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Journey with us as we share stories, songs, and prayers on the way to peace and justice.

Journey with us as we share stories, songs, and prayers on the way to peace and justice.
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Journey with us as we share stories, songs, and prayers on the way to peace and justice.






Moving Mountains - Episode 78

This is our last lenten podcast for this year, but our plan is to continue the podcast monthly throughout the rest of the year as well. So stay tuned for more stories from our congregation and from other folks in our community. If you’ve got a story to share, let us know. This week, we’re going to do things a little different. Rather than focus on an interview, we’re going to explore Holy Week with some reimaginings of scripture and some songs. Some artistic license has been taken as we...


Living Our Questions - Episode 77

On this episode of Wayfarer, we'll hear stories from Deborah Alexander and a song from Raleigh Kincaid. I grew up just south of Lexington in Richmond, Kentucky. In high school I remember swearing that when I got out, I would never live in this town again. So, of course, now we live thirty seconds from where I grew up—I timed it.Like most high schoolers, I was often bored, and so one Saturday I decided to take a drive. I went to Tates Creek Road in Richmond and turned right and kept on going....


All Shall Be Well - Episode 76

Today we’ll hear a story from Diane Campbell and music from CJ Powers.It took six years and two schools to get me through seminary. By the time I was finished, I felt like I knew a lot more and was certain of much less than when I started.Little by little, things that had been nailed down for me for as long as I could remember came unhinged. Coffee tables turned up in the kitchen. Dining room chairs slid down the hallway. The TV was in the kitchen sink. The couch was on the back porch....


Simple Transformations - Episode 75

Today we’ll hear a story from Erika Webb and music from the Sanctuary Choir, including the anthem from last Sunday's service with Quinn Chapel A.M.E.Each year just before Lent, we celebrate Transfiguration Sunday. In other traditions, Transfiguration Sunday comes on the second Sunday of Lent. But either way, there’s a connection between the season of Lent and this mysterious story of Jesus’ mountaintop experience with his inner circle. So today, we’re going to contemplate this mystifying...


Cleaning House - Episode 74

This week we'll hear a story from Rachel Childress and music from Raleigh Kincaid. It’s week 3 of our lenten journey. I didn't grow up observing Lent, but over the years I’ve come to appreciate this season more. For brooding, artsy-fartsy types like me, it fits. It’s nice to have a time of year when I can be “contemplative” rather than just plain moody. I used to see Lent as constriction—a shoring up of our moralities and behavior. But more and more, I see Lent as a widening. It’s about...


The Child Within - Episode 73

In this episode of Wayfarer we'll hear a story from Gerard Howell and music from Jane Tatum. It's week two of Lent. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, this journey uncovers things I’d rather let lie. When we venture out into the wilderness, into these quiet spaces, we encounter old ghosts, wounds that still haven’t healed, guilt over things left undone and shame for our hurtful words. Sometimes, even Jesus looks strange--muddied with old images of God formed in fear-steeped traditions,...


Into the Wilderness - Episode 72

It’s that time of year again. We’re back for another season as we journey through Lent together. This year, we’re going to do things a little different than before. The past couple of years we’ve done a daily podcast throughout the lenten season and I’ve lived in my basement all alone with nothing but enormous amounts of coffee and spray cheese, but this year we’re moving to an extended weekly podcast with what we think are the best sections of our previous episodes. Today we’re talking with...


Learn Life - Episode 71

Today we wake to find the tomb empty. Jesus is risen from the dead and is alive. The time of suffering is over and we can celebrate in the life Jesus offers to all. Thanks to Susan Waggener and Pete Grass for reading scripture and to Central's Sanctuary Choir for singing on 'Bright and Early.' This ends our Lenten series for this season, but we'll be back periodically with more stories from fellow wayfarers.


Empty Space - Episode 70

On Holy Saturday, we enter that strange space between. Jesus has died and the disciples have gone into hiding. Today we contemplate the waywardness the disciples must have felt as they waited, struggling with their loss and grief. So today, before our celebrations, we consider this great loss. And yet, the brightness and glory of the resurrection is even brighter when juxtaposed with the darkness of this day. The song we’ll here contemplates what the disciples may have felt after Jesus’...


Good Friday - Episode 69

Today we follow Jesus to the cross and into the darkness. It seems odd to call this day good, but we come with the faith that God will bring life renewed. We usually don’t have podcasts on the weekends, but there’ll be a couple of shorter, reflective pieces this weekend--one for Holy Saturday, and then one for Easter Sunday. Today, we'll hear a poem by Bill Campbell titled 'Among the Crowds.' Thanks to Christie, Matt, Skye, and Adam Gabbard for reading scripture. The music for the readings...


This Cup - Episode 68

Today we follow Jesus through the Passover meal, sharing the bread and cup with his disciples. We’ll watch as he is betrayed, arrested, and questioned. And still, he continues to walk the path of peace. We’ll begin with a prayer from Rachel Childress that she read on Palm Sunday. Thanks to Rebecca, Jamie, Ethan, Juliette, and Millie Wallace, and Isaac Scott for reading scripture. Music by Aaron Austin.


Learning Life - Episode 67

It's Wednesday of Holy Week. On Sunday, we’ll be shifting our themes of unlearning to the theme of learning life as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, but as we follow Jesus through this last week, there is still suffering ahead. Today, we’re going to hear a story from Carol Hodges, a long-time member of Central. Carol’s shares a story about loss in her life and the support of friends and faith family in the midst of death’s shadow. And how though the scars of our losses linger with us, there...


Not Far from the Kingdom - Episode 66

It’s Tuesday of Holy Week. We’re follow Jesus’ movements through his last days of ministry before his death and resurrection. Tensions between Jesus and the religious establishment are growing--the Prince of Peace is an enigma to the power structures of the day, and his way of peace and generosity threatens their power. We’ll contemplate these scriptures together, read by Claudia Hall, Rachel Childress, and Judy Thompson. Also, we'll hear music from Central's sanctuary choir.


A House of Prayer for All - Episode 65

It's Holy Week. Yesterday we celebrated Jesus’ coming kingdom with palms, all too aware what this week would entail. Jesus continues to speak out for justice, refusing to change his tune and allow the powerful to rest easy in their abusive, status-based structures. So this week, we’ll follow Jesus’ movements through his last week of ministry. Our practice will be contemplating these scriptures, read by members of Central. In the spaces and gaps around the scripture, listen for God’s word to...


A Shared Story - Episode 64

Today as we think about liberation, we’re talking with our Senior Pastor, Mark Johnson. Mark shares an excerpt from Carlyle Marney's Faith in Conflict. As we think about this new birth and liberation from old ways and shames, we find hope and sustenance in the stories we share. Thank you for helping make this podcast by being willing to join in. Your voices are essential. From folks who called in prayers and beatitudes, to those who came in for interviews and shared their stories, from to...


A Better Way - Episode 63

Today we’re thinking about generosity as we pray for the powerful and the powerless in our community and our world. We'll talk with our Associate Pastor, Charles Conkin as we join in prayers of the people. We'll also hear music from Jane Howell. Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several for Monday's episode. Just leave a message at (859) 813-0150.


Unlearning Power - Episode 62

Today as we think about unlearning power, we're talking with Dr. Laura Levens. Laura is a professor at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky, in Georgetown, Kentucky and is also as a member at Central. Unlearning power invites us to actually look more deeply at our own unconscious motivations, to understand the power that we possess and how we can use that power for life. Laura shares examples from history that show how we can find alternative forms of power to work for justice for everyone. We'll...


Grassroots Kingdom - Episode 61

This week as we continue thinking about unlearning power, we’re preparing for Palm Sunday and Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. With familiar passages like this one, it's sometimes easy to forget just how much they turn our expectations upside down. Jesus enters Jerusalem not as an imposing king, but riding on a donkey--truly a prince of peace. He doesn’t come in force to topple heads of state, but he comes humbly, a power willing to sacrifice and infuse the grassroots. “My Kingdom is...


Being a Beatitude - Episode 60

This week we're thinking about unlearning power. As we look at the beatitudes again, it seems that they are talking about a paradoxical power that lives in weakness. Jesus invites us to think beyond the dualistic, black and white options that seem to be the default for our culture. We are welcomed into a divine collaboration to find creative solutions to human suffering. So maybe the Beatitudes are things that we become. Bill Campbell joins us today, to share a story that may some light on...


The Way of Forgiveness - Episode 59

Today we'll think about Confession and how Jesus calls us to a life of forgiveness as we talk with our Senior Pastor Mark Johnson. Our psalm for this week (Psalm 130) speaks to God’s forgiveness for us personally and for humanity. So for our practice today, we'll take time to accept the forgiveness that Jesus offers to us and then offer forgiveness to others. We'll also hear Love Will Win, a song by Aaron Austin.Don't forget to call in your beatitudes for our podcast. We still need several...