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11-Stoner Origins With Nicole Kush- Special Guest CC-@mrs.smokeymcsmokerson And Bill @mcsmokerson

In this episode, Nicole Kush is joined by CC (@mrssmokeymcsmokerson) and Bill (@mcsmokerson) to tell their incredibly inspirational story. CC talked about how growing up in a red state like Texas never made her venture in the cannabis community but years later, she relies on cannabis to make her able to live her day to day life. CC started showing signs for Huntington's Disease early in life and she dealt with nothing but rejection and misdiagnosis. Listen to hear how cannabis has enabled...


Episode 37 - Stoner Origins - Feauturing Thehighestorderho

Nicole Kush Sits down with @thehighestorderho to talk about his beginnings growing up on an Indian Reservation, smoking to heal after martial arts, getting the president stoned, and much more! Follow @thehighestorderho on instagram and snap chat Also subscribe to his youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcUMxWLHGX8A8ApSYAmHLPg For more information on the Zenned Out Podcast, “Stoner Origins”, visit http://zennedoutpodcast.com Follow Nicole :@nicolekush218 Smoke Cartel...


Episode 33 - Lit Fam - Double Smoke Sesh, Shade Thorwing Uno, And More!

In this episode of the Zenned Out podcast, Lyn, Will, Nicole, and Jordan have quite the stoney time. The love gang talked about how their feeling over the weeks, "new" moves in Uno that make the game even shadier, unity in the black community and Will Gives a lesson in self love. Listen for more on "Lit Fam Friday" For more information on the Zenned Out Podcast, "Lit Fam Fridays", visit http://zennedoutpodcast.com Follow Lyn @Kuhshkween Nicole @nicolekush218 Jordan @cannabissjack Will...


Episode 27 - Baelien Sesh And Stoner Origins Featuring Jay420jointhefight Speilberg

In this Episode, Nicole and Lyn open up their Baelian Session to a new stoner origin guest, Jay Spielberg aka jay420jointhefight_spielberg. Jay sat down and gave us a look into his journey using cannabis for his temperament and just to keep his daily life positive. It was a pleasure having him on the show! For more of his story and his incredible videos, follow him on instagram @jay420jointhefight_spielberg. For more episodes and special updates, visit zennedoutpodcast.com Nicole’s...


Episode 20 with Special Guest, Will Johnson Aka OriginalG1966

In this episode of "Zenned Out", Nicole is joined by special guest, Will Johnson aka @originalg1966 for an episode filled with so much love. Will talked about himself, his background with cannabis, the always changing societal pressures around cannabis, the need to be gangsta regarding love, and his adventures at @compassesh. Of course there was a smoke sesh! Nicole had @binxbuds, "Banana Kush" and Will had an edible with 40mg of THC. In the zen moment, Nicole and Will recapped the chakras...


Episode 19- A Very Danky Christmas With Ivonaliv And KuhshKween - 12:16:16, 11.04 AM

In this special episode of "Zenned Out", All three of the zen girls are together on one episode! Nicole, Kayla, and Lyn discuss their week so far with the heart chakra while Kayla and Nicole partake in a smoke sesh(Lyn is on a tolerance break). Kayla smoked on @potrocks, "Gorilla Glue" preroll, while Nicole enjoyed a mix of @binxbuds, "Pineapple Express" and "Pure Purple Afghan. The girls talked about body positivity, their meaning of christmas, and more zen kinds of things and more. For...


Episode 18 -Love Fest With The Heart Chakra,Pineapple Express, And Strawberry Fields Of Glory

In this episode of "Zenned Out" @nicolekush218 is joined by Lyn formerly known as introverted_stoner who is now, @kuhshkween sit down to talk about their week with the not so hard but not so easy solar plexus, they also talk about the strains they're smoking on. Lyn smoked on the "OG Strawberry" and Nicole smoked on "Pineapple Express" by @binxbuds. They move onto the "Heart" Chakra brought to you by:http://www.chakra-anatomy.com/heart-chakra.html For more episodes and special updates,...


Episode 16 - She's So Heavy, Fighting The Infamous Ego, And Building The Wildfire Within

In this episode of "Zenned Out" Nicole aka @nicolekush218 and Introverted_stoner meet up to talk about the past week of weird encounters, sexiness, and building pleasure. The fun and games are now over since the girls are shifting to the solar plexus. Before getting to deep, the girls have a usual smoke sesh with the grateful apperance of "Mk Ultra" by @thevirginiaco and "SFV OG". Into the "zen moment" continuing on with the chakra series, the girls define their weakness in self confidence...


EPISODE 16 - Triple Berry Goo, Breaking The Stigma, And Going With The Flow

In this episode of "Zenned Out", Nicole aka @nicolekush218 is joined by Kayla aka @ivonaliv after a short hiatus. The girls catch up on how they've been then go into a smoke sesh. Nicole smoked on an Evergreen vape cartridge filled with a nice indica while Kayla smoked on a preroll of "Triple Berry Goo" by @potrocks. The girls talked about their choice in oil infused prerolls, the difference between homegrown cannabis and cannabis bought from a dispensary, rants about the stigma regarding...


Motherhood (Meditation) by @nicolekush218

This special meditation is brought to you by @nicolekush218. This meditation is geared towards motherhood with it's connection toward the sacral chakra. Whether you're about to be a mother or already, this calms down mommy fueled anxiety and depression by reminding us to breathe while thinking of the power we have. Sacral Chakra Affirmations(http://www.chakra-anatomy.com/sacral-chakra.html): "I love and enjoy my body. I have healthy boundaries. I am open to experiencing the present moment...


Episode 15(with Introverted Stoner) - Stoney Dabs, Sacral Chakra, And Dance Shoutouts

In this Episode of Zenned Out, Nicole(@nicolekush218) and Lyn(Introverted_stoner) move on to the Sacral chakra. They talk about what the sacral chakra is all about plus Lyn smokes on some "Amsterdam Kush" and Nicole smokes on some "Blue Cheese" by @binxbuds with a dribble of "Quinn n Tonic" from @millenniummarijuana. The girls are kind of silly throughout the episode but there's nothing better than good cheer and gratitude. We also want to say thank you to @originalg1966 for his...


Danksgiving Special(with Introverted_Stoner)-Forgetful Minds And Out Of Body Experiences

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is enjoying a feast and comfort. In this episode from a few weeks ago (that I forgot about), Lyn aka @introverted_stoner and Nicole aka @veganindicastoner talk about the deep rooted issues. Lyn has an edible along with playing around with the new bong that she got from @421storeapparel. Nicole smoked on some Fruity Pebbles by @blue_sky_growers The girls talk about the insane world of the "Mandela Effect" and the Zen Moment was all about Bipolar Disorder,...


Episode 13(with Ivonaliv)- Dab Of The Dead, Trump Protests, And Fruity Pebbles Edibles

In this very stoney episode of "Zenned Out", Kayla aka ivonaliv and Nicole aka veganindicastoner smoked on a usual indica during their smoke sesh. Nicole enjoyed the "Grand Daddy Purple" by @solsticecannabis and Kayla smoked on some King Louie OG by @potrocks. The girls go on to talk about the L.A. and Portland protests along with catching up on Kayla's fun Halloween where she went to Universal Studios and got to experience the lovely event by @potrocks, "Dab of the Dead". Nicole discussed...


Episode 12 (with Introverted Stoner) - A Halloween Hero, Dabulous, And Feeling All The Feels

In this episode of Zenned Out, we chime in on our Halloween Experience. Introverted_stoner aka Lyn smoked on some OMG kush while I (veganindicastoner aka Nicole) stepped but my game with the “harlequin” rosin by @solsticecannabis dribbled on some “Lavander Kush” by @stickybuz509 We ended things on a news story of a girl who dresses up as the world’s hardest working person, a mom. (http://wkrn.com/2016/10/31/little-girl-dresses-as-a-mom-for-halloween-and-its-perfect/) Lyn and I also...


Episode 11- Meet Introverted Stoner, Edibles For Breakfast, And Letting Go!

In this episode of Zenned Out, I have a special guest that lights up my soul, @introverted_stoner. This was my first episode with Lyn and I knew it was a match from the start. We had a smoke sash which consisted off some edibles on my end( Happy Snaps 10mg ginger snap cookies and some hard candies from @zootology) and Lyn had the always classic and fulfilling, Pineapple Express. I got to know Lyn and her east coast beginnings. We also ranted and raved about anything under the sun. As usual...


Special Episode!- Weird Anxiety Ephinanys, Yoruba, And Loner Lessons

In this random and weird "special" episode, I give into some much needed podcast therapy and just record by myself. I chill with my son for a little bit and talk about how anxiety has been impacting me lately. I also indulge in some "lavender kush" by @stickybudz509 (away from my son, of course) and try my hand at the "drinks" special by mixing a little Disaronno and Creme Soda while enjoying a special weekend meal of "Loaded Vegan Potatos". Today's news come from a place every mother can...


Episode 8 - Weird Encounters,Pot Rocks Kayla's Sock, and Nicole Goes From Stoner To Politician

In this episode, Kayla and I are feeling sluggish after having a full week and over indulging in the indica of our choice. We talk about the weird encounters we had over the week and begin to talk about the importance of being in the moment; especially before the moment gets busier. I smoked "Orange Kush" by @binxbuds which left me in wonderland and I reviewed my new steamroller that has me feeling under the sea. Kayla smoked "Gorilla Glue" by @potrocks which made her lead today's "Zen...


Episode 7 (feautring Laura) Floating On "Jade", Drinking Pumpkins, And Grateful Dogs?

In Episode 7, I'm joined by special guest and longtime friend, Laura (@alura84) as our new alcohol correspondent. She's going to be reviewing all things alcohol and alcohol related. I tried out the sweet lift up "Jade" by Nine Point Farms. I also tried out the cannacopia app to tailor the right strain to my needs. We are starting a new segment all about gratitude in which my dogs go crazy over the love! To try out cannacopia, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also...


Episode 6 (Featuring Kayla) - Pot Rocks, Lavender Fields Of Glory,and Zenful Friendships

In this episode, I am joined by an old friend, Kayla, former budtender at a medical marijuana dispensary in California. We discuss our bud of choice for today's smoke sesh. I gave "Lavender" by Phat Panda a try and Kayla choose potrocks, a new bud rolled in concentrate then rolled in kief. Kayla gives her opinion on the three perc system by killa bong. We also show mutual zen for rekindling our friendship through cannabis and where our lives have lead us now.