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'For I Have Plans for You to Prosper' - TBH 4

This podcast episode could be entitled How to Make More Money through Boredom. Boredom is a sign for us to get off our duffs and change something. Maybe we need to look for another job or go back to school. We can get in the way of our own prosperity by messing up His plans for us. Boredom is God's way of making us uncomfortable and directing us to the fulfillment of His plan. Each time Cliff Ravenscraft has gotten bored, it has stirred him to pursue his next passion. From insuranceman to...


Conversations with Heaven - TBH 3

"I just wish God would give us a sign that mom is in heaven." An instant later, God delivered the perfect sign, laying in the sand on the beach. Stunned, Linda Lamarca and her sister understood the divine message. "We thanked God," said Linda, "We knew that she was there in heaven." This podcast episode of Touched by Heaven – Everyday Encounters with God is about the conversations that we all have with God, the angels, and saints. An interesting thing happens when we call out to them....


Tom Hanks, We Need You! - TBH 2

Who knew? Tom Hanks is the key to the future of the Christian church! Leave it to Trapper Jack to see the not so obvious. The miracle of the Holy Fire, once again, occurred over the Orthodox Easter weekend. Fire burned inside the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, marking the truth of the resurrection. On this episode, Dana Beagle, Chris Pefkaros and her daughter, Leah, recount the story of how the Holy Fire prevented a home from burning down last year. Thank you for your support. Patreon...


Somebody Up There Likes You - TBH 1

Welcome to Touched by Heaven. This new podcast, with radio host Trapper Jack, peers into encounters with God. Touched by Heaven is the moment where heaven and earth collide and the miraculous happens. Near-death experiences, visions, divine messages, God incidents, angels, only scratch the surface of how God is showing us that He is with us here and now. Trapper, as host, loves sharing his faith through these episodes. He also loves sharing his own special brand of humor. We did, however,...


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