why aren't kids included in a lot of the local Pagan rituals and/or ceremonies? We'll address all these questions today. We'll also talk about those how to handle those awkward conversations about sex,...


TW!P Ep 17 Busting Through The Stereotypes

Oh Goddess, we've all been there, at one time or another. There you are, minding your own damn business and someone asks you if you sacrifice animals, or if you worship the Devil. Today, Angela and I are tackling some of the most outrageous things we've heard since stepping out of the broom closet. We've got some stories from our fans and we'll share some juicy tidbits from our personal lives. The gist of the story; People can be pretty take it with a grain of salt!


TW!P Ep Winter Solstice & Yule

Ever wonder where the decorations really came from? Yep, they're Pagan traditions! We're gonna tell ya what they're used for and why we use them. Angela and I have some updates for you guys, and some really great upcoming events. More importantly, we know this time of year is hard, so if you're struggling, please reach out! Don't hesitate to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Love, Hugs & Blessed Be!


TW!P Ep 15 - Back to the Basics

Ladies and Gentlemen, class is in session! We're bringing back that old time, Pagan traditions this week. We've received a lot of questions from some Witches who are newly awakening and just discovering their path. So, for those who are starting out, we're talking about the beginner stuff. From Altars and shrines, to Athames and Wands, Casting a Sacred Circle and Calling the Corners. We reflect on the past week and Janie learns a lesson about not letting her boundaries turn into walls,...


TW!P Ep 14 Familiars, Totem Animals and Spirit Animals

What's a familiar? What's the difference between a Spirit Animal and a Totem Animal? Well, we're gonna explain it to you today. Angela and I discuss our technical difficulties over the past couple of days, but we persisted and didn't let it stop us from recording this podcast! So, screw you, Mercury in Retrograde!


TW!P Ep 13 - Herbs & Stones of Protection

This week, my beautiful co-host and I are talking about herbs & stones for protection. We’ll cover some of our tried and true herbs/stones and some that surprised us both. We reflect on Reader and Healer practices that just don’t jive with us, while reiterating ALWAYS TRUST YOUR OWN INTUITION. If you get a bad vibe from a reader or healer, it’s OK to walk out. We have some event announcements. (Ohio peeps, this one’s for you!) Angela and I answer a question from one of our AMAZING group...


TW!P Episode 12 How To Clean Your Tool

No, not THAT tool! Get your mind out of the gutter! Today, we're talking about our Magical Tools. We’ve got the information you need (and requested) about cleansing your sacred space. We got you covered with a nice list of which herbs, resins and sticks you can use, how to use it and how NOT to use it. We are preparing for the superbowl of food on Thursday! Angela and I will catch up with what's been going on the last 7 days and we blame everything on Mercury in Retrograde. I mean,...


TW!P Episode 11 - Tools of Divination

This week on Those Witches! Podcast, we're talking about Tools of Divination. What is Divination? Well, we've got the answers! We'll talk about Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, different types of Scrying, casting bones and of course, Pendulums! We've also got the down low on some upcoming local events. This weeks reflections are, ironically ones that we've had's a patient!


TW!P Episode 10 - The Elements - Pt. 2 (Water & Earth)

This week, we're finishing up our chapter on the Elements, with Water and Earth. Why are they important? Because without them, you will die. Literally. We're talking about burying our hex boxes, honoring Earth and the many different ways to work with Water. From stones, to herbs, and Gods and Goddesses, we'll tell you who goes where. We're still pushing our listeners to get out and VOTE! Today is the day. Have your voice heard. We've got a couple of really cool announcements and I'll tell...


TW!P Episode 9 - The Elements Pt 1 (Fire & Air)

We're beginning our discussion on the Elements. This week, Angela is going to talk to us about Fire & Janie's going to cover the Element of Air. We'll spend some time reflecting on the last week, the lessons we learned and what we can do to deal with it and move on. Angela's got an update on her business and I'm so exited for her! Angela's topic about knob candles cracks me up and I get the giggles. We've got a shout out to our listeners in other countries around the world and we've got an...


TW!P Episode 8 - Samhain, Ancestral Altars and Death

This week on Those Witches, we’re discussing Samhain and honoring those who have passed away. We’ll also talk to you about how we decorate our Ancestral Altars. And since we were already on the subject of death, we’ll talk about the grieving process and how there is no “wrong” way to grieve for a loved one. Our events list is updated, and we’ll get the details from Angela on her experience at Hecate’s Sickle this year.


TW!P Episode 7 Reiki Healing, Letting Go and Cutting Those Toxic Cords

The episode that almost never happened! Technical difficulties, be damned...we persisted. Today, Angela visits me, here in Bremerton before her trek to Hecate’s Sickle. That’s right, y’all! My favorite Witch is in the studio (aka, the dining room) with me today, talking about Reiki. What is it? How does it work? Is this shit for real? We’ll also talk about letting go of things that are no longer serving us and are only weighing us down. Janie’s got a special offer for group members to help...


TW!P Episode 06 Living In The Shadows

Today, Angela and I speak with a special guest (Lady Rose). We’ll be talking about living in an area that isn’t Pagan-friendly and how having a great support system can help combat some of the loneliness. We discuss how some schools are still, illegally, indoctrinating students just because it’s considered “the norm”. We’ve got some announcements on upcoming events and we’ll brag a little bit about our first 5 star review on iTunes! If you found this podcast and like it and would like to...


TWD Episode 5 - A Million Little Stigmas

If you or someone you know is experiencing a suicidal crisis, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK This week, Angela and I talk about the stigma that surrounds suicide and mental illness. We’ll discuss the symptoms of PTSD and Anxiety Disorders, and discuss a few of the different kinds of treatments for them. We’ll also tackle some of the Facts and Myths surrounding Suicide and how grief doesn’t always look the same on everyone. Please treat those of us, who...


TWP Episode 04 Which Witch is Which?

**Proceed with caution, this episode may cause triggers, as it does mention physical and sexual abuse.** The most real and straight up, uncensored episode we’ve ever done. You have been warned. This week, we are talking about the differences between a few of the different “flavors” of Paganism, Wicca & Witchcraft. We’ll also explain the differences between Voodoo and Hoodoo. Janie’s Rant of the Week almost makes her go postal and Angela’s rant clears up some confusion that many people have...


TWP Episode 03 Mojo Bags, Graveyard Dirt & Goofers Dust, OH MY!

Today, Angela will open our eyes to the magical world of Hoodoo, an African-American folk beleif that was born in the South Eastern region of the United States. We'll discuss Mojo bags, graveyard dirt and the very dark territory of Goofer Dust. Use all knowledge at your own risk and always practice safe hex! We'll also talk about our rant of the week and why it's so damn hard to meet people in the magical community.


TWP Episode 2 Being An Empath

Today, we talk about Empaths. Is being an empatha Blessing or a Curse? Both? We'll answer that questions, along with how to know if you are an empath. How can I sheild myself? What kinds of empaths are there?


TWP Episode 01 Merry Meet

My co-host and I introduce ourselves to the world. Who are we? What paths do we follow? How did we meet? All those questions will be answered and we'll even be giving all of our listeners a heads up on some upcoming topics that we'll be discussing on the podcast. Don't forget to join the discussion group on Facebook at Those Witches! Podcast Discussion Group where you can ask us questions or add your input on topics you'd like to hear about on upcoming episodes.