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Journey with us as we share stories, songs, and prayers on the way to peace and justice.

Journey with us as we share stories, songs, and prayers on the way to peace and justice.
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Journey with us as we share stories, songs, and prayers on the way to peace and justice.






This Cup - Episode 68

Today we follow Jesus through the Passover meal, sharing the bread and cup with his disciples. We’ll watch as he is betrayed, arrested, and questioned. And still, he continues to walk the path of peace. We’ll begin with a prayer from Rachel Childress that she read on Palm Sunday. Thanks to Rebecca, Jamie, Ethan, Juliette, and Millie Wallace, and Isaac Scott for reading scripture. Music by Aaron Austin.


Learning Life - Episode 67

It's Wednesday of Holy Week. On Sunday, we’ll be shifting our themes of unlearning to the theme of learning life as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, but as we follow Jesus through this last week, there is still suffering ahead. Today, we’re going to hear a story from Carol Hodges, a long-time member of Central. Carol’s shares a story about loss in her life and the support of friends and faith family in the midst of death’s shadow. And how though the scars of our losses linger with us,...


Not Far from the Kingdom - Episode 66

It’s Tuesday of Holy Week. We’re follow Jesus’ movements through his last days of ministry before his death and resurrection. Tensions between Jesus and the religious establishment are growing--the Prince of Peace is an enigma to the power structures of the day, and his way of peace and generosity threatens their power. We’ll contemplate these scriptures together, read by Claudia Hall, Rachel Childress, and Judy Thompson. Also, we'll hear music from Central's sanctuary choir.


A House of Prayer for All - Episode 65

It's Holy Week. Yesterday we celebrated Jesus’ coming kingdom with palms, all too aware what this week would entail. Jesus continues to speak out for justice, refusing to change his tune and allow the powerful to rest easy in their abusive, status-based structures. So this week, we’ll follow Jesus’ movements through his last week of ministry. Our practice will be contemplating these scriptures, read by members of Central. In the spaces and gaps around the scripture, listen for God’s word...


A Shared Story - Episode 64

Today as we think about liberation, we’re talking with our Senior Pastor, Mark Johnson. Mark shares an excerpt from Carlyle Marney's Faith in Conflict. As we think about this new birth and liberation from old ways and shames, we find hope and sustenance in the stories we share. Thank you for helping make this podcast by being willing to join in. Your voices are essential. From folks who called in prayers and beatitudes, to those who came in for interviews and shared their stories, from to...


A Better Way - Episode 63

Today we’re thinking about generosity as we pray for the powerful and the powerless in our community and our world. We'll talk with our Associate Pastor, Charles Conkin as we join in prayers of the people. We'll also hear music from Jane Howell. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for Monday's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.


Unlearning Power - Episode 62

Today as we think about unlearning power, we're talking with Dr. Laura Levens. Laura is a professor at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, in Georgetown, Kentucky and is also as a member at Central. Unlearning power invites us to actually look more deeply at our own unconscious motivations, to understand the power that we possess and how we can use that power for life. Laura shares examples from history that show how we can find alternative forms of power to work for justice for everyone. We'll...


Grassroots Kingdom - Episode 61

This week as we continue thinking about unlearning power, we’re preparing for Palm Sunday and Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. With familiar passages like this one, it's sometimes easy to forget just how much they turn our expectations upside down. Jesus enters Jerusalem not as an imposing king, but riding on a donkey--truly a prince of peace. He doesn’t come in force to topple heads of state, but he comes humbly, a power willing to sacrifice and infuse the grassroots. “My Kingdom is...


Being a Beatitude - Episode 60

This week we're thinking about unlearning power. As we look at the beatitudes again, it seems that they are talking about a paradoxical power that lives in weakness. Jesus invites us to think beyond the dualistic, black and white options that seem to be the default for our culture. We are welcomed into a divine collaboration to find creative solutions to human suffering. So maybe the Beatitudes are things that we become. Bill Campbell joins us today, to share a story that may some light on...


The Way of Forgiveness - Episode 59

Today we'll think about Confession and how Jesus calls us to a life of forgiveness as we talk with our Senior Pastor Mark Johnson. Our psalm for this week (Psalm 130) speaks to God’s forgiveness for us personally and for humanity. So for our practice today, we'll take time to accept the forgiveness that Jesus offers to us and then offer forgiveness to others. We'll also hear Love Will Win, a song by Aaron Austin.Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several...


Wholeness - Episode 58

As we continue to reflect on this week's scripture, we're talking with our associate pastor, Charles Conkin. This week we've been hearing stories of death and new life. We see the work of God bringing healing and wholeness to places that were once dry. As we consider those places in our lives where we have experienced grief and loss, we remember those in our community and our world who have also experienced loss. We'll also hear a song performed by Greg Hancock. Don't forget to call in your...


Unlearning Hate - Episode 57

Today, as we think about generosity and unlearning hate, we’re talking with Ashley and Sharon Holonia. We'll hear a story that Ashley and Sharon shared in the aftermath of the election about a terrible note that was left on their car. They'll also share another story of an interaction they had with a neighbor about a welcome sign in their yard expressing solidarity with immigrants. While these are things that we wish they didn’t have to deal with and that nobody should have to endure, their...


Dry Places - Episode 56

As we continue our theme of unlearning, this week we're talking about unlearning hate. Today, we're talking with our Associate Pastor Charles Conkin as we focus on openness. We'll be listening to Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones from Ezekiel 37, taking time to contemplate the arid places in our own lives and ask God for nourishment. We'll also enjoy a song from Raleigh Kincaid, written by Daniel Bailey. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for...


A Diverse Community - Episode 55

Today as we think about Gratitude, we’re focusing on the beatitudes again and wondering who Jesus would call blessed today. Later, we'll hear some of the beatitudes you've written. Perhaps we don’t find the Beatitudes surprising because they’re so familiar. We expect Jesus to say things that are counter to the culture of ancient roman-controlled Palestine, so it’s easy to limit their scope to that time and place. While Jesus is certainly speaking to his contemporary context, we would be...


The Joy of Letting Go - Episode 54

Today, as we focus on liberation and continue thinking about unlearning death, we’re talking with our Senior Pastor, Mark Johnson. Mark shares how the lenten practice of self-denial is not an attempt to gain God's approval or forgiveness, but rather a joyful letting go. Our time and effort can easily be consumed with activities and things that are not life-giving. Self-denial can be a practice of letting go and making room for the life-giving work and presence of God in our lives. Today,...


Persistent Faith - Episode 53

Today we’re focusing on generosity as we think about caring for our community and our world. We'll talk with our Associate Pastor, Charles Conkin, as we continue thinking about our Gospel lesson John chapter 9. For our practice today, we'll spend some time praying for our community with a guided prayer. We'll also hear a song from Aaron Austin. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for Monday's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.


Hope and Fragility - Episode 52

Even though we’re talking about death metaphorically in many ways this week, we’re actually going to talk about death literally as well today. Logan Lloyd is a chaplain at UK hospital. He’s also a deacon and a member at Central. So Logan knows first hand what it’s like to walk with folks through the shadow of death and grief--to minister to people at crucial transitions in life. He stopped by to share some stories of his experiences as a chaplain. So, we’ll be talking about end of life...


Little Resurrections - Episode 51

This week, we’re talking about unlearning death--not just the cessation of physical life, but the many deaths, big and small that we encounter along the way. Today we’ll talk with our Associate Pastor of Congregational care, Crystal Shepherd, as we look at the story of Jesus healing a blind man in John chapter 9. Crystal shares about how in the continual process of dying and being resurrected to new ways of life, we find hope and transformation. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for...


Ever-Present - Episode 50

Last week we talked about how writing these beatitudes may be less about creation and more about discovery. We may find beatitudes each day in our own experiences or we may find beatitudes as we reflect on our histories. Today we'll hear some beatitudes that you've called in and a beautiful song from Jane Tatum.Carol Boston Weatherford uses the Beatitudes as fertile soil to begin her beautiful picture book titled The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights. This book starts with the...


A Call to Community - Episode 49

Today we’re talking with our our senior pastor, Mark Johnson, as we think about Liberation and how our spiritual practice involves community. We'll also enjoy music by Central's Sanctuary Choir. Our spiritual practice often focuses on the inward journey to communion with God, but that is not the only trajectory of our faith. We also make the journey outward to connect with others in the community of faith. As we walk together in life experiences and in the worship of the faith community, we...