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Story 4: Johanna Burkhardt & Katie K dig into alcoholic parents and numbing yourself

Listen in as I hear Johanna's brave and real account of growing up with an alcoholic father, how it affected her and what happened after his death. Her story is truthful and real as she shares her experience with going to through a stroke and the spiritual awakening she had on the other side. Johanna's story is inspiring and moving as she offers her own reflections on finding wholeness and healing after a painful and confusing childhood. Now she works with women to overcome their own...


The Power of Creative Energy

That's right! Shakti is within you and it's time you learn how to use it. Join me for this 20 min exploration into why your creative energy is essential and how you can use it to achieve all you want. Simple, direct and fun~ once you master your creative energy life becomes way more exciting. And free!


Story 3: Jen Turrell & Katie K talk about cults, abuse and money

Jen has one of the most incredible stories and I was beyond humbled to share it with her in this intimate chat. After being raised in a cult and being abused for 12 years she managed to not only escape but thrive and overcome everything she faced as a young woman. Brave, bold and fiercely feminine are 3 words to describe how this wonderful woman has risen above the odds and used her experiences to help other women find financial freedom and love in so many ways. Now she spends her time...


Putting Action to your story

Listen in as I share another fragment of my own story and explain how I ended up stuck and confused for so much of my life. Part of the Women Are Rising's mission is to deliver proof that taking a closer look works, and here I explain just a few ways you can do that. Short, sweet and simple this is 20 mins that will help change your life.


Story 2: Nina Dafe & Katie K Talk about Women in the Bible & Beyond

Nina and I have the best time riffing on questions like "Why does Eve have to take all the blame" and "where are all the women rockstars in the Bible?" and don't be surprised when she lets us know that there were women entrepreneurs even THEN! She shares an incredible story about how she overcame negative body image and really began to find her place in life and society by pushing the boundaries of she'd been given. She draws on special interest in feminism, womanism and female...


Story 1: Perpetua Neo & Katie K dig into Spiritual Gaslighting

Join Katie K & Dr. Perpetua Neo as they dig into topics like Spiritual Gaslighting, Emotionally abusive relationships, Fashion, Narcissism and how she overcame her own personal struggles with an abusive partner and become the powerhouse woman, healer and guide she is today. Dr. Perpetua Neo is a shining example of how you can triumph after trials and offers how own story as a look at what happens as you experience this. You can find Dr. Perpetua Neo at her website And on facebook.