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A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.

A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.
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A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.




Dark Humor in the Bible

Prepare to be simultaneously shocked and entertained as we look at some examples of dark humor in the Bible. How many sermons have we heard tackling these rather unsettling portions of Scripture with a little embarrassment or cringing? Since the Word of God is pure and holy, we have to understand that God has a side to Him that can require some thick skin on our part. Put on your seat belts and try to be amused with these six stories (with dark humor titles): Quail FailNum...


Revenge of the Extroverts

To relieve possible tension from you extroverts who may have been ruffled by the previous episode, we allow extroverts to voice their own advantages over introverts. We hope extroverts will appreciate this modest attempt to bow down to some ways in which you are superior to introverts. Remember: this episode and the last one are for entertainment purposes only! Five advantages of extroverts include happierhealth consciouswider social networkssynergizeearn more moneyArticles cited in this...


Six Superpowers of Introverts

Introverts rise! I, Daniel Mynyk, the host of Truthspresso hereby admit that I am an introvert. I embrace the term as an accurate description of part of my personality. In this episode, we push against conventional wisdom. We contend that being an introvert can actually give us some advantages over extroverts in society. We may even be the ones who make the world go round. We even see how the Bible can champion the virtues of being an introvert. The six "superpowers" of introverts covered...


Finances and the Bible with Brennan Falks

In this episode of Truthspresso I have my first guest: Brennan Falks. Brennan is a financial planner in Dave Ramsey's recommended list. Topics that we discussed include the following: worry about financesfinancial strugglessafe investmenttrain their childrencollege studentseconomic booms and bustsBrennan Falks' website is Under 1 Love. * *(Note: I do not endorse the content on the website that is related to "Hebrew Roots" theology)


The Law School Trap

The college advice continues! In the last episode I gave some positive tips for liberal arts graduates on how to make the most of their lives and even to launch successful careers. In this episode, I tell liberal arts graduates (or even STEM graduates) to beware of the "law school trap." This is a trap that lures many struggling college graduates into promises of a successful career, but many find themselves going from the frying pan into the fire. A real life story and a fictional story...


Tips for Liberal Arts Graduates

Episodes 2 and 3 discussed majors that are ranked as good or bad for job prospects. If you are thinking, "What if I have one of those liberal arts majors that are ranked near the bottom?" this episode is for you. I provide three tips to help struggling liberal arts graduates trying to make ends meet and advance their career: Be the best you can be at your current job Learn some technical skills Become an entrepreneur References: Children's Music Academy: Franchise...


Ten Best College Majors for Jobs

Now that we have covered ten college majors that don't have good job prospects, I will present ten majors that have very good job prospects and usually pay well. This list of college majors comes from the following Time article:,28804,2073703_2073653,00.html In the "Mathematics and Computer Sciences" portion, I present statistics from the following...


Five Tips Before Going to College

As someone who has been to college himself--undergraduate and master's degree--I provide tips to heed before going to college. These tips are especially helpful for high school students, but parents especially should consider these and be informed about the role of college for late millennials and generation Z kids. Here are my five tips that I will explain in this first episode of Truthspresso: Avoid the propaganda Look before you leap Examine your options Consider working a few years...


Ten Worst College Majors for Jobs

Continuing with the theme of going to college, I present some things to think about when choosing a college major. Understanding the job market and the basic concepts of supply and demand are very important before borrowing lots of money for that piece of paper called a "degree." I briefly review a list of ten bottom majors for getting a job from the article below from the Career School Now...


Four Habits That Nickel and Dime Your Savings

Given that we are all creatures of habit and may struggle with various vices, I provide four daily or weekly habits that may be leaking holes in your wallet with your keen eye to realize it. We may even be aware that these habits may cost us, but we may not be tracking just how much they really do! Calculating out these habits to yearly expenses really puts pennies into perspective. The four habits are: Daily drive-through coffeeEating out for lunch at workAlcoholic...


Three Reasons for Truthspresso

In this episode to introduce Truthspresso, I mention who I am and why I decided to start this podcast. I provide three reasons for starting Truthspresso: Podcasting is cool and "where it's at." I want to provide good, clean, family-friendly content. I want to tackle challenging topics and make them palatable. Articles cited in this episode: "2019 Podcast Stats & Facts (New Research From June 2019)"