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Jesus said to His disciples, "Follow me." What does that mean for believers today? How can we follow Jesus when we are unsure of the path ahead? For all those that question, this podcast is for you. Uncompromising Faith is all about the real world, practical life of faith. Unsure of where God is leading you? Here you will find the answers as veterans of faith, Homer Les and Wanda Ring, explain the mysteries of walking with God in today's world. With wit, humor and unvarnished truth they will guide you on the path of following Jesus.




Jesus said to His disciples, "Follow me." What does that mean for believers today? How can we follow Jesus when we are unsure of the path ahead? For all those that question, this podcast is for you. Uncompromising Faith is all about the real world, practical life of faith. Unsure of where God is leading you? Here you will find the answers as veterans of faith, Homer Les and Wanda Ring, explain the mysteries of walking with God in today's world. With wit, humor and unvarnished truth they will guide you on the path of following Jesus.




Big Red - An Unshackled Victory

Few times in history have we seen a major unshackled victory of a dread champion. These times are precious for they remind us that God is indeed working out His will on earth, providing victory out of the jaws of defeat. Remember Pharaoh and Moses? How about Elijah and the prophets of Baal? David and Goliath? We know these stories because in each instance the odds of success for God's people was stunningly low yet God delivered His own with an unfettered win. We are seeing this play out...


Who Is This Guy?

As we mature in faith, and Jesus leads us into the wilderness, we meet a side of God we have not met before. This God allows us to endure great trials as He removes 'self' from us. He is also a great Promise Maker and Promise Keeper. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/uncompromisingfaith/message


Moving From the Mind to the Heart

In this season of Tabernacles many Jewish people and some believers are dwelling in temporary booths, sukkahs, as they remind themselves of their ancestors sojourning in the wilderness. These booths are 3 sided and open to the elements. They are, simply put, a box. Likewise, many believers live in boxes as well but the box is spiritual and, unlike the sukkah, stays up year round. The three walls of this spiritual box is designed for our good, but can actually become a prison if we are not...


The Power of Humility and Servanthood

For all of its bluster pride is weak. Those who revel in pride are weak for their strength lies solely within. When they die their strength goes with them. Humility, however, has strength that is beyond man for it originates in God Himself. The servant has more power than the mightiest of men if they are in relationship with the One who is the servant of all. The humble servant who follows the example of Jesus will have more power to conquer than they could ever realize. --- Send in a voice...


Justice Will Return

Has the injustice in the world been difficult to take lately? Walking in faith is difficult, but when Jesus takes us to the wilderness injustice rockets to a whole new level. The wilderness breaks us down so we will reverentially submit to the will of God. It is a season of extreme testing. Remember that God brought the finest man in all the earth to satan's attention precisely so he could be tested. This testing is crucial if we are to progress in faith and please our God, however the price...


Flying as Eagles

Have you been meditating as to why this year feels like we are being turned upside down? Could it be that God is throwing us out of the comfort of the nest so we might learn to fly in faith? In this episode Homer and Wanda unravel the mystery of what it means to fly like an eagle. Using Isaiah 40:31 as a basis, they discuss how God uses this majestic creature to help us understand the beauty of intimacy Jesus desires with His people. Flying as eagles is the high calling Jesus beckons us to...


Safe in God's Hands

As our world gets increasingly more dangerous it is important believers understand they can dwell in the safety of God's hands. His strong and sure hands are the firm foundation we can rest in when the enemy comes against us like a flood. Where else can we turn when satan attacks? When we are safe in God's hands nothing the enemy does can touch us. As we face the troubles of this world we encourage you to put your faith and trust in the only One who can keep you safe in the day of evil. ---...


At the Right Hand of God

At the right hand of God is Jesus, our example for how we are to live. The character of Jesus is what is formed in us when we traverse the wilderness with uncompromising faith. The enemy of our soul, however, does not want us to succeed. The 'self' nature is bent on preventing us from every embracing the joys in the Father's right hand. By obeying Jesus, we feed our spirit and starve 'self'. Slowly we develop into the very character of Jesus as He leads us through the wilderness. In this...


4 Practical Steps to Hearing the Voice of God

Truly there is no greater joy, nor difficult task, than to bring ourselves before our God that we may drink from the fountain of His words. Listening to God is so critical to the believer that they will not be able to walk the path of faith without His voice. But as necessary as His words are it is not easy to hear Jesus. We need to be trained to drink from that well. To aid believers Wanda Ring brings forth 4 practical steps to help us hear the voice of God. These simple truths, when...


Facing Your Fear

One of the greatest battles we fight with 'self' is over fear. Fear has such tremendous power to control, and eventually destroy us, but did you know that most fear is based on lies? The father of lies deftly traffics in deception and so keeps us perennially trapped in fear. This is by design for if we knew, and walked, in the power of faith and truth satan knows he would lose us as pawns forever. Today, you can see these lies continually as the media uses them to create fear and control...


That You May See

We are but blind beggars stumbling around in the light of day not knowing which way to go. Such is the life of those that walk in their 'self' made pride. God beckons us to buy from Him that which would heal our eyes and bring back vision. His healing ointment is humility and it is the one thing we need if we are to gain spiritual sight. In this podcast Wanda and Homer bring some of this balm to those that would listen. Unveiling the Lamb of God as the humble Lord who teaches us how to win...


When it's Time to Take Out the Sword

When we are under attack for our faith it is hard to know how to respond. We do not want to respond with our 'self' nature and yet we are compelled to stand for our faith. Knowing when it is time to take out the sword is a lesson we learn in the wilderness. Today Homer and Wanda discuss the nature of the Lamb, the Lion and how we respond when under attack. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/uncompromisingfaith/message


Rebirth of a Nation

Life in America has become increasingly chaotic in this past year. Something new is going on. What is happening right now are birth pangs, and the enemy is bent on destroying what God is bringing to life. Never before has America faced such an unprecedented attack by enemies within and without. The darkness is making every effort to prevent the relentless march of Light that is dawning once again over the United States. What God is bringing forth is nothing less than the rebirth of the...


Becoming Prayer

Prayer is such an integral part of our journey we could not imagine life without it. In this episode Wanda will bring godly wisdom about being an intercessor and what it is like to pray without ceasing. After many years of experience this battle hardened veteran of prayer will encourage and bless you as she tells us how we, like King David, can become prayer. Join with Homer and Wanda bless you with more nuggets from the mine of Uncompromising Faith. --- Send in a voice message:...


The Battle for Intimacy

How have you been doing during this difficult time? Have you struggled with the lack of meaningful relationships during this time of lockdowns and social distancing? Has loneliness been a constant companion? There are many, just like you, that are trying to navigate this dangerous period and survive. As perennial survivors Homer and Wanda bring much needed wisdom from the vault of their own wilderness experience on this topic. With this podcast you may begin to understand how God is...


Say Yes to the Dress

A life lived by faith is often filled with surprises. As Wanda and Homer journeyed with their daughters they saw God lay out their path with unusual encounters that encouraged them to continue. In this episode they discuss the time that God introduced into their world the TV show Say Yes to the Dress and it's wonderful host Randy Fenoli. Listen to how God brought real blessing to this homeless family at a very low point in their lives. --- Send in a voice message:...


Set Your Face Like A Flint

The suffering satan has unleashed on the earth is beyond dispute. The enemy has ravaged many with brutal lockdowns, excessive government overreach and social control. How are you holding up? Has the suffering and hardship you are enduring been overwhelming? We want to bring you some wisdom from our vault of experience. There is value in the suffering we endure and a great lesson to be learned for this time. Jesus is calling us to set our face like a flint and allow Him to strengthen and...


Learning to Listen to the Voice of God

Our journey of faith always begins by building a relationship with Jesus. As with all relationships we start by learning how to just converse with Him. This conversation leads us to trust and faith as we hear and obey our Beloved. In this podcast Homer shares from the heart how intimate conversations with God can lead to a lifetime of faith. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/uncompromisingfaith/message


The Silver Thread

Following God's will through difficult times is not easy. Just knowing where to go or what to do can be an overwhelming task. Thankfully our Father does not leave us helpless. Using the analogy of a silver thread Homer reveals how we can know and follow the lead of God. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/uncompromisingfaith/message