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A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.

A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.


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A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.




The Right to Life and Absolute Truth (a discussion with my wife Chelsea)

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to continue a series discussing abortion. We ask and answer challenges from the pro-abortion side about when abortion is justified. Using Scott Klusendorf's "SLED" model we explain why questions about size, level of development, environment (or location) and degree of dependency cannot justify killing the unborn or consider them less human or have a lesser right to life. Chelsea presents how the regulation against "partial-birth abortion" is...


Unborn Lives Matter (a discussion with my wife Chelsea)

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to continue a series discussing abortion. We begin by talking about the tragedy of George Floyd's murder. We analyze the issue of "racism" and how the definition has changed over time to include political ideologies. From the standpoint of recognizing the battles that exist over the value of human lives, we examine the issue of the unborn. Chelsea presents the unfortunate statistics of abortions among various ethnicities. She then explains the...


Approaching Abortion with Compassion (a discussion with my wife Chelsea)

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to continue a series discussing abortion. We discuss what abortion advocates can miss from the pro-life movement: that we understand why people believe they need abortion. No one, including the pro-life movement, can discount the stressful and difficult situations many young people face as abortion is offered as a desperate and quick fix. Chelsea explains different pro-life ministries from sidewalk counseling at abortion clinics to conversational...


Is Abortion "Essential"? (a discussion with my wife Chelsea)

My wife Chelsea and I discuss an overview of the topic of abortion. We open with an article about the CEO of Planned Parenthood in Colorado being happy that Texans are coming to Colorado to get more abortions during the pandemic. Chelsea explains different types of abortion procedures from "chemical" in early weeks of pregnancy to "surgical" in later weeks, and how women are exploited by the abortion industry. Daniel briefly tours abortion policy through American history. As science has...


The COVID Files (volume 2)

Welcome to volume 2 of The COVID Files! Just what are "The COVID Files"? Well, this is where we narrate and document (somewhat playfully) some instances of strange, goofy, or hypocritical actions that have made the news during these "uncertain times" of which we are constantly reminded. In volume 2 of The COVID Files we file these three stories: A Farewell to Arms--and Legs and Cardio'Til We Tweet AgainHair Today, Golf Tomorrow(X-files remix portions of episode intro and outro extracted...


The COVID Files (volume 1)

Welcome to volume 1 of The COVID Files! Just what are "The COVID Files"? Well, this is where we narrate and document (somewhat playfully) some instances of strange, goofy, or hypocritical actions that have made the news during these "uncertain times" of which we are constantly reminded. In volume 1 of The COVID Files we file these four stories: Can You Afford to Hoard?Finger Lickin' Oops!You Didn't Make the Cut!We Don't All Scream For Ice Cream(X-files remix portions of episode intro and...


Three Motherly Role Models from the Bible

We take a break from our series on economic topics to honor mothers for yesterday's Mother's Day. We look at three role models of mothers from the Bible: Eve - the mother of all progenyHannah - the mother with a promiseJochebed - the mother with protection


Dr. Shawn Ritenour on Economics and the Bible

I was privileged to interview Dr. Shawn Ritenour on the topic of how the Austrian School of economics correlates to the Bible. Dr. Ritenour shares his Christian testimony that brought him from an eclectic background to an elder in the OPC. As a young man he stumbled on a book entitled Human Action by Ludwig von Mises that opened his eyes to a passion for economics. Dr. Ritenour gives his insider experience from working at the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. We discuss topics from...


Interest: God's Money At the Right Time

Interest on savings accounts and loans seems like a simple concept. Yet, the powers-that-be can simply fiddle with certain interest rate numbers and bring whole countries to their knees! Understanding interest rates can be vital both to our individual financial health as well as a large economy. Let's answer some questions: What is interest?What should normally determine the rate of interest?Is it actually immoral to charge interest?Should a banking monopoly or government be in charge of...


Inflation: Legalized Counterfeiting against God?

What is inflation? Is it rising prices? Or is it something that actually causes prices to rise? Even Presidents of the USA get this wrong! Hey, almost everyone now gets this wrong! Historically, and even just a few decades ago, inflation was always an increase in the supply of money. In this episode we trace how the definition changed and why. We examine what real inflation is and how it affects the economy. We compare it to counterfeiting to see if there are any significant...


Why the Resurrection?

Yesterday was Easter Sunday--Resurrection Day. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Let's think deeply about why. Our salvation is wrapped up in everything about who Jesus is and what He did. The resurrection is our hope. When we reflect on why, we understand that the world is hopeless without it. Scriptures cited: Philippians 3:10-11 Matthew 8:16-17 John 11:21-27 1 Corinthians 15:12-21 Revelation 21:1-5


Who's Vault Is It, Anyway?: How Banking Went Wrong

We continue our study of money and economics by looking at how banking evolved (and how I contend that it devolved in modern times). We ask and answer these questions to solve the puzzle of money and banking: What is a bank?How did banks begin?What do banks do?How did fractional reserve banking happen?What really is wrong with fractional reserve banking?What are some possible solutions to fractional reserve banking?We see from history that "full reserve" banking came first, and fractional...


BONUS: Equal Pay Day 2020

Yes, this is a bonus episode: two episodes for the price of one week here on Truthspresso! Today, March 31, 2020 is officially "Equal Pay Day." This is the date selected for the year when women allegedly have to work extra to match the wages that their male counterparts earned through December last year. So, the average woman working "full time" earns about 80% of what the average man working "full time" earns. We've dealt with this topic months ago on Truthspresso, but let's celebrate the...


God's Money vs. the Manipulators

We continue our series on understanding money by looking at how the Bible defines money. We see how God's plan for the nation of Israel was to have a sound money based on weights of gold and silver. God pronounced harsh judgment on those who deceived and robbed people through false balances. We outline four steps from the Bible that reveal God's money vs. the manipulators God created the moneyGod measured the moneyGod stabilized the moneyGod punishes those who manipulate the money


Why Can't I Spend Monopoly Money?

Why can't we spend paper money from a Monopoly game? It's not very different from the paper money we use every day. This episode is basic look at economics by taking a magnifying glass to something we take for granted: money. To do this, we answer these three questions: What is money?What has been used as money?What makes a good money?We explore some rather strange things that have been used as money in the past and even today from two online articles. We begin the groundwork for putting...


Embracing Coronanomics

We are all sick of hearing about the COVID-19 coronavirus! Let's tackle this topic from a different angle. Let's look at the economics! We look at this current event through these four "currents": The current civilian reactionsThe current government reactionsThe current misunderstandings of economicsThe current 10 silver liningsBe prepared to be challenged not to trust the mainstream wisdom of the human powers that be. Be prepared to be encouraged to trust the God Who is more powerful...


How Not To Let Social Media Depress You

Social media allows us to keep in touch with long lost childhood friends from anywhere in the world. We can see their lives unfold day by day without even asking. But this technology has it's dark side. Many find themselves facing depression as they see all their problems while their friends seem to be living the dream. Ana from Forbes describes this plight. We take apart the misconceptions we infer from the lives of our friends on social media. Let the truth set you free as we use some...


RETRO 2015: Goofy Fake Infomercials

This is another throwback episode to my overly ambitious efforts to create a podcast in 2015. I wanted to have a funny infomercial for a fake product during a "commercial break" in the middle of each episode I recorded. This ultimately led me not to record episodes every often. The Truth Hub Podcast just fizzled out after a handful of episodes. But, for your listening enjoyment, I have resurrected three goofy fake infomercials that I created in 2015.


Sunday School Lesson: Four Proofs from the Testaments that Jesus is God

This episode comes from a Sunday School lesson that I taught on Superbowl Sunday. I had short notice and only about five minutes to prepare. I whipped up this outline: Four Proofs from the Testaments that Jesus is God Jesus is the unchanging, immortal creatorJesus is the God Who descended and ascended to lead captivity captiveJesus receives the worship due only to GodJesus is the judge of all soulsEnjoy! :)


RETRO 2015: Proofs That Jesus Is God

I am resurrecting the third episode of the defunct Truth Hub Podcast. I recorded this one in June of 2015. I explored how the Old Testament says that no one can see God while also saying that people did see God. These apparent contradictions are resolved in the revelation of Jesus Christ as the One Who is the image of the invisible God and is the One Who exegetes the Father. I then demonstrated that Isaiah actually saw Jesus Christ in his glorious temple vision. By the way, get my new FREE...