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This is the teaching podcast of Venture Church. Venture is focused on sharing the life shaping love of Jesus with people in Wilmington NC; helping them become God chasing, grace shaped, love agents.

This is the teaching podcast of Venture Church. Venture is focused on sharing the life shaping love of Jesus with people in Wilmington NC; helping them become God chasing, grace shaped, love agents.
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This is the teaching podcast of Venture Church. Venture is focused on sharing the life shaping love of Jesus with people in Wilmington NC; helping them become God chasing, grace shaped, love agents.




The Grass is Greener: Winning Through Losing

In this final week of the Grass is Greener series we look at one of the hardest times to find contentment... when we're beaten, loose, and experience pain and suffering. What then? Let's talk about that!


The Grass is Greener: Compassion - be part of the solution.

Each year we set aside a Sunday to partner with Compassion International by raising awareness of the need for child sponsorships and of children living in extreme poverty and to give our people an opportunity to sponsor a child. Compassion is one of God's greatest attributes and should be the mark of a Jesus follower. Today we study Colossians chapter 3 and dive into what it looks like to have the compassion of Jesus transform your life.


The Grass is Greener: More, More, More!

It seems like we can just never have enough....STUFF! Today we dive into what it takes to find contentment with our money as we look at teaching the Apostle Paul gave to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6. A strategy for freeing ourselves from the trap of money.


The Grass is Greener: Content In My Own Skin

Who are you? Even more importantly, who are you to God? So much of our own happiness is tied up in how you see yourself. Unfortunately, we often end up with a distorted view of our identity. Which leads to a distorted view of the world around us, and a distorted view of God. Finding your "identity" can be a complicated process. With so many elements of our lives that tend to define us, what does it mean to truly find contentment in who you are?


The Grass is Greener: The Strength To Be Content

It's Easter! This week's teaching is from Philippians chapter 4, where the Apostle Paul claims to have discovered the secret to finding contentment. This lesson is packed with several practical and immediately applicable principles you can put into practice right away. But more than that, it's a message about the power of the resurrected Christ to bring us true peace. Happy Easter!


When Jesus Prayed: Becoming One

This final week of "When Jesus Prayed" is brought to you by Patrick Harrison. He wraps up John 17 by diving into the thoughts that Jesus had on His mind for me and you... that's right, Jesus prayed for me and you that night. You'll definitely want to hear this one.


When Jesus Prayed: Protection Through The Mission

As we continue in our series through John 17, this week Jesus turns his focus to the disciples. He knows their mission will be harder than they could ever imagine. He prays for their protection and teaches us A LOT along the way.


When Jesus Prayed: Glory Revealed

In this second look at Jesus' prayer in John chapter 17, we see the KEY role that Jesus plays God's plan for humanity through his work on the cross.


When Jesus Prayed: The Hour Has Come

In John 17, as Jesus was mere hours away from facing the cross, he stops to pray. This series is an in-depth look at what has been called "the greatest prayer ever prayed." In this first week, we unpack the very first sentence to see the true weight of this moment and how amazing God's love or us is. The hour has come.


Won't You Be My Neighbor: The Fear Factor

In this conclusion to our series on loving people the Jesus way, we address what many find to be the greatest obstacle to neighboring well; the fear of actually doing it! Fear can be an unfortunate motivator (or de-motivator in this case) and in this lesson, we'll look at an instance where Jesus set the pace for what it looks like to cross that line and love someone regardless of whatever is keeping you from doing so.


Won't You Be My Neighbor: The Time Factor

We'd all better at loving people if we just had more time! Right? In this second week, Patrick Harrison steps in to talk about the "Time Factor" of good neighboring.


Won't You Be My Neighbor: The Obedience Factor

What does it mean to "Love your neighbor?" It's one of the core concepts of Christianity, it's something that most people want to do well. But what does it mean? This week we kick off a series to address the question, "How do we love our neighbor the Jesus way?" Week one is a look at Luke 10 and the story Jesus told about a man who kept his eyes up, looking for a need to meet. Additional Resource: Check out this book "The Art of Neighboring: Building Genuine Relationship Right Outside...


Building Bridges: Followers

This final installment of “Building Bridges” is all about what it looks like to walk on the bridge of grace that God built. What does it look like to actually FOLLOW Jesus? This week is a lesson on being a disciple.


Building Bridges: The Privilege and Responsibility

Building bridges with people who have not yet made the choice to follow Jesus can be hard. But it is a privilege and a responsibility! This week we check out what it looks like to build bridges with people so they can know the love of God.


Building Brides: A Problem to Be Solved

Bridges are everywhere! Crossing difficult terrain, spanning massive bodies of water, and making life simpler. A bridge is a solution to a difficult problem. It’s also the pathway of connection between two places. In a deeper sense, “a bridge” is the coming together of two parties. This intro to “Building Bridges” is about the problem in our lives that God built a bridge to solve.


With God: The greatest of these is love

Love. It's complicated. It hurts. Yet we all seek it! In this conclusion to "With God" we explore what it means to know the love of God and how a life lived in love is a life lived with God.


With God: Finding an Anchor

In this third installment of "With God," we explore the question of hope. What does it mean to have life "With God" while we're in the hardest parts of life?


With God: Trusting the Catcher

Living life "With" God sounds like a great goal right? But what does it mean? This week we're looking at replacing fear with faith and learning to sail through the hardest moments by trusting God.


With God: Discovering the Treasure

This series kicks off with a look at 4 postures we take when relating to God. Each posture comes with a caution. In the end, we discover the true treasure of life WITH God. This series is inspired by the book "With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani


Carols: The Stories Behind The Songs We Sing [O Come All Ye Faithful]

Patrick steps in this week to bring an amazing behind the scenes story to the song O Come All Ye Faithful. He brings edifying knowledge about the wise men and the importance of faith.