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Episode 013 - Identity and Stage Fright with Special Guest MxU

Ya'll ready for the newest podcast banger from Worship Leader Probs? In this episode, the guys address stage fright, share prayer concerns and finish their conversation with the guys from MxU. Hope you enjoy the golden nuggets of wisdom found in this episode. Episode Breakdown: Intro: 23s MVP's: 6m 48s Prayer Concerns: 11m 42s Sliding into the DM's: MXU interview: 22m 56s


Episode 012 - Cell Phones, Mean People, and a Conversation with the guys from MXU

Grab your favorite device for listening to podcasts and head to Starby's cause Worship Leader Probs is back! This episode includes a discussion about people who are on their phones during rehearsal, an incredible segment filled with the craziest stuff people have said to our WLP listeners at church, and a spirited conversation with the guys from MxU. Have the fire department on speed dial cause this episode is lit. To learn more about the guys from MxU visit mxu.rocks and follow them on...


Episode 011 - Aaron Shust part 2

With a new year comes another new episode of the Worship Leader Probs Podcast! In this episode, the guys tackle advice for someone just starting out in worship/production ministry, recognize their MVPs, and share prayer concerns. Then, they finish off with part 2 of their interview with Aaron Shust. Episode Breakdown Intro - 24s MVPs - 8m 24s Prayer Concerns - 13m 48s Starting out in ministry - 19m 30s Aaron Shust - 29m 30s


Episode 010 - Special Guest Aaron Shust

Christmas time is here!!!! And so is episode 10 of the Worship Leader Probs podcast! In this episode, the guys recognize their MVP's. read some prayer concerns, and then slide into them DM's and swap their favorite before or after service moments! Then, they get into part one of their interview with Aaron Shust! Cozy up next to the fire, stop watching Elf, and enjoy this hilarious episode! Episode Breakdown - Intro - 25s Jeremy's apology - 2m 51s MVP's - 9m 20s Sliding into DM's 22m 30s...


Episode 009 - Special Guest Meredith Andrews

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up.....it's podcast time! The guys are back with another hilarious and insightful episode of the Worship Leader Probs podcast. In this episode, the guys recognize their MVP's share prayer concerns and talk about what they are most excited about heading into 2019! Then, they jump into part 2 of their interview with Meredith Andrews! This one is bound to keep you laughing and thinking. Episode Breakdown: Intro: 25s MVP's: 11m 17s Prayer Concerns: 15m 14s...


Episode 008 - Stirring Up Deep Deep Wells with Meredith Andrews

We are back with a brand new episode of the Worship Leader Probs Podcast. In this episode, the guys have their first female guest....the one, the only Meredith Andrews. The guys also recognize their MVP's, have a quick laugh at this week's prayer concerns, and then discuss using, deploying, and mixing multitracks in their church services. Like butter baby, this episode is on a roll!! Show Breakdown: Intro // 25s MVP's // 6m 25s Prayer Concerns // 11m 20s Sliding Into the DM's // 18m 58s...


Episode 007 - The godfather part 2 with Special Guest Paul Baloche

Let's get hyped....episode 7 is here. In this episode of the Worship Leader Probs podcast the guys talk about stage design on a budget, dealing with complaints, and finish out their interview with Paul Baloche. They also honor their MVP's and discuss prayer concerns. Grab a cat, and get to listening.


Episode 006 - The godfather of modern worship....Paul Baloche

Grab some popcorn and settle in cause this episode of the Worship Leader Probs podcast is full of critical nuggets of knowledge. The guys honor their MVP's, share some prayer concerns, and chat about recruiting volunteers. As if that is not enough they jump into their interview with Paul Baloche.


Episode 005 - Low expectations with Special Guest Chris McClarney

Extra, Extra read all about it! Episode 5 is here! In this episode the guys tackle preparation and then finish their interview with the one and only soul man Christ McClarney!


Episode 004 - Altoids and Sloppy Wet Picks with Special Guest Chris McClarney

It's time again for the Worship Leader Probs Podcast! In this episode the guys share the MVP, prayer concerns, and slide into dem DM's. This week's DM is about how you should introduce new songs to your congregation. As if that is not enough the guys share their interview with their new friend Chris McClarney. Get out the butter cause this episode is about to roll. Show Breakdown: Welcome - 22s MVP's - 6m:49s Prayer Concerns - 9m:48s Sliding into DM's -15m:28s Interview with Chris McClarney...


Episode 003 - Pastor Swole, Shania Twain, and Senior Pastors

Episode 3 coming at ya hot! On this episode of the Worship Leader Probs podcast the guys talk share the WLP MVP's, get into prayer concerns, the audition process, and the Senior pastor/ Worship pastor relationship. Grab yourself a coke and a bag of pretzels cause you are in a for a good time! Intro: :22s MVP's : 6m 2s Prayer Concerns : 12m 51s Sliding into DM's: 17m 46s Scot Longyear Part 2: 40m 50s


Episode 002 - Unicycles and Cat with Special Guest Scot Longyear

In this episode, the guys talk about the pastor adjusting the sound levels, the frank 5 with Scot Longyear, and the relationship between the worship arts ministry and the senior pastor. Buckle up cause this bad boy is full of solid gold knowledge. Show Breakdown: Welcome - :25m MVP's - 6:53m Prayer Concerns - 9:20m Sliding into the DM's - 13:42m Introduce Scot Longyear - 24:28m The Frank 5 - 27:48


Episode 001 - The Man Behind The Memes

In this episode the guys explore the "WHY" behind the meme account, and the vision for the podcast. Also, Mr. Worship Probs will answer the frank 5 questions, address prayer concerns, and talk about how he picks songs for his congregation. Show Breakdown: Welcome - 1m 07s Vision for the podcast - 4m 50s MVP's - 9m 29s The Frank 5 - 14m 56s Sliding into DM's//Picking songs for your church - 31m 21s Prayer Concerns - 50m 26s