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The One Who Walks Alone

We all seek companionship, good friends. We want to be heard and to be known. And yet within ourselves and our worlds is One Who Walks Alone. This is a Zen koan. This is not a lonely one, but one who can never be lonely, who walks in her truth, living the life given to them.


Again and Again; The Great Value of Repetition

Here we are in summer, vacationing, looking for excitemement and refreshment, hoping to make life special. Then we return to our routines, having to face ordinary moments again. But here is a secret about how to make our usual lives alive, refreshing and filled with surprises.Without going anywhere at all.


Go Wash Your Cup

The Zen direction to lasting happiness is very different from the way we usually live. When asked that question, teachers just point to what is under your nose. Happiness is right here always, they are saying, offering a cup of tea. Drink your tea, enjoy it! And then, please, wash your cup. Both the drinking and cleaning, receiving and giving make for a complete life.


Wanting Nothing In Return

Usually we give to others, expecting a great deal in return. This way of life keeps us dependent upon the outcome of our actions. If they go as we wish, we are a success, if not a failure. Find out a totally new way of giving that frees you to enjoy each moment, person and gift, no matter the outcome.


Falling In Love With Your Fantasy

So many of us falling in love with someone because they make us feel good and meet our needs. When they change, the love vanishes. But are we in love with them, or with our fantasy about them? Are we basically in love with ourselves? Learn how to break through this, let go of the fantasy and see what love truly is.


Leaving The House of Sorrow

It's so easy to get trapped into sorrow that we can't get out of. Zen wisdom has a way for us to open the windows and doors, to let the sun in and find that there is so much more happening along with the sorrow we experience.


The Best Encouragement Is No Encouragement

Find out why the Best Encouragement is No Encouragement. We all want to be encouraged, uplifted, inspired and look for role models to emulate. But when someone disappoints us, or things go wrong, our inspiration usually goes down the hill. The Zen Way, however, offers an entirely different way to remain inspired and encouraged. Take a step on this new path.


Inevitable Kindness (The Tree House Master)

How can we fill our lives with acts of Inevitable, natural kindness? How do we live with playfulness and joy, no matter what? The great Master who lived in a tree house tells us, offering a surprising wake up call.


It's Not An Ordinary Afternoon

After an exciting day of celebrations, many feel let down, as if now it's just an ordinary afternoon... Nothing special. They retreat and go through the paces of the life. But each day, each moment is unique and precious. Let's learn how not to kill time, to miss our lives, and live it to the call.


There's No Such Thing As Garbage

We discard so much in our lives, considering it garbage. Either it's gotten old, lost its glimmer, or seems unimportant in our lives. But here we stop and realize the price we pay when doing that, how much of our lives we toss away. We also understand why an old Zen Master taught his student that there was no such thing as garbage. Everything serves everything else.


Attention! Attention! Attention!

We are bombarded by so many demands upon our attention, not realizing that our attention is our precious energy and life force. What we pay attention to increases and intensifies in our lives. Learn how to take charge of your life and energy and live according to your true direction.


Nothing Bad Ever Happened

Most of our lives we spend dwelling upon painful situations. But here is a way to turn that around and see that whatever happens, holds a precious gift for us.


The Real Miracle

We're all looking for miracles, sudden beneficial changes in our lives. And miracles do happen. But Henry Miller, tells us that there is only one real miracle. Standing Still. See what he means and how to step off the merry go round of life.


The Ultimate Destination

As we walk along the roads of our lives, what is our ultimate destination? And what is the true way to make this journey so that every moment counts? This episode discusses Zen practice, during the day of the funeral of a great Zen Master.


When Others Are Wrong I Am Wrong

Much of our interactions with others is about deciding who is right, who is wrong. Conflict, power struggles and disappointment rule the day. This podcast offers a completely new way to be together, which opens the way for fun, true friendship and wonderful surprises.


Every Place Is The Right Place

We always want to be somewhere else, waiting for the perfect moment, person or situation to be happy. This episode show us how that compulsion takes our lives from us. As we return to where we are and find all that is good in it, fear and sorrow drift away.


Water Wears Away A Stone

Stones seem strong, tough and immovable, but a simple drop of water, flowing, yielding and nourishing, can wear away the stone. We make our lives and hearts into stones and here we learn how to melt away the harshness so we can live a life that is joyous and fulfilled.


Answering The Call

The journey to freedom is being celebrated this week-end. Throughout all the centuries and traditions we are called to a larger life, and in our journey must learn to hear the call, know where it is coming from and what it is addressing. Then, as we discern, we are called to respond. Lets look at the different calls upon our lives and see where they are taking us.


The Path Is Made By Walking On It

Part of the distress we have in life comes from travelling on paths which lead us in the wrong direction, or are not the paths that belong to us. In this podcast we explore how to walk with our own two feet and as we are walking, create a life and journey that is satisfying, every step of the way.


Life Is One Continuous Mistake

Let's explore the nature of so called problems and "mistakes". Let's also look at koans, what are they and how do they relate to the issues we confront in life and the ways in which we try to solve them. This episode begins the journey of learning how to view life playfully, enjoyably, to take the sting out of problems, not get caught in obsessive thinking, but find the part of us that has all the answers we need.