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Don't Take The Bait

It's so easy to get caught up and taken over by the endless people, calls, messages and surprises that appear. But there's a great cost to us living this way. Let's find out how to stay rooted in our own lives and direction and not get lost.


Worry Free Giving

Most of us give with one hand and then wait to see the outcome. This inevitably leads to disappointment and resentment. Is our gift enough? Will they love us for it? From the world of Zen a new way of giving arises...This podcast shows us how to give fully in all circumstances and feel full and happy about it, no matter what.


Who is The Guest? Who Is The Host?

We go many places, visit and return. What calls us home? What in our life is fleeting and temporary, only a guest, and what remains stable and welcoming, the Host? As we learn to recognize the difference between that which must go, and that which remains, our lives fall into harmony. We also learn how to take the different roles in our lives, become both a guest and host, and enjoy the gifts of each situation.


Just Grab The Dust Rag

We all feel called to do something important in life. Many create large goals and plans in order to do something worthwhile, larger than ordinary life. Yet there is a danger here. It becomes easy to overlook what is needed right now, waiting beside you. We may not realize that just grabbing the dust rag and caring for what must be cared for is enlightenment itself.


Playing With Toys (Finding The Real Thing)

Much of our life revolves around playing with toys and putting so much time and effort into getting them, keeping them, and then when the toy is worn out finding an updated version. Including relationships. But Uchiyama Roshi says, when we are young we play with toys, when we grow old we want the real thing." What is the real thing in your life? What is that which is abundantly available, natural and provides lasting satisfaction and joy?


Ordinary Mind Is The Way

We are all looking for something or someone special, or to become special ourselves. Who we are is not enough, something is always wrong or missing. Many feel that way, wondering how to become fulfilled and whole? There is a great secret of Zen which answers this directly and simply as we explore the truth about Ordinary Mind.


Thank You, This Suffices

The world as we know it is ruled by fierce hunger which quickly develops into greed. And when we get what we want, oddly we only want more of it. No matter how much we receive, there is always dissatisfaction. When is it enough? How to become full and complete, able to say a true Thank You and move along? TThere is a way. Come discover the answer.


Don't Be Confused By Your Confusion

There is so much confusion in our world today, we barely know where to turn. Some say the "Center does not hold." This is a wonderful time to find our true Center, the place where we know just what to depend upon and where to turn.


Trusting Life's Changes

We all seek the ultimate answer to what we can really count on in life. Many absorb the words and experiences of others and expect them to provide all they need. They hold onto these truth fiercely. But, what was real and true for us yesterday may make no sense a few days later. Conditions change, we change, our needs and understanding changes. So, what can we really count on, where can we put our trust? Come listen to this episode and find out.


A Taste of Honey

We all want life to be sweet and are looking for that taste of honey. We look for it in our food, relationships, friends, circumstances that will not disturb us. The goal is comfort and being undisturbed. But all that is sweet turns bitter. Where can we find a taste of honey that remains delicious and comforting throughout all the experiences in our life? Come listen and see.


The Great Return: (Returning Home To Ourselves)

Here we are at end of summer, preparing to return home. Everything returns to where it came from, it has to. Waves return to seashore, baby to mother's arms, friends to one another. Learn how the great rhythms of the universe can bring us exactly where we belong. Learn the great art of pausing and return.


An End To Sorrow

We all wish to be happy and plan our lives around it. Inevitably, however, happy times come and go. How is it possible to end sorrow and experience unflinching happiness? Our first reaction is to fight disturbing moments, but this episode offers a completely new way of experiencing sorrow so that it transforms into a deeper life.


The One Who Walks Alone

We all seek companionship, good friends. We want to be heard and to be known. And yet within ourselves and our worlds is One Who Walks Alone. This is a Zen koan. This is not a lonely one, but one who can never be lonely, who walks in her truth, living the life given to them.


Again and Again; The Great Value of Repetition

Here we are in summer, vacationing, looking for excitemement and refreshment, hoping to make life special. Then we return to our routines, having to face ordinary moments again. But here is a secret about how to make our usual lives alive, refreshing and filled with surprises.Without going anywhere at all.


Go Wash Your Cup

The Zen direction to lasting happiness is very different from the way we usually live. When asked that question, teachers just point to what is under your nose. Happiness is right here always, they are saying, offering a cup of tea. Drink your tea, enjoy it! And then, please, wash your cup. Both the drinking and cleaning, receiving and giving make for a complete life.


Wanting Nothing In Return

Usually we give to others, expecting a great deal in return. This way of life keeps us dependent upon the outcome of our actions. If they go as we wish, we are a success, if not a failure. Find out a totally new way of giving that frees you to enjoy each moment, person and gift, no matter the outcome.


Falling In Love With Your Fantasy

So many of us falling in love with someone because they make us feel good and meet our needs. When they change, the love vanishes. But are we in love with them, or with our fantasy about them? Are we basically in love with ourselves? Learn how to break through this, let go of the fantasy and see what love truly is.


Leaving The House of Sorrow

It's so easy to get trapped into sorrow that we can't get out of. Zen wisdom has a way for us to open the windows and doors, to let the sun in and find that there is so much more happening along with the sorrow we experience.


The Best Encouragement Is No Encouragement

Find out why the Best Encouragement is No Encouragement. We all want to be encouraged, uplifted, inspired and look for role models to emulate. But when someone disappoints us, or things go wrong, our inspiration usually goes down the hill. The Zen Way, however, offers an entirely different way to remain inspired and encouraged. Take a step on this new path.


Inevitable Kindness (The Tree House Master)

How can we fill our lives with acts of Inevitable, natural kindness? How do we live with playfulness and joy, no matter what? The great Master who lived in a tree house tells us, offering a surprising wake up call.