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#17 Joe Brewer - Effective Spirituality and Cultural Evolution

This week I am with Joe Brewer, modern Renaissance Man and Systems Thinker/Doer. Joe has dedicated his life to helping humanity navigate global challenges as a complexity researcher, innovation strategist, and transdisciplinary scholar who brings a wealth of expertise to the adoption of sustainable solutions at the cultural scale. He weaves people and knowledge across fields to build capacities for systemic change. He is a co-founder of the Cultural Evolution Society, a global scientific...


#16 Moritz Bierling - Heterodoxy, Anti-fragility, and a new Internet

Today my guest is Moritz Bierling. Moritz is involved in a number of exciting projects: he is the Chief Catalyst at Holo (the distributed P2P hosting platform for Holochain) as well as a Senior Strategist at Exosphere (a revolutionary learning and problem solving community with a new HQ set to launch outside Barcelona, Spain). I reached out to Moritz because of his story, his mind, and his values. I learned so much from this conversation about working through the Dark Times, aligning with...


#15 Peter Limberg - Making Sense of Culture War 2.0

This week, my guest is Peter Limberg. I found Peter on Twitter. Turns out, Twitter is actually a rose garden if you know where to look. Peter (and co-author Conor Barnes) published a piece on Medium last September called “The Memetic Tribes of Culture War 2.0.” They do an excellent job placing us in this moment of history- where the “Left/Right” binary is far too simplistic in understanding the competing cultural forces at play. Conor and Peter help distill the reality maps for these...


#14 THE FUTURE OF MONEY w/ Misir Mahmudov

This week, I am with Misir Mahmudov- a senior finance student at Columbia University. I reached out to Misir on Twitter because I wanted to have a conversation with someone who had a grasp on the significance of Bitcoin and its potential place in the financial system. Misir studies Bitcoin, Austrian economics, and the history of money. Enjoy as Misir gives us a run down of how things were, how they are, and how they could be. Show Notes: Follow Misir on Twitter (@misir_mahmudov). Read...



This week, I am with Toronto based writer, editor, and social media consultant Ian Welsh. Ian writes about politics and culture with cutting insight. He’s also not afraid to offend. His work is all about helping people see through their constructions of reality based on their unique cultural conditioning. Ian has a robust spiritual practice and comes to very fascinating conclusions about what it means to make meaning. We talk discuss the future of capitalism, “emotional performance” on...


#12 THE IDENTITY TRAP w/ Taylor Wilkins

This week, I am with entrepreneur and life coach Taylor Wilkins. Drawing on a decade of experience in crisis mental health treatment, Taylor is devoted to helping people shed the limiting beliefs and identities to which we attach that are holding us back from the life we want. Through his company, The Tailored Quill, Taylor provides a proven system that intensively offers life-changing self-awareness confidence to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves in which we trap ourselves and...


#11 OUR FUTURE SENSE MAKING w/ Jordan Hall (pt 2)

Part 2 of my conversation with Jordan Hall. This time, we’re on to discuss the future of religion. Jordan makes some helpful distinctions between: RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY ENJOY.


#10 DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE w/ Jordan Hall (pt 1)

This week, I am with complexity scientist and systems thinker Jordan Hall. I first heard Jordan on a podcast a number of years ago and feel like I’ve been mulling over his ideas in my head ever since. Do yourself a favor and check out his work on Medium.


#9 VITAMIN WEED w/ Dr. Michele Ross

Today’s episode is with a bad ass neuroscientist who offers a refreshing perspective on the healing power of cannabis! Dr. Michele Ross is the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll scientist. We talk early childhood stories about drugs, the blindspots of Western medicine, and the profound mystery of psychedelic experiences. Oh, and her role on the reality TV show “Big Brother.” Apparently she’s the first scientist to do reality TV? Get it, Dr. Ross.


#8 BEING & BECOMING WHOLE w/ Thomas McConkie

This episode is a live recording of the ZION2.0 launch party. I play some silly music, give a brief history of how the podcast came about, and settle in for an expansive conversation with Thomas McConkie. Thomas is a Salt Lake City native with deep wisdom to share. He tells his story on leaving the Mormon church at an early age, moving to China to study Buddhism, and eventually returning to Salt Lake to launch Lower Lights Sangha, a non profit that teaches mindfulness, meditation, and...


#7 DIGITAL NATURALNESS w/ Zach Schlosser

This week I am with the lovely Zach Schlosser. Zach studied religion at Brown, launched an online school, and writes for a variety of publications about the future. We discuss integral theory, the optimal digital future, and our relationship with relationship. He is doing big, exciting things. Follow him. Website: www.digitalnaturalness.com


#6 HONEST BROADWAY w/ Caitlin Kinnunen

This week I sit down with Caitlin Kinnunen, star of the new Broadway musical “The Prom.” Caitlin Kinnunen is a talented performer living in New York City with a very cool story. She was home schooled on a small island in Washington state, booked her first Broadway gig when she was 16, and moved to NYC. Caitlin and I reflect on our history together, discuss how to grapple with anxiety and depression, and how her own spirituality has grown and developed. She is just the best. Check her out...


#5 MIDTOWN SHAMAN w/ Jonathan Hammond

This week I sit down with a talented healer and shamanic practitioner. Jonathan is a former actor turned bad ass medicine man. He lives in and runs a practice out of Manhattan. We talk show business, visions in Hawaii, and what it takes to tap into the creative force of nature. Strap in baby, you’re going to like this one. You can learn more about Jonathan and his work at mindbodyspiritnyc.com.


#4 GOD IS NOT STATIC w/ John Ford Dunker

This week I sit down with an advanced spiritual being hailing from Fargo, North Dakota. John Ford-Dunker is an actor, musician, Christian, and a very good friend. He packs a heavy punch. We talk social media, religion, and why we can’t change anyone but ourselves. I hope you have a mirror while you listen to this episode. Get ready for some deep sea soul diving. The new intro music? Courtesy of JFD.


#3 MAD MEN YOGI w/ Alex Dickinson

After discovering his beautiful Instagram, I reached out to an old high school friend. We hadn’t spoken in around 6 or 7 years. This is us catching up. Alex Dickinson is a copywriter, competitive runner, yoga teacher, and an all around lovely person. We discuss the advertising industry, why you should travel to Oaxaca, Mexico, relationships with moms, and why you should not put your leg over your head on the dance floor. Enjoy lovelies!


#2 THE TYRANNY OF OPTIMISM w/ Dr. Jane Goldberg

I sit down this week with a seriously bad ass woman. Jane is a psychoanalyst, holistic health practitioner, business owner, and a serious integral thinker. We talk New Orleans Jews, Freud’s couch, and the fact that your SKIN is an EYE. Buckle up babes.


#1 LSD AND RELIGION w/ Colin Pugh

First episode! I feel like a baby deer stumbling out of his mother on an inviting spring morn. This week I am with Colin Pugh of the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society. We talk about Blockchain technology, the value of religion, porn, and whether or not Evil exists. This is a fun one folks. Expect this gentleman to be back at some point. xoxoxo