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Together Podcast | A conversation about faith, justice and how to change the world

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We believe a better world is possible and we won't stop until it happens. Join us for a monthly conversation as we explore how to live out God’s call to pursue justice and put an end to extreme poverty.


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We believe a better world is possible and we won't stop until it happens. Join us for a monthly conversation as we explore how to live out God’s call to pursue justice and put an end to extreme poverty.




Ep 74 – Making ethical clothing affordable with Sam Mabley

Having sold 13,000 ethical and sustainable t-shirts, featuring in the Guardian and Sky News, and achieving the highest rating on Good On You, Yes Friends is transforming the fashion industry. We speak to co-founder Sam Mabley about ethical wages, how to build a business and his confidence (or naive optimism) rooted in his faith. Check out their Instagram @yesfriendsbrand or website Also do give us a follow & rating if you enjoy the podcast and stay tuned with everyone going on...


Ep 73 - Justice at The Well with Lian Jacobs

Let’s start the New Year as we mean to go on - with prayer! Anna chats to Lian Jacobs, Head of the African & Caribbean Engagement team at Tearfund all about The Well, a powerful initiative working with Black Christians and Black Majority Churches to fight extreme poverty and injustice. Next week in London, The Well will be hosting Declaration Week, a live show every evening at TBN UK studios which is free for you to go to! Every evening will have amazing worship leaders, theologians, church...


Ep 72 - A year of inspiration from our 2022 guests

This year, we have had fantastic conversations covering many topics, from decolonising, navigating climate grief, and breaking the stigma around HIV. We've talked about pilgrimage, creativity and songwriting to leadership and speaking out. As we round off the year and wish you a Happy Christmas, tune in for a reminder of why we pursue justice with some of our guests' thought-provoking stories shared this year. Episodes highlighted: Make sure you are following us on Instagram...


Ep 71 – A lifestyle of decolonising with Liz Muir

Liz Muir, Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Chief of Staff to Tearfund’s CEO, shares the challenges and opportunities of decolonising. We discuss pushing past the buzzword, standing up for what you believe in and carrying the cross in our day-to-day lives of justice. We also get to know Liz’s heroes of justice, her career path change and how to be generous with what you have. Follow Liz on @lizmuirspeakers on Instagram and Twitter. Check out We Are Tearfund on our Instagram @wearetearfund...


Ep 70 – Representation, leadership and justice with Shermara Fletcher

For Black History Month 2022, Sandeep interviews the multi-talented Shermara Fletcher, an Anglican and Pentecostal Church leader, international speaker and woman of God. Shermara led prayers at the Queen’s funeral to a televised audience of 4.1 billion people! During the conversation, Shermara shares the church’s role in reaching the marginalised, from justice for homelessness and the climate to leadership development and navigating success as a Christian. Follow Shermara at...


Ep 69 – Empowering truth with Marc Antoine

Anna speaks to Marc Antoine, Tearfund's Country Director for Haiti, about his experience of telling the truth for climate justice, ongoing crises, addressing issues of poverty and empowering young people. Marc teaches us his understanding of decolonisation in telling the truth about history and modelling God's kingdom by valuing all voices. If you would like to hear more about Tearfund's work in Haiti, follow this link here. Poverty is not God’s plan. You are. If you would like to support...


Ep 68 – Restoring brokenness with Julian Morgan

Join us for another episode where Anna and Julian chat about God's powerful grace as God sees our mess and chooses to restore it. Julian covers his testimony in finding Jesus despite brokenness and injustice, how he wants his heart to ache for all justice issues equally and the importance of speaking the truth. Adam and Anna also discuss what they wish they could tell their 16-year-old selves! TW: This interview includes themes of drug usage, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse and mentions of...


Ep 67 – Faith-based business with Emmanuel Murangira

Emmanuel Murangira, Tearfund's country director for Tearfund Rwanda, encourages us to have a faith perspective on capitalism and business, the meaning behind the term 'development' and the beautiful nation of Rwanda. Join Adam and Anna as they talk about plastic-free initiatives and how to keep pushing for the restoration of this world. Our work in Rwanda Giving to Tearfund


Ep 66 – Stewarding creativity with J Vessel

J Vessel shares the power of creativity, having an authentic voice and his journey into music. Through his charity ImAVessel he provides a conversation on hot topics in Church. We also hear from Ryan on stewarding the secret place well, navigating the public & private life and how we are all creatives (yes, even you!). J Vessel Instagram @jvessel ImAVessel website and Instagram @imavesseluk Follow @wearetearfund on Instagram / Youtube / Tiktok


Ep 65 – Grieving the climate with Hannah Malcolm

Hannah Malcolm is committed to both the Church and climate justice. She is an Anglican ordinand writing her theology PhD on climate grief and the editor of Words for A Dying World. Hannah joins us to unpack lament, climate grief and protecting our mental health. We also speak to Scarlett about navigating low motivation and anxiety and learn more about indigenous protesting in Brasilia. Hannah's edited book Words For A Dying World Twitter: @hannahmmalcolm and Wordpress website Our...


Ep 64 – Time for climate action with Erasto Richard Magamba

Erasto, Ugandan climate activist and youth coordinator, mobilises climate action from parliament, churches, and COP26. It's not too late to make a difference in the climate, but we do need just decisions from our world leaders. It may be a crisis, but it's not over yet - now is not the time to give up. Tune in for how the IPCC report has given us all the solutions we need, how faith trusts that it's in God's hands, and inspiration to get a move on to save our world. Erasto's Instagram...


Ep 63 – From prison cells to prayer with Josh Green

An encounter in a prison cell changes Josh Green's trajectory for the future, deciding to commit his life to Christ. Tune in for this live conversation at the Justice Conference On Tour, with bonus content of hearing from Cynan's embarrassing stories, the We Are Tearfund gatherings and talking justice tools for the kingdom. Josh Green is Youth Director for 24-7 Prayer and heads up Youth at Wildfires Festival. For 14 years Josh helped lead Evangelistic mission bands Twelve 24 & Social...


Ep 62 – Mercifully breaking the stigma with Mercy Shibemba

Mercy Shibemba discusses the power of activism, building community and playing the long game when seeing change. She demonstrates perseverance, mercy and love in her commitment to seeing the health care sector transformed and speaking the truth. We also chat about the war in Ukraine and how we as Christians can respond to it. Read our article - how to pray for conflict in the world Read our article - creative ways to pray for the world Come to the Justice Conference! We will be in...


Ep 61 – A pandemic pilgrimage with YCCN

Have any good things come out of the UK Covid-19 pandemic? How about the Young Christian Climate Network’s (YCCN) pilgrimage with over 1,000 walkers to shout about climate justice. Join us as Sarah and Chris share their stories of how the pilgrimage came to be and what’s next for YCCN. Sandeep, Adam and Anna also discuss the recent oil spills in Ecuador and why the Emerging Influencers programme is worth joining with alumni and game-changer Leah Otto. Donate to We Are Tearfund Check out...


Ep 60 – Holy activism with Jonathan Tremaine Thomas

There is no justice without Jesus. Jonathan Tremaine Thomas shares incredible stories of his activism – from standing between police and protestors, releasing peace into new environments and bringing renewal to systems. As founder and CEO of Civil Righteousness, he is a prophetic voice of holiness, truth and love that we all need to hear. Scarlett, Mind Over Mirrors podcast host, also shares her 2022 goals in the Link Up! The post Ep 60 – Holy activism with Jonathan Tremaine Thomas...


Ep 59 – Authentic community with Wave for Change

Loving each other as Jesus did involves celebrating our differences. Celia and Maia Webster from Wave for Change share their experience of church and inclusivity and how developing mixed-ability friends gives a taste of heaven on earth community. Join us for our last episode of 2021 as Matt, Adam, and Anna discuss the importance of UK Disability History Month. We also share our Spotify wrapped (we know you want to know!) and wish you a Merry Christmas! Listen here now on Spotify Check out...


Ep 58 – Courageous Prayer & Declaring Justice with James Aladiran

Prayer can often feel like the hardest thing to find time for, yet the most rewarding and powerful. Join us as Grace, a third-year student at Warwick University, shares about how she intercedes for justice and keeps the conversation going with God. James Aladiran, founder & director of Prayer Storm UK, encourages us to stay courageous and build stamina in prayer. He shares how to follow Jesus during the storm as he ignites prayer movements across the UK. STAY CONNECTED The instagram...


Ep 57 – Meeting Jesus and COP26 with Jack Alderson

As We Are Tearfund focuses on climate justice this November, Anna interviews Jack Alderson about how becoming a Christian transformed his view of justice. It’s a refreshing take on the Church and Bible’s role to reveal who Jesus is and a reminder that knowing Jesus does make a difference in our lives! We also get to know another new colleague Adam and his creative thoughts. Toby and (another) Jack talk about Lambeth Palace, meeting Archbishop Justin Wellby & their hopes for COP26. So make...


Ep 56 – Normalising Black History with Jordan Christian

As we conclude Black History Month, Matt, Sandeep and Anna chat about how this isn’t the end of the conversation – how celebrating Black history should be our normal. Jordan Christian, a youth pastor from Birmingham City Church, shares his experience in youth work, pursuing racial justice & gives tips on how we can all keep the momentum. This episode is honest and vulnerable but needed in ensuring we all play our part. If you enjoyed Lisa’s spoken word, follow her on YouTube at @IAMLISA The...


Ep 55 – The road to the Justice Conference

The Justice Conference is almost here and this time it’s a 24 hour global event! Follow Chris as he investigates how it all comes together and meet some of the team behind the scenes. Join Dan, Emma and Chris as they listen in and share a special announcement at the end of the show. The post Ep 55 – The road to the Justice Conference appeared first on We Are Tearfund.