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The search for truth keeps it away.

The truth is not outside. Everything outside your Self can only serve as a reflection of your inner nature. The search for truth outside the Self will lead nowhere. It won’t be found in any dogma, religion, system, belief, or practice. All these can do is show adumbrations of the inner truth. Like the sun reflects itself on the water, so can the inner self reflect its light on the surface of the mind. The clear, silent mind reflects the light of our solar nature, our true Self. The real...


Your Solar Essence

The truth is within. The truth is never to be found in any religion, in any method, in any theory, in any teaching; because the truth is not outside of you. Anything outside of you is part of your experience of planetary existence. Know, however, that you already are that. That everything you experience, you experience because there is that solar consciousness interacting with this body. That you wouldn’t be able to experience anything, were it not for pure-consciousness in you. Do not...


What is the Inner Circle of Humanity? Who is in it?

Just like every cell of your body is conscious, yet unaware of you, so is every individual member of the human race conscious but unaware of the Inner Circle. Yet, every cell of the body is attuned to the signals coming from the brain. The cell is not always aware of this signal, or where it's coming from, but if it is received, it directs the actions of the cell. The brain does not micromanage each cell or organ. The brain releases hormones, keeps timing, creates conditions in the body...


The Great Work is the Ultimate Heresy

Our human nervous system is always running hypotheses about the world around us, and putting together a simulation of this world inside us. The role of family and tribe is to help us program this world to let us know how to think, how to behave, and how to understand ourselves. Religions, social groups, and belief systems have tried to take over these programs to control how we perceive and how we behave. The Great Work is the ultimate heresy, and it defies us to discard all programs and...


Who are you?

“Who is the great Mage? Who paints sky and ocean blue? Who dreams me this dream?” —Excerpt from Adumbrations by Koyote the Blind In this episode, Koyote illustrates and apply the technique of Self Inquiry to awaken the inner teacher, the essential Self who is like the Sun reflected upon the clear waters of the empty consciousness. Please subscribe and rate on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, or Google Play.


What exactly is the Great Work?

Let's cut to the chase and provide a simple, working definition for the Great Work. It is at the same time an irrevocably individual act of artistic self creation, but at the same time, it is the unending work of the inner circle of humanity to guide the human race towards evolution. Listen to Koyote's presentation on this fascinating topic. Don't forget to subscribe and rate this podcast! It is now available in iTunes, Tunein, Stitcher, and Google Play. Or, just go the Toltec Survivor...


Apocalyptic Visions

What is behind all these apocalyptic visions people are having? What is happening in the world? More importantly, how can we adjust our vision to guide our reality into it's next evolutionary path? Find out more about Koyote at


Heart dialogue with the Nahual

What is this podcast about? I am not speaking as a member of any group, religion, or tradition. I am opening myself up to have a dialogue from the heart with you. To see my blog, visit me at:


What is a Toltec Survivor?

Koyote talks about the reasons behind this podcast and what is a toltec survivor. Check out Koyote's blog: