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A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. Practical training to help you excel musically, theologically and pastorally. More content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship teams at www.worshipleadertraining.com

A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. Practical training to help you excel musically, theologically and pastorally. More content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship teams at www.worshipleadertraining.com
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A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. A monthly podcast for worship leaders and worship team members. Practical training to help you excel musically, theologically and pastorally. More content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship teams at www.worshipleadertraining.com






Forming and Leading Creative Teams w/ Chris Vacher

Imagine a video team, a worship team, a photography team, a design team, a songwriting team, and a web and social media team all working together as one unit! Sound like a dream? It's possible and Chris Vacher from C4 Church has done it. As worship leaders, we want our churches to be creatively excellent for the glory of God. But how do we get all these teams to work together? What if we don't even have any of these teams? Where would we start? In this episode, Chris shares how to form new...


BONUS: How To Increase Engagement In Your Worship Services

Every worship leader wants more engagement and participation from their congregation, but not many worship leaders know how to get it. Often we think if we had more talent, a bigger budget, and more (and louder) gear that it would help our church engage in worship more, but that is simply not the case. In fact, with some simple, prayerful planning you can craft and shape worship services that engage, excite and invite passionate participation from your congregants. This bonus episode is a...


Phil Wickham: Caring For Your Voice

Phil Wickham has one of the most unique and beautiful voices of our generation. But four years ago Phil almost lost his voice forever. In this episode, I talk to Phil about what led to his vocal polyp, what he learned through the healing process, how he cares for his voice now, and how you and I can strengthen and develop our own unique singing voice for the glory of God and the good of our churches. Phil Wickham Online Living Hope (iTunes) Living Hope (Amazon) Direct Download I'D...


Bi-Vocational Worship Leading w/ Zach Hodges

Most worship leaders are Bi-Vocational (meaning they hold a second job, or serve strictly as a volunteer). With all that we want to accomplish in our ministries, how can we move the ball forward while balancing ministry, family, health, and a second career? How do we find time to work ON our ministry, not just IN it? This month, I talk with Zach Hodges, about how he (as a bi-vocational worship leader) manages his time, disciples team members, delegates responsibility, balances family...


Hillsong's Systems That Lead To Musical Excellence

Why is Hillsong Worship so good? How do they achieve such high levels of musical excellence? What are they doing behind the scenes that leads to consistently great results in all of their campuses? Inquiring minds want to know. Thankfully, this month I am joined by Rich Langton, Creative Pastor for Hillsong Church, and he gives us a peek behind the curtains, helping us understand the systems, structure and culture that drives the creative machine we all know and love: Hillsong...


13 Ways To Win When Starting At A New Church

Starting at a new church can be a daunting and overwhelming task. The first few months in particular are crucial to setting the tone and direction you want to take the ministry. With the right attitude and methods, you can successfully adopt an existing team, win their trust, help them catch your vision, build momentum, and transition the culture and direction of the worship department. In this practical episode, Zach Hodges and I share 13 ways to win when starting at a new church. Enjoy and...


How To Run Efficient Worship Rehearsals

All worship leaders have to run rehearsals, but not all worship leaders run rehearsals well. Wasted time, sloppy arrangements, and frustrated band members all stem from a lack of leadership. As worship leaders, we owe it to our teams to make our rehearsal times as fun, efficient and productive as possible. The goal is that everyone leaves rehearsal feeling excited, engaged, energized and expectant for what God will do in the upcoming service. This month’s episode is a recording of a live...


How To Have Hard Conversations with Your Worship Team Members

Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of being a leader. But difficult conversations don't have to be viewed in a negative light. In fact, helping a team member grow is a very positive thing, and is actually commanded in scripture (Ephesians 4). In this month's episode, Brenton Collyer and I share how to reframe your mindset regarding difficult conversations, and give you very practical tips on how to have them in a variety of contexts (auditions, sin, bad team behavior, etc.) Also...


Building Incredible Volunteer Teams w/ Carl Barnhill

If you want to accomplish something great for the Kingdom of God, you need a great team of people around you. In today’s episode, I talk with Carl Barnhill about how to create healthy, happy, thriving, volunteer teams. Carl is truly an expert team builder. I learned SO much from this interview. We discuss recruiting (“inviting”), onboarding, culture, communication, training, and so much more. This is a super practical episode, and I’m excited for what you’ll be able to take and apply to your...


Q&A: How Do I Lead Musicians Who Are Better Than Me?

Hopefully, you’re surrounded by amazing musicians in your worship ministry (every worship leader’s dream)! But if you are, you might not know how to lead them, guide them, and give them direction. Maybe you don’t know how to “speak their language”, or you are intimidated by their skill and experience. In our final Q&A episode of the month, Justin Bell, Brenton Collyer and I share how you can learn to lead musicians who are more talented than you in a way that is winsome and...


Q&A: Why Should I Make My Worship Ministry Better?

How good is “good enough” in worship ministry? It may seem like a silly question, but all of us have limited time, personnel, and resources. Why chase after excellence, when what we are currently doing serves the church just fine? And why does worship ministry get all the special attention? Should a church’s worship department pull talent and resources from other departments? In our second Q&A episode this month, we tackle the many various reasons to continue pushing our ministries forward,...


Help! I Inherited A Singer Who Can't Sing!

This month we will be doing a three-part Q&A series, answering listeners’ questions. This first episode addresses a common problem that many worship leaders face: Inheriting a team member (or multiple team members) who don’t have the musical skill to perform the task at hand. How do we as worship leaders help this beloved person understand that music ministry might not be God’s calling for their lives? Is there any hope that we can help them develop? In what other creative ways can we use...


Developing Future Worship Leaders w/ Passion (Kristian Stanfill, Brett Yonkers)

One of the prime objectives of scripture is to be fruitful and multiply. As worship leaders, we can multiply ourselves by investing in the next generation of worship leaders. It is our job to pass the baton to future generations and intentionally train and disciple them. At Passion City Church, worship leaders like Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder have passed the baton to the younger guns: Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, and Melodie Malone. This month I talk to Kristian Stanfill...


Q&A: How Do I Get Hired As A Worship Leader?

How does someone get hired as a worship leader? Is there a path a person takes to become a paid worship leader at a church? And what are some tips to help navigate the hiring process for a full-time ministry position? Getting hired at a church can be a daunting and mysterious process, so in today’s episode, I try to take some of the mystery out of it and give you practical tips to guide you to the greatest chance of success. I share three principles for young worship leaders to keep in mind...


Planning Center Tips, Tricks & Hacks w/ Aaron Stewart

Planning Center is used by over 30,000 churches worldwide, and for good reason: It is the most robust, easy-to-use software available for service planning and church database management. Aaron Stewart, the founder of Planning Center, started it as a frustrated worship leader looking for something to help manage his teams and his song sets. Today, the software can do much more than that and is helping thousands of worship leaders just like you do their job with less headache and hassle. In...


7 Ways To Use Your Rehearsal Night To Its Full Potential

Our rehearsal nights can be so much more than just playing through a few songs. If used correctly, they become times to shape culture, invest in relationships, do discipleship, train new volunteers, raise up new worship leaders, find better uses of our technology and more. This month, I’m the one being interviewed, by Carl Barnhill of the Church Media Podcast (check them out!). In this episode, I share 7 ways we can use our mid-week rehearsals to their full potential. Enjoy! (Please leave us...


Cultivating A Deeper Spirituality On Your Worship Team w/ Jeremy Riddle

In a world of pervasive “shallowness”, deep spirituality can seem an elusive thing to attain. Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other distractions keep our minds in the shallows. This is the world that our team members live in. As leaders in God’s Church, it is our responsibility to fight for depth, focus, and deeper spirituality in our people, so that there is power in our worship leading. But how do we do this? Today I talk with Jeremy Riddle of Bethel Church about how he helps his teams...


Helping Your Band Beat Busyness and Embrace Musical Simplicity

We have all had those band members who think that the worship set is their time to shred! The drummer who plays a fill every two bars. The electric guitar player who solos over the vocal. The bassist who won’t stop noodling! No more! Put an end to musical busyness with this month’s episode. This month, I give you seven principles to help your band beat busyness and embrace musical simplicity. God deserves excellence, but excellence does not equate to unceasing shredding. Help your band...


The Current State of Worship w/ Matt Redman

As we come to the close of the year, I asked prolific songwriter and worship leader Matt Redman about the current state of modern worship around the globe. Where are we at as a worship culture, what encouraging trends is he seeing, what concerns him, and what advice does he have for worship leaders as we stewart our calling well? This episode is less of a training and more of an encouragement and exhortation from a wiser, older brother. Be encouraged and challenged! Matt Redman...


6 Ways To Utilize Your Acoustic Guitar To Its Full Potential

Your acoustic guitar is an incredibly powerful tool. Its melodic and percussive nature allows you to create lots of energy and dynamic if utilized properly. Unfortunately, many worship leaders are under-utilizing this versatile instrument because they have never been taught a handful of simple techniques that can take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level. Whether you lead alone (just you and your acoustic guitar), or you have a worship band, using the six techniques outlined in...