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A weekly conversation on theology, culture, and God's word.

A weekly conversation on theology, culture, and God's word.
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A weekly conversation on theology, culture, and God's word.




Episode 38 - Parenting

Today we interview Lane Sattler on the topic of parenting. Lane is an elder at Hilltown Baptist Church as well as a father and a grandfather. He shares his experiences of raising a large family and discusses some of the major biblical principles that young parents should keep in mind as they raise their children. If you have questions or topics of interest that you would like us to cover, email us at Also check out our website:


Episode 37 - Interview with R. C. Sproul Jr.

On today's episode we talk with R. C. Sproul Jr. about his new book, Growing Up (With) R. C. While the book serves to honor his late father, it is much more than just a testament to one of the theological giants of our day. In his book, R. C. opens up about how the theology and personality of his father impacted the Sproul household in very tangible and practical ways. So please join our conversation today as we dive into some of those experiences with R. C.! Visit Our Website:...


Episode 36 - Happy Mother's Day!

On today's special edition episode Eric interviews his wife Ranae on the topic of motherhood. She shares about some of the challenges of being a mom as well as how motherhood is viewed by much of the culture. She also talks about the importance of motherhood and how the Bible approaches the subject. Please join the conversation by emailing any questions to 2guysandabible.podcast@gmail, or by going to


Episode 35 - Family

Today we look at the concept of family and its importance as set forth in Scripture. We also consider some questions regarding the relationship of the family to the church and to the civil government. For those interested in submitting questions for us to answer, please email us at or go to


Episode 34 - Atheism (A Review of Sam Harris)

Today we engage in a review and analysis of a debate/discussion that took place between Sam Harris and Ben Shapiro on the topic of morality. Is there such a thing as good and evil? If so, how do we define morality? Join us as we see how Sam Harris answers these questions from the standpoint of an atheist and consider whether or not his arguments hold water.


Episode 33 - Spiritual Gifts

Today we look at the topic of spiritual gifts, including those gifts considered to be more "miraculous" or "charismatic." We also address the major question of how Christians should understand spiritual gifts and their purpose. So please join us as we open up the topic of spiritual gifts on this week's episode (pun intended).


Episode 32 - Easter

Today we discuss both the theological importance of Easter as well as its cultural practice today. Where does the tradition of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs come from and how should Christians approach those things? Come join the conversation as we consider some of these questions! (


Episode 31 - Dealing with Depression

On today’s episode we interview Joe Harclerode, a seminary student and a family man who serves in the youth ministry at Hilltown Baptist Church. Joe is also a man who has struggled with deep depression for much of his life. In our conversation he shares how he has found, and continues to find, true hope and freedom only in Jesus Christ.


Episode 30 - The Church

On today’s episode we look at what the Church is, it’s reason for existence, and it’s relevance today. We consider what it means for the Church to be the bride of Christ and why Christians are called to serve in, and be part of, the local church.


Episode 29 - The Atonement

Today we look at the nature of Christ's atoning sacrifice and what it means for atonement to be made for someone. We also address the commonly-asked question: Does Jesus's death atone for the sins of every person? If so, what does that mean? If not, why not?


Episode 28 - Idolatry of Government (Book Interview with Eric Luppold)

Today's episode is a live audience recording of an interview that was done for the launch of my (Eric's) new book, Image of Gold: The Tyranny of Our Idolatry. Pastor Tim Buczek joins my co-host Dillon Kenniston in leading the discussion about how our culture is increasingly placing its hope in Caesar, planting the seeds for the growth of tyranny.


Episode 27 - Molech Worship and Abortion

Today we talk about the ancient worship of Molech and how the idolatry of that false god is directly connected to today's abortion industry. In a way, Molech is being served more now than he ever was before.


Episode 26 - Answering Your Questions (God's Love)

Today we answer an important question submitted to us by one of our listeners: Does God love everyone the same? We look at what the Bible says about God's love and how best to understand all of God's attributes, including His love, mercy, holiness, and sovereignty.


Episode 25 - Sexuality as an Idol (Idolatry Series Part 6)

Today we look at one of the more controversial, and difficult, topics within our series on idolatry: sexuality. While this topic is quite complex, we try to address how sex/sexuality can become an idol in our own lives and in the surrounding culture.


Episode 24 - Video Games and Entertainment (Idolatry Series Part 5)

Today we continue our series on idolatry by looking at the issue of entertainment and, more specifically, video games. I (Eric) share some of my own personal struggles with video game addiction and talk about how it became a form of idolatry for me.


Episode 23 - Work and Career (Idolatry Series Part 4)

We continue our series on idolatry by looking at the topic of work and career. What does it mean to find our identity in what we do? Is work a good thing or a bad thing? When does work become an idol? We tackle those questions and more on today's episode.


Episode 22 - Gluttony and Drinking (Idolatry Series Part 3)

Continuing with our series on idolatry, today we look at the topics of gluttony and drinking. Is it a sin to eat dessert or drink alcohol? What does the Bible say regarding food and drink? We address these questions on today's episode.


Episode 21 - Drug Addiction (Idolatry Series Part 2)

Today, in our series on idolatry, we interview a man who struggled with drug addiction before being set free by Christ. He shares his experiences with us and addresses some of the ways that our culture misunderstands addiction.


Episode 20 - Idolatry (Part 1)

Today we begin a series on the topic of idolatry. In this first episode we look at some of the key biblical passages on idolatry and discuss how idolatry is alive and well today. In the next few weeks we will be looking at specific forms of idolatry in our culture. If there is a specific idolatry-related topic that you want us to address, or if you have any questions, please email us at


Episode 19 - Islam (Interview with Dave DeFazio)

On this episode we interview Dave DeFazio about his experience evangelizing Muslims in the Philippines. We discuss some of the core tenets of Islam, the obstacles that Christians face in responding to it, and how Christians today should be prepared to interact with Muslims in their workplaces and neighborhoods.