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Justin Matthews- A Seat At The Table- Jonah

9.11.18 // It's easy to write off people like Jonah. So often we hear this story in children books, and we think that we would never do what he did. In this message we hear Justin share the full picture of Jonah, why he was an unlikely choice for God to use, and how we are actually just like him. Discussion Questions: -What are your thoughts and opinions about the book of Jonah? -How are you similar to Jonah? -Have you had a time where you were running from God? If so, were you aware at...


Mackenzie Matthews- A Seat At The Table- The Disciples

9.4.18 // We're spending the fall looking at unlikely people that God used in the Bible in our series called A Seat At The Table. Turns out basically everyone in the Bible that God chose were not qualified. In this message Mackenzie shares all about discipleship and why the 12 disciples were all wrong for the job. Discussion questions: -If you were Jesus, picking your disciples who eventually carry on your entire ministry, what kind of people would you choose? -Why is it important for us...


Mackenzie Matthews- Fall Kick Off Message

8.28.18 // For our fall kick off Mackenzie shared about who we are and what our vision is as a college ministry.