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Why do some young adults leave the Church, while others stay engaged? Rather than guess, we’ll interview young adults for an important conversation that highlights real stories and real struggles. We Are Orthodoxy empowers young adults to speak for themselves and to tell their own stories of faith and doubt.

Why do some young adults leave the Church, while others stay engaged? Rather than guess, we’ll interview young adults for an important conversation that highlights real stories and real struggles. We Are Orthodoxy empowers young adults to speak for themselves and to tell their own stories of faith and doubt.
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Why do some young adults leave the Church, while others stay engaged? Rather than guess, we’ll interview young adults for an important conversation that highlights real stories and real struggles. We Are Orthodoxy empowers young adults to speak for themselves and to tell their own stories of faith and doubt.




Episode 30: No One Called Me

Jules is 19 years old, and since she was 12 years old, she has been looking for her spiritual home. Not finding it in Orthodoxy, she has become deeply involved in an evangelical community, where she feels she is continually growing closer to God and discovering her calling.


Episode 29: My Friends Are Here

Naomi is 22 years old, newly married, and is finishing up her doctoral work in physical therapy. In this conversation, she discusses the centrality of relationships and their role in how she has experienced the Church as a place of comfort or as a place of distress.


Episode 28: We Gotta Be Saints

Patrick is 30 years old, working as a machinist in California. Having converted 8 years ago, Patrick finds himself on the cusp of a couple transitions. As he prepares to become a father for the first time, he is also preparing to say goodbye to his own father. In the midst of this, his reflection leads him to ponder the faith, life, and legacy of his father and how this is guiding him as he considers what kind of legacy he wants to leave for his own children.


Bonus Episode! It’s Complicated: What We’ve Learned From We Are Orthodoxy (So Far)

In this Lenten lecture, Christian discusses three major themes of conversation that have emerged from We Are Orthodoxy interviews so far. He discusses why these themes may be emerging, lays forth a biblical paradigm for conceptualizing ministry, and closes by offering a few concrete vistas for imagining what it might look like to minister to young adults.


Episode 27: I Knew in My Bones

LISTENER DISCRETION ADVISED: Alex is a 21-year-old Philosophy graduate from college. Though he was previously a self-professed atheist, once he started finding his way toward Orthodoxy, he knew that it was the longing of his soul. In this episode, he discusses some of the choices (both joyful and painful) that led him toward Christ's Church.


Episode 26: I Know Where You’re From

Hosanna is a 23-year-old grad student, getting a degree in literature. As a first generation Eritrean-American, she finds herself stuck between cultures, and hasn't exactly known where she fits. What's more is that she was raised in a Protestant church, but recently has been discovering her family's historic roots in Orthodoxy and wondering if this is the place where she'll find not only where she's from, but also where she belongs.


Episode 25: Filling in the Gaps

Ed works in software development, but he found the Orthodox Church through OCF while in college. Since graduating, however, his relationship with the Church has gotten a little complicated. Struggling to find his place in a local parish, Ed feels disconnected from the Church but remains committed to the belief that Orthodox Christianity is good for him.


Episode 24: It’s Good to Breathe and Move

Ashley is a 29-year-old mental health counselor and yoga instructor. She is also a convert to Orthodoxy, but it wasn’t exactly a quick journey. When her husband wanted to become Orthodox, it took her over three years to catch up. She entered the Church with some big questions, and she still has plenty of them, but in the last few years she has learned increasingly to trust the ancient wisdom of the Church.


Episode 23: It’s Like Going to the Gym

Daniel is in his early 30s and working in software. Through high school and even through college, Daniel was involved in the Orthodox Church, even serving in leadership positions. Since getting married, however, it seems that he has let his involvement in the Church slide to the back burner. He discusses the various reasons that this has happened as well as the fact that he still maintains an affection and respect for Orthodoxy.


Episode 22: The Stories We Tell

Christina is in her early 30s, working as a professional fundraiser. Though she has been Orthodox her whole life, she finds a lot of usefulness to some of the practices in Protestant denominations. Her story is full of pain and longing, but she seems to remain confident in God’s providence through it all.


Episode 21: Not Backing Out, Not Backing Down

Elizabeth is a med student and is preparing to be married in the Orthodox Church, yet she finds herself asking more and more questions about the role of women in the Church. Elizabeth’s story is full of honesty, curiosity, and insatiable longing for Mystery.


Episode 20: The Greatest News Ever

Ted is a 30-year-old youth director in Ohio. After deciding against a career in journalism, Ted chose to spend his life spreading the best news story he’d ever heard: the resurrection of Christ. For Ted, no other story has the capacity to break through the darkness and shine the light of love upon our lives.


Episode 19: Eating Food, Drinking Beer, and Talking About Orthodoxy

Aleksandra is in her early 20s, and she says she “lives, eats, and breathes Human Resources.” She describes her faith journey as one that has taken many twists, but has ultimately brought her back to Orthodoxy through a series of painful events. With the support of her friends and people who have loved her, she has found the Church to be a place that offers direction and new possibility. New episodes every other Friday.


Episode 18: They Call Me Their “Pascha Daughter”

Hannah is newly graduated from college and is looking for how she can continue to grow in her own faith through serving the world. She speaks clearly about the reality of pain and suffering, both in her own life and in the world, and shares how the community of the Church can be a source of strength through the ups and downs of the Christian walk. New episodes every other Friday.


Episode 17: We’ve All Got a Piece of the Elephant

Stephanie is 32 years old and is just beginning her own therapy and life-coaching practice. Her area of expertise: religious trauma. As an Asian-American woman, Stephanie is also interested in the intersectional space of minority identities and how this gives everybody a unique perspective on the spiritual life.


Episode 16: Keep On Truckin’

Matt is a professor of philosophy in Rhode Island, and for him, philosophy isn’t just something he has studied; it’s a way of life. Through philosophy, Matt has learned that it is important to stay engaged in the struggle of faith and to pursue the things that are rightly fitting for human beings.


Episode 15: Looking Into the Shadow

Justin is in his 30s, working as a forensic investigator for a major insurance company. He describes himself as a scientist but can’t seem to get away from the relational realities of the Gospel as he seeks to live more fully into the tradition of the Orthodox Church.


Episode 14: What Else Could You Want?

Fr. Panagiotis is a 31-year-old priest in the Chicagoland area. Having served as an altar boy as a kid, he pretty much always knew the direction his life was headed. In this episode of We Are Orthodoxy, Fr. Panagiotis discusses how his relationship with the Divine Liturgy has kept him connected to an enduring vision of what is good and right for human beings to pursue.


Episode 13: The Shame Factor

Emily is newly graduated from college and is working as a learning specialist. A convert to the Church, Emily is trying to navigate exactly what it means to live a faithful life in Christ. While she longs to be connected to Christ and the Church, Emily shares the shame she experiences when she feels she falls short of others’ expectations, and the temptation to give up altogether.


Episode 12: Work With Your Head, Not Your Hands

Steve Christoforou puts his feet to the fire in the season finale of We Are Orthodoxy. Steve discusses the complexity of working for the Church, describing how it isn’t always quite the same thing as serving the Lord. Trusting that Christ is enough to make it through even the deepest of crises, Steve remains deeply committed to holding on to the Lord.