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Mystics and Meditations, A collection of 3 regular podcast series. Balance and Harmony, Weekly Guided Meditations for restoring balance. Chakra Energy Emotion Release – Weekly Chakra Energy Emotive Release Meditations and Bands Of Light – Working with The Munay-Ki


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Mystics and Meditations, A collection of 3 regular podcast series. Balance and Harmony, Weekly Guided Meditations for restoring balance. Chakra Energy Emotion Release – Weekly Chakra Energy Emotive Release Meditations and Bands Of Light – Working with The Munay-Ki






Guided Meditation for Abundance and Balancing Chakras

Meditation for Abundance and Balancing Chakras. Starting at the top of your head, relax your scalp completely. Feel the skin of your forehead and temples relax. Allow your eye muscles to release, your jaw to soften, and let your ears, nose and chin, teeth tongue and gums relax. Now, just let this peaceful feeling flow down your neck. Feel it soothe your throat and dissolve any tension on contact as it glides down to your shoulders, upper arms, forearms, wrists and hands. Let this peaceful sensation of relaxation begin to fill your torso. Feel it relax your chest, giving your heart more room to grow more expansive; more loving, giving and forgiving. Soften your belly muscles and let this relaxation penetrate even deeper, releasing any tension from your internal organs. Now let it wrap around you, enveloping you in love and peace as it softens all the back muscles all the way down to the base of the your spine. Continue to breathe in deep, fluid breaths. Breathe in health, happiness and harmony, breathe out any tension, toxins, worries or disease, allowing anything that does not serve you to leave your body like a dark cloud. Send this peaceful feeling into your hips and buttocks. Let it glide down your thighs, relaxing your legs completely as it flows down to your knees, calves, ankles and feet. Allow any remaining tension from anywhere in your body to flow out your toes, leaving your whole body feeling very comfortable, peaceful and relaxed. Continue to breathe deep relaxing breaths, feeling your belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale. Notice how the air feels cooler as you breathe in, and warmer as you breathe out. Now, imagine a golden glowing ball of light about a foot above the crown of your head. On an inhalation, breathe that light in through the top of your head through the centre line of your body, right down to the tailbone. On the exhalation, breathe that light back up the way it came and out the top of your head. We’ll do this three times, to begin to balance and align your chakras.


Relax, Release, Restore With Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan

In this episode we look to relax, release, restore with Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan. This is a truly amazing technique that enables us to kick start the healing process in just a few moments each day! What Are The Benefits of Mindfulness Body Scan? Living with body aches, stress and tension is often just accepted as part of daily life. But this is not a natural state of being. Nor is it a healthy one. The physical symptoms present as headache, back pain, muscle pains and heartburn. If left unchecked they also impact our emotional and mental well-being. The issue is that we are often so caught up in our life, we don’t even realize that these physical pains are connected to how we are feeling and due to poor health in our emotional state. The Body Scan A mindfulness body scan meditation is a simple method where through guided meditation we are able to analyse our physical. It is an effective way for us to become more mindful and to build the routine of checking in with our bodies. When we begin we start by using a relaxation method to clear stress an tension from the entire body. This is done through deep breathing. Then we guide you through the process of systematically scanning each part of your body from head to toe. As you progress you enable yourself the opportunity and time to become aware of the sensations in each part of your body. You allow your senses to simply scan and this awareness will identify any aches, pains, tension, or general discomfort. By staying present, breathing, and releasing these tensions we not only assist with the physical symptom, we also become aware of how these may be emotionally linked. By taking time to scan our physical and become mindful of any emotional response we are actually evolving the bonds and relationship of body mind and spirit. Finally we spend some time on affirmation and direct communication with our subconscious. The way the meditation is structured enables the conscious mind to be peaceful and almost uninterested in what is occurring. This gives us the opportunity to speak directly to our subconscious, and to begin reprogramming any undesired or unhelpful emotive trigger and reactions. I hope you have much success with the relax, release restore mindfulness meditation body scan. Please do let me know your experiences.


Peace And Harmony Guided Meditation – Episode 2

Peace And Harmony Guided Meditation - Episode 2 Welcome back to UBUZD Mystics and Meditations, Episode 2 - Peace and Harmony Guided Meditation. This is a truly wonderful meditation. It not only enables us to balance and align all of our chakras, it also enables us a way to embed and build the energies of joy, peace and harmony. Before we begin spend the time preparing your environment. You want to ensure that you are in a place where you will not be disturbed, so that you can truly relax. Set up the environment in whatever way allows you to destress from the day, relax and be able to focus upon nothing but yourself and your meditation. You may wish to light scented or colored candles, perhaps burn incense or add some aromatherapy essential oils to a diffuser. You can also play your favorite music before we begin if this will help you to find your relaxed meditative mindset. It is also the perfect time to place your favorite crystals for meditation around the room or to form crystal grids. You can do anything, as long as whatever you choose is special to you and enables you to be in a relaxed mindset. Let's begin! Enjoy the meditation and please do let me know your experience. Love and Light.


Opening and Using Sacred Space

When we utilize and create Sacred Space we establish a safe, conducive environment and energy for our meditations and development. Opening and Using Shamanic Sacred Space also enables us to receive guidance from ancestors, from luminous beings, from nature and archetypes. Expanding Our Luminous Energy Field. We creating Sacred Space by utilizing the light and energies of the Soul Star, the eighth Chakra, which is found directly above Sahasrara the Crown, around 12 inches above the top of the head. The Insights and guidance received are gained through using the energies of this chakra, and our personal Scared Space is amplified many times by expanding this radiant orb and resting within its protection. The eighth chakra resides inside the Luminous Energy Field, outside the physical body. It is that part of us that is always one with God. When we expand it like a crystal dome, we can actually sit within it and shield ourselves from the static of the world. Invoke sacred space with the greatest respect. Holding sacred space is like holding the tone of a single note. It must be true and clear for its quality to be pure. When you are in the presence of a master shaman or a great spiritual teacher, you feel a difference inthe quality of the space. The energy is clean; there is magnetism in the room. It requires all of our love and intent, as well as practice, to hold sacred space for more than a few moments. With practice, though, it becomes effortless. The space sustains itself. It is important to always close sacred space after you have completed your work. 1. Imagine your eighth chakra like a small radiant sun above your head. 2. Use your imagination to picture an orb the color of the rising sun. 3. Imagine its brilliance shimmering on the surface, rippling across it like waves, bathing you in orange and yellows. 4. Bring your hands over your chest into prayer pose. 5. Slowly raise your hands, still in prayer pose, until they are above your head. 6. Sense your fingertips entering the globe of the eighth chakra. 7. Sense how this spinning sun yields and opens to you. 8. Very slowly, like a peacock opening its fan, expand the circumference of this brilliant orb to envelop you by turning your palms outwards and extending your arms. 9. Bring your arms down until your hands touch the chair, and bask in the light of your eighth chakra. 10. Experience yourself within this luminous sphere. Sense the quiet and stillness that pervades this space. 11. Pay attention to your breathing. Follow your inhalation and then exhale slowly. 12. Explore the inside of this radiant orb with your awareness. What does the inner membrane feel like? This is the vessel that houses your soul in between incarnations. 13. When you have explored this space to your satisfaction, with arms outstretched bring your hands up slowly, like a peacock closing its fan, until you have gathered this luminous chakra again above your head. 14. Feel it glowing. 15. Bring your hands again over your chest to prayer pose to conclude the exercise.