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This show is about taking yoga off the mat. Being "mindful" when we're not doing yoga. Using the concepts - and applying them to real life. I know who I am, calm, confident and certain. My vision is stronger than steel. My focus is clearer than eagle eyes. My heart is pure.

This show is about taking yoga off the mat. Being "mindful" when we're not doing yoga. Using the concepts - and applying them to real life. I know who I am, calm, confident and certain. My vision is stronger than steel. My focus is clearer than eagle eyes. My heart is pure.
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This show is about taking yoga off the mat. Being "mindful" when we're not doing yoga. Using the concepts - and applying them to real life. I know who I am, calm, confident and certain. My vision is stronger than steel. My focus is clearer than eagle eyes. My heart is pure.






Ep. 21 Letting the Light In

Welcome to Episode 21. Today I will be talking about letting the light into that dark space. For example, we know we want to forgive but it seems too painful to do so. Forgiveness is one of the things I work on, year after year. Although it has gotten easier it requires light, love and imagination to allow it to be fun when I thought fun would not play here. Allow me to explain, listen for more. Mentions Seaside Center for Spiritual Living Contact Me Katherine Cespedes Yogini From The...


Ep. 20 It Takes Two to Tango

Welcome to episode 20! Today I have the joy of recording with my wonderful producer and my significant other and my best friend Kevin Graham! Kevin and I thoughtfully and collaboratively decided to talk about finding each other and getting ready for one another. We reveal the one thing that has set up our long distance relationship-for success! Listen to find out what the most important thing to do is, before getting into a committed relationship! Mentions HuffPost16 Characteristics of...


Ep. 19 The Energy of New

Episode 19! Thank you for your continuous support and love, because of you, my producer John Biethan and I are able to continue to work on what we love to do, to spread love and light through conversation. Today we will be talking about The Energy of New. On the last podcast John said, "is there anything New?" This sparked the topic for today's podcast. I did my work and came up with the concept which John would say is “not new”, but is new for me. Sometimes what is new for us has been...


Ep. 18 Practice Makes Permanent

Welcome to episode 18! Today I am talking about all the stories in our lives that we are practicing and permeating into our realities. The saying is usually said "Practice makes perfect" but what if we aren’t practicing something we want to continue seeing in our realities? Remember when we were little we didn't know how to tie our shoes? What if we kept practicing that way? Someone had to come along and show us the way that we now know permanently and keeps our shoes from flying off our...


Ep. 17 Do You Believe in Magic?

Welcome to episode 17! I am so glad you are here! Today we are going to talk about magic, no, not Harry Potter/Witches and goblins kind of magic. I’m talking about real magic, yes real! The kind of magic that allows a baby to be born, the kind of magic that bring the sun out in the morning and the moon out at night, the kind of magic that opens your heart after a phase of being hurt and in darkness. The kind of magic that happens when you have a first kiss or a first dance and your heart...


Ep. 16 Mapping Intentions and Navigating Dreams

Welcome to episode 16! This episode is recorded in Colombia! Although I have been on vacation I have found myself in deep thoughts, reading great books, material and observing the power of the Universal laws. Listen to hear more! Mentions Jim Rohn Joel Goldsmith Contact Yogini Katherine Cespedes Yogini From The Block YoginiFromTheBlock.com Email Katherine


Ep. 15 Los 3 Amigos

Welcome to Episode 15! As I grow, take classes, read and explore, my spiritual journey reveals spaces in my life that I thought I “worked out” or that I have a “cure for”. The truth is, we as Spiritual beings, never stop growing and expanding! It is in the way that we grow that makes all the difference. I have come to a space in my life where I recognize fear, worry and anxiety as visiting and fleeting feelings. They come and they go. I know that LOVE, JOY, CURIOSITY AND FUN are feelings I...


Ep. 14 Make Your Decision

Welcome to episode 14. Today my special guest is truly my best friend and my life partner. I am incredibly excited to share a conversation and the microphone with Kevin Graham. Kevin is a PhD candidate who is currently working at Cornell University. Kevin and I are completely different in terms of experiences, career and our perspectives, however, there is one resounding similarity and that's our drive and our choice to make decisions that will positively affect our futures. Contact...


Ep. 13 Emotional Fitness

Welcome to episode 13. Today I will be talking about flexing the Self-Awareness muscle. I have lived in a world that has told me to “get stronger”, “have tough skin”, “Stand in your power”. Today I pause to talk about what this means to me and methods I use in my own life. Tune in and find out my Emotional Fitness routine. Contact Yogini Katherine Cespedes Yogini From The Block YoginiFromTheBlock.com kcesped8@gmail.com Seaside Center for Spiritual Living


Ep. 12 Let Go and Let Heal

Welcome to episode 12! This is an exciting podcast as I share the space with my producer John Biethan and our special guest Audra Nichole. Today we are talking about Letting go and giving ourselves permission to receive healing. In my experience I have had serious growing pains because I had loving and good intentional people sharing with me what I needed to do. My growing pains and aches would quickly heal themselves as I allotted myself the space time and opportunity to grow into another...


Ep. 11 Holding the Light

Welcome to episode 11. As I take more classes and dive deeper into the truth of who I am, I see the divine light in those around me. I now understand why people say you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Listen to discover the truth of who you and I, truly are. Links mentioned Field Trip | Kevin Graham | TEDxRochesterAbraham HicksRev. Christian SorensenfromSeaside Center for Spiritual LivingAshley Mazanec’sLet’s Talk About The Weather podcast Contact...


Ep. 10 Doing Things I Love

Welcome to episode 10! In this episode I am talking about my experience at Kyle Cease and my grand take away. My life continues to shift and transform and now I am adding some extra seasoning to my journey. It doesn't matter where in life I am, I know that if I apply this one thing, all other issues and self created problems fall away. Listen to find out what it is and how it works. Links mentioned University of California Television - What is Proprioception? Kyle Cease Contact...


Ep. 9 Metamorphosis Through Metaphysics

Today’s episode is a small recap of the fire that rekindled within me after going away for a few days and meeting emerging leaders from all over the country. I came back with a new sense of self, as I allowed myself to review my values and boundaries. I see my growth like the stages of a butterfly, the only difference is that every once in awhile- I cycle back into a new caterpillar. Listen for the full break down of this metaphor. Links mentioned NextGen Retreat Butterflies and the Five...


Ep. 8 More Than Enough

Welcome to episode 8. Today I am discussing having an attitude of gratitude. Most times, the feeling of gratitude will bring us to the present moment, being present allows us to be mindful and to be consciously aware of our thoughts. This consciousness is where manifestation begins. Tune in to discover more. Links mentioned Rev. Kimjera Whittington NextGen Retreat Audra Nichole, RScP Marianne Williamson and tickets for the June 15th, 2018 event Abraham Hicks Rev. Christian Sorensen...


Ep. 7 The Myths of Lightness and Darkness

Welcome to my 7th episode. Today’s episode I'm talking about the Yin and the Yang. I will be diving into the myths about the light and the dark. Often, the dark side is considered bad or negative. But is it really? Or is it just about perspective? Mentions Rev. Christian Sorensen Seaside Center for Spiritual Living Contact Yogini Katherine Cespedes YoginiFromTheBlock.com Yoginifromtheblock@gmail.com


Ep. 6 Everybody Prays Sometimes

Welcome to my 6th episode. Today’s episode is all about the art of praying. I was never taught how to pray. It seemed like begging and pleading this, prayer never seemed to appeal to me. Now, I have taken weeks of “Power of Your Word” at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living with Rev. Christian and I will never be the same. I discovered that we are always praying and the magic that happens when we know this truth. Contact Yogini Katherine...


Ep. 5 Fail Forward and Fail Fast

Welcome to my 5th Episode titled “Fail Forward & Fail Fast”. At the beginning of my yoga journey, I was very afraid to fall, get hurt or look “silly.” I kept it very simple and very safe. Most people (like myself) play it safe in life. I was playing it safe, not wanting to take big risks for fear of looking “foolish”. One day I asked my dear friend to spot me so I could try a handstand in the middle of the room. He must have thought I had the posture and walked away from me and I fell so...


Ep. 4 Bertram Byam: How We Walk In This World

Welcome to my 4th episode titled “How We Walk in This World”. I have invited a college friend Bertram Byam to talk to me about how to use our energy in a way that captivates and moves a room. I have always noticed how receptive people are to him and how he is connected to so many different social groups. I have always wondered how and why some people are so good at adapting to their surroundings and how we can stay in the truth of who we are. Tune in on a raw conversation about “How We Walk...


Ep. 3 Get Out The Way

Welcome to my 3rd Episode titled "Get Out The Way". I am what people call a "truth seeker." I have been reading, researching, taking classes and just like in the Alchemist, have come to find all the answers dwell in me. I have prayed to get out of my own way. I have found that this concept means I must push my expectations aside. I discovered that holding on to false beliefs do not serve me. Today we cover the top three beliefs that hinder us from being the happiest and best versions of...


Ep. 2 Oh Shift!

We can not grow by focusing our energy on ourselves we must shift our focus to a higher perspective and take a look at how we can serve. As we serve we become better tapped into our own personal mission, feeling fulfilled, feeling intentional and feeling purposeful. Contact Yogini Katherine Cespedes YoginiFromTheBlock.com kcesped8@gmail.com