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Are You Using The Greatest Spiritual Weapon? - TBH 20

The rosary has had success in stopping tanks, thwarting a serial killer, muting the force of an atomic bomb, and creating unforgettable moments for this week's podcast guests. "Pray the rosary every day." This has become the often repeated message from Blessed Mother Mary at her many apparitions. Why is praying the rosary so important for any Christian? The answer comes from the rosary's very inception. Mary told St. Dominic in the early 1200s, "Pray the rosary every day. Preach the...


Why God Doesn't Speak English - TBH 19

God does not limit Himself to any particular language when connecting with us. God certainly got the attention of Moses with that whole burning bush thing. In our conversations with God we need to remind ourselves that God will use all available forms of communication. Who, or what, is He using to speak with us? Our guest, Megan, in this podcast episode, received messages from God and Blessed Mother Mary through a neighbor boy, a high school student, a Scripture reading that was forced...


Prophetic Dreams, The Good, Bad, and Ugly - TBH 18

Everything from seeing heaven, to hearing the devil's voice, has been a part of 'D's' dreamscape for the past 20 years. The experiences have left her with no doubt about the battle over our souls. We would love to hear about your Touched by Heaven moment. To share your story, click here to leave us a note. We appreciate you and pray daily for all of our listeners and supporters. If our programs are a blessing to you, please consider becoming a patron. Thank you and God bless!


What's with All the Sheep and Shepherds? - TBH 17

There is no shortage of sheep and shepherd references in the Bible. We talked to a shepherd who has done her fair share of being one of the sheep that follows The Shepherd. Wannell Scott, a United Methodist Church pastor, has no problem sharing the beautiful encounters she has had with God. Informative dreams, pennies from heaven, and unconscious conversations with God, have blessed the pastor in return for her faithfulness. We would love to hear about your Touched by Heaven moment. To...


The Thailand Cave, a Lesson about Prayer - TBH 16

'Not all the boys are going to make it.' This was the expressed expert opinion of those who created the diving plan that would extract the twelve boys and their assistant soccer coach from a perch 2.5 miles inside a Thailand cave. We wonder, how many hundreds of millions of prayers from around the world did God hear? How do we measure the impact of the entire world being on the same page at the same time? The world was praying with unity for the survival of the entire stranded 13. God...


Seeing Angels - TBH 15

Can you surprise an angel? Six-year-old Angie would say yes, "The angel looked shocked when he noticed that I could see him." For now, we can only identify one of our episode guests as 'The Angel Lady.' She had a powerful encounter with an Angel which brought about an increase in what she says is intuition. We will see, in time, if what she told Trapper Jack comes to pass. Even Trapper Jack's dentist gets into the act with a story about some powerful prayers and the protection of her...


But God, I Don't Understand - TBH 14

This was not pennies from heaven. Dimes were pouring down on Linda Lamarca. Was this a message from Linda's mom who had recently died? Dozens of dimes can't be a coincidence, can it? If you want to hear more about Linda's encounters when her mom passed, visit Conversations with God - TBH 3 What do we do with those moments when God appears to be sending a message, but we are clueless as to what the message means? We would love to hear your Touched by Heaven moment. Click here to leave us...


Your Guardian Angel ... Guiding and Protecting - TBH 13

Here are two life-saving stories involving Guardian Angels. While Joanne Trammel slept, the most destructive fire in California history was scorching its way toward her home. What is a guardian angel allowed to do? Camille Anter was about to walk into harm's way. Would Camille sense her angel's warning? Both Joanne and Camille, since childhood, have prayed the Guardian Angel Prayer. Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here, ever this day (or night) be at my...


Glimpse of Heaven - TBH 12

“Mom, what are you looking at?” Before passing away, the mother of Janet Pierce seemed to be looking through Janet and at the corner of the room. “Her eyes were so huge,” Janet said. What was suddenly visible to Janet’s mom? Gary Anderson, host of “Night Dreams Talk Radio,” was in conversation with his father. To an outsider, all would seem normal. However, prior to this conversation, Gary’s dad had been in an almost vegetated state. Minutes after their chat, Gary’s father...


He Patiently Waits - TBH 11

Marcel Winkler could not understand why he had stopped at a gas station when his tank was already filled. Why was he buying a women's magazine for which he had no interest? Against all odds, God waits for the fallen away to come back to Him. He sends His signs in hopes of awakening the slumbering. This is where we come in. Touched by Heaven – Everyday Encounters with God, is here to not only fortify the believer, but spark the curiosity of all. We appreciate you and pray daily for all of...


Heaven on Earth, Texas - TBH 10

We strive to experience heaven on earth. It's a bit easier for Suzanne Reese who lives in Earth, Texas. Not only does Suzanne hear laughter from heaven, she shows us how to create a little bit of heaven for others here on earth. If you would like to be a guest on our show and share your Touched by Heaven moment, click here or the contact tab above. We look forward to hearing from you! We appreciate you and pray daily for all of our listeners and supporters. If our programs are a blessing...


Don't Miss the Obvious - TBH 9

The Church was built on the miraculous. Could a refocusing of our attention on the daily collisions of heaven and earth, ignite the growing number of exiting lukewarm? Angels have come to the rescue of Pamela Svec on at least three occasions. From roadside help on her honeymoon to saving her life on the highway, heavenly angels have assisted Pam on her life journey. Enjoy the podcast, and if you've had a God incident, please click the contact tab and let Trapper know. If our programs...


What's a Nice Girl Like You - TBH 8

Would you think that a podcast about the collisions of heaven and earth would attract paranormal fans? Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast brought us many new listeners, many with Touched by Heaven moments. Sue Baker, Katey Elizabeth, and Nancy Hanson, share their God moments with us. Not only do they share an interest in the paranormal, but also in their love of God and their observance of the Golden Rule. In a word, all three would be described as ... nice. In fact, one of them lives in the...


Near-Death Destinations - TBH 7

Evidence indicates that heaven is not the only destination of those who experience near-death. Atheist Howard Storm did a complete 180 in matters of faith following his near-death encounter. Jesus literally came to his rescue as Howard withstood the torment of demons in his life altering near-death experience. Cheryl Watts, a former nun, recounts her 'lukewarm' uncle's revelation from his near-death experience, "angels don't look like what we think they look like." Also revealing was his...


Your Heavenly Mom - TBH 6

"She had such a beautiful smile on her face. I knew immediately that it was Mary." Dar Harold was in awe. Why was the mother of Jesus standing in her bedroom in the middle of the night? The answer came one hour later in a phone call from her father. Mary Jo Dockman McCormick figured that these things only happen to other people. It was just hours after hearing Trapper Jack speak at the St. Edward High School Moms' Club when Mary Jo experienced her own special moment with our Heavenly...


How do you make others feel? - TBH 5

The question, when contemplated, can stop you cold and drive you into self-examination. But when you hear the same question asked twice from two different people, is God up to something? A God incident leads Trapper Jack into playing for you his recent talk to the St. Edward High School Moms' Club. Trapper again spoke about how heaven and earth are colliding every day. "God is attempting to get our attention and draw us into a deeper relationship," Trapper stated. The resulting standing...


'For I Have Plans for You to Prosper' - TBH 4

This podcast episode could be entitled How to Make More Money through Boredom. Boredom is a sign for us to get off our duffs and change something. Maybe we need to look for another job or go back to school. We can get in the way of our own prosperity by messing up His plans for us. Boredom is God's way of making us uncomfortable and directing us to the fulfillment of His plan. Each time Cliff Ravenscraft has gotten bored, it has stirred him to pursue his next passion. From insuranceman to...


Conversations with Heaven - TBH 3

"I just wish God would give us a sign that mom is in heaven." An instant later, God delivered the perfect sign, laying in the sand on the beach. Stunned, Linda Lamarca and her sister understood the divine message. "We thanked God," said Linda, "We knew that she was there in heaven." This podcast episode of Touched by Heaven – Everyday Encounters with God is about the conversations that we all have with God, the angels, and saints. An interesting thing happens when we call out to them....


Tom Hanks, We Need You! - TBH 2

Who knew? Tom Hanks is the key to the future of the Christian church! Leave it to Trapper Jack to see the not so obvious. The miracle of the Holy Fire, once again, occurred over the Orthodox Easter weekend. Fire burned inside the tomb of Christ in Jerusalem, marking the truth of the resurrection. On this episode, Dana Beagle, Chris Pefkaros and her daughter, Leah, recount the story of how the Holy Fire prevented a home from burning down last year. Thank you for your support. Patreon...


Somebody Up There Likes You - TBH 1

Welcome to Touched by Heaven. This new podcast, with radio host Trapper Jack, peers into encounters with God. Touched by Heaven is the moment where heaven and earth collide and the miraculous happens. Near-death experiences, visions, divine messages, God incidents, angels, only scratch the surface of how God is showing us that He is with us here and now. Trapper, as host, loves sharing his faith through these episodes. He also loves sharing his own special brand of humor. We did, however,...