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YCLP 030: Tim Bierema on Life Change, Marriage, Ministry and the Heart

Tim recently graduated from Liberty University, got married, and moved back to Canada to serve as the director of a summer student ministry team north of Toronto, Canada. He loves coffee, cats, hockey and has a passion for leading kids into growing relationships with Jesus. In this episode, we talk about life change, why your character matters and how Tim has found accountability; both recently as a newlywed and while he was playing D1 hockey at Liberty. There’s also a special...


YCLP 029: Sarah Lowe on How to Find Accountability and Why it Really Matters

Sarah is the regional director for Young Life in Markham, close to Toronto, Canada. She has a passion for introducing unchurched kids to Jesus and fostering strong discipleship relationships with young leaders. In this episode, Sarah talks about accountability and why it really matters. It’s an open and honest conversation that will really help you grow as a leader. Welcome to episode 29 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


YCLP 028: Accountability: Why You Need It and How To Get It

Accountability. Why does it matter? How do you get it? Today on the Podcast we’ve done something different. We’ve asked five different people why accountability matters, and how to go about getting it in your own life. We hope it’s a conversation starter because we believe this topic is huge! Welcome to episode 28 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast. Head on over to our Young Church Leaders Facebook Group to keep a conversation going.


YCLP 027: Eric Geiger on Accountability and How NOT to Ruin Your Life

Eric Geiger serves as a Senior Vice President at LifeWay Christian Resources, leading the Resources Division. Eric received his doctorate in leadership and church ministry from Southern Seminary. Eric has authored or co-authored several books including Creature of the Word and the best-selling church leadership book, Simple Church. His latest releases are Designed to Lead and How to Ruin Your Life. In this episode, we talk about King David, how to ruin your life, and accountability. You...


YCLP 026: Joy Lane and Andrew Beal Talk Accountability

Joy Lane and Andrew Beal are back! Andrew serves Young Church Leaders as the Content Manager and Joy as the Photography Manager. They are a huge part of what we do! In this episode, we talk about accountability and why it matters so much in ministry today. Welcome to episode 26 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


YCLP 025: Brady Shearer on Leveraging the Greatest Communication Shift in 500 Years to Reach More People

Brady is the founder and CEO of Pro Church Tools, an online resource to help you develop skills to reach people online. Brady used his passion for church media to start Pro Church Tools, Nucleus – a new way to build church websites, and Storytape which gives users access to stock video footage from around the world. Brady is an entrepreneur and leader who noticed a shift in communication and is working hard to help local church leverage that shift to reach more people. Welcome to episode...


YCLP 024: Mac Lake on Growing Emotionally Healthy Leaders

Mac Lake is a Lead Navigator at Auxano, an organization that helps develop actionable plans for articulating, planning, and integrating vision into church cultures. Mac is also the Lead Architect of the Pipeline Development Process. Mac’s passion is growing leaders for the local church. “Every time I hear Bill Hybels say ‘The local church is the hope of the world’ my heart comes out of my chest and it increases my sense of urgency for developing leaders who produce leaders.” – Mac...


YCLP 023: Pete Scazzero on Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Pete Scazzero is the founder of New Life Fellowship Church in Queens, New York City, a large, multiracial church with more than seventy-three countries represented. After serving as senior pastor for twenty-six years, Pete now serves as a teaching pastor/pastor at large. He is the author of The Emotionally Healthy Leader and two bestselling books: The Emotionally Healthy Churchand Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. He is also the co-author of The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course and...


YCLP 022: Konnie Vissers on Spending Time with God

Konnie is a Pastor, writer and blogger who lives north of Toronto Canada. She is passionate about seeing people meet Jesus and reach their potential as disciple-making disciples. She has written on the pastoral care of women and children in crisis and also enjoys a good cup of coffee. Konnie is married to the host of the Young Church Leaders Podcast and together they are expecting their first child. Literally. Any. Day. In this episode, we talk about how Konnie has carved out a great...


YCLP 021: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Book Review with Grant Vissers

Today we’re doing something entirely different than anything we’ve ever done on the podcast. A book review. Not only that, but we’ve also produced a video of this podcast to go along with the audio version. So, whether you’re listening to this on a phone, tablet or computer, what you can do is head over to and find the show notes page. There you can follow along with a video as well as find all the regular show notes that accompany this episode. In today's episode,...



Greg Atkinson has been in ministry for over two decades and has been writing, speaking, and training leaders around the world since 2000. In 2003 Greg launched a website geared to encourage, network, resource, and equip Christian pastors, media ministers, artists and worship leaders – after having served the previous 11 years as a worship pastor himself in the Carolinas and Washington DC. He currently works with which seeks to encourage and provide healing for pastors who...


YCLP 019: Grant Vissers on Self-Awareness and the Podcast

Grant Vissers is a husband, pastor, blogger, and host of the Young Church Leaders Podcast. He serves as Associate Pastor at St. Paul’s Leaskdale north of Toronto, Canada. Today he’s interviewed on his own podcast! That might be a first… In this episode, we talk about the importance of self-awareness and what Grant has learned through interviewing some of today’s best and brightest leaders. Welcome to episode 19 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers!


YCLP 018: Josh Pezold on 2018 and the Future of YCL

Josh serves as the Connections and Outreach pastor at BridgePointe Christian Church in East Providence RI. He's also the founder of Josh has a passion for seeing leaders grow by developing their hearts and pursuing Jesus. In this episode of the podcast, Josh Pezold and Grant Vissers talk about 2018 and the future of We also catch up with Josh and talk about 2017, in particular, some of the biggest things he's learned and what advice he has...


YCLP 017: Joy Lane on Self-Reflection and Making Space for God

Joy is a mother, wife, leader, pastor, mentor and artist. She has a passion for the local church and for developing a heart that pursues Jesus. Today on the podcast, Joy and I sit down to discuss what she's been learning during a unique season of resting in God. Welcome to episode 17 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast.


YCLP 016: Drake de long-Farmer on Transitions in Leadership, Building Teams, and Self-Awareness

Drake currently serves as the Executive Pastor at and the Founder of As well as a speaker, writer and leadership coach/consultant. Drake is passionate about seeing people thrive and come alive. To BELONG, wrestle with what they BELIEVE and BECOME people FULL OF LOVE, FUELLED BY FAITH, and ADDICTED TO HOPE. Drake is also a life learner and loves being challenged to think deeper and grow further. One of his favorite things to do is spend a good amount of time...


Ross Lockhart on Training Up Missional Leaders with Passionate Hearts

Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall. Ross serves as the Presbyterian Director of Denominational Formation at VST as well as an Adjunct Professor of Homiletics at St. Mark’s College, UBC. Ross has a particular passion for shaping missionary disciples and “scholarly evangelists” for leadership in Christ’s Church for the sake of mending God’s creation. Ross is the author of Lessons from Laodicea: Missional...


YCLP 014: Justin Herman on Creating and Leading a Healthy Team

Justin Herman serves as Junior High Pastor at Mariners Church in California. On today's episode of the podcast, we talk about how self-awareness is crucial to cultivating and leading healthy teams. Welcome to episode 14 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers.


YCLP 013: Ben Stapley on Leading Creatives

As the Creative Arts Pastor, Ben is responsible for the weekend service, worship experience, video creation, and church online. Ben has a passion for creating and capturing memorable moments designed to bring people closer to Christ. We sit down with Ben to discuss how to lead creatives well and encourage health as they lead in the local church. Welcome to episode 13 of the Young Church Leaders Podcast with Grant Vissers.


YCLP 012: Jeremy Macdonald on Learning and Leading with High Capacity Leaders

Jeremy serves at Connexus Church north of the Toronto, Canada as the Campus Pastor for their Orillia site. Jeremy is often described as an excited, positive, and organized person. He seeks adventure, whether it’s living out of a tent for a month and a half while travelling across the US and Canada, or renting an aeroplane in an elaborate plan to propose to Chantal. In this episode, we talk about learning and leading with high-capacity leaders, pursuing work and family with...


YCLP 011: Clay Scroggins on How to Lead When You're Not in Charge

Clay has the privilege of being the lead pastor of North Point Community Church (NPCC) in Alpharetta, GA, but he didn’t start in that role. Beginning as a facilities intern (a.k.a. Vice-President of Nothing), he worked his way through many organizational levels and learned all too well the challenge of authority deprivation. As the original and largest campus of North Point Ministries, which was ranked by Outreach Magazine in 2014 as the largest church in America, NPCC averages over...