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be weird and do good things




Memories are what make places feel like home

When I was a kid living in a little town in Iowa, our neighborhood, our street, our house they all felt like home to me. I always felt secure, always felt like I belonged. My life was feature complete on that block. I’m sure it was because that house on Allison Avenue in Ottumwa was the only place I’d ever lived, the only home I’d ever known. That street just a single block long was the center of my whole universe. A group of us kids would ride our bikes over to Mowery, maybe around...

Not caring what other people think

Abstract I think all that jive about “not caring what other people think” is mostly bullshit. Exhibit A When I puff out my chest and chant the “I don’t care what they think“ mantra, it feels like I’m just giving myself a free pass to act like an asshole. And really I’m probably doing something I shouldn’t be doing or just did something I shouldn’t have done. Like that time you all know and love when I went into Jewel at quarter to eight in the morning with bloodshot eyes, looking...

SpongeBob was in my dream last night

Like I was all about SpongeBob. I went into my bedroom to have a nap (which is kind of funny that even in my dreams I’m thinking about taking a nap). And then when I laid down on my bed it was SpongeBob as far as the eye could see. I had a keychain, a plushy, all kinds of toys. He was on my bedspread and pillow cases. Everywhere I looked there the little yellow man was. And that’s all I remember. I must’ve started dreaming about something else. My point to all of this is that this is...

Scowling at the clock

My cat was glaring at me as I was putting on my shoes this morning. I was like “what the fuck are you looking at?“ Yeah, it was early. And then as I’m walking into the other room I looked back at her and she was still scowling, scowling at something off in the distance. And then I remembered that life’s not all about me. When I was telling Maggie my struggles she said, “She was probably scowling at the clock. Nobody likes the clock this early.” It’s important for me to share these...

Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

More Peeps, here’s your batman-with-his-fists Friday jam. I know I’ve said this before but I absolutely hated songs like this in another life. Jams like this would come on when I was a teenager or in my 20s and I'd turn that shit off. I was pretty dumb and pretty snotty when it came to music. But I guess more than that I’d never felt the magic with another person they were singing in their ballads. My gut reaction was then to always condemn their...

When others are behaving badly

It’s easy to be of the mindset that how people behave is their business and I shouldn’t let it affect me. But that’s a level of spiritual enlightenment most likely I’ll never reach. Setting such a high bar for myself always makes me feel like I’m coming up short. I shouldn’t go around expecting myself to be more than I actually am, do more than I actually can. When I try and stop things from bugging me I tend to act/react twice as bad. The situation tends to ratchet up because I’m...

A tag below my chin

I don’t know how it is that I still put on my shirt backwards. I get one on, something feels uncomfortable, and then I look down and see a tag below my chin. What the fuck? Am I five? I pull my arms out and then do the straitjacket maneuver to spin it around proper. Next thing I know I’m on a dolly and Senator Martin is questioning me about her daughter. This is why I have a hard time even getting out of bed in the morning Oh, and Senator, just one more thing. Love your suit. #fashion...


And there was that one time way back in high school when my best friend and I would sit in the round-a-bout in the middle of town. When cars would circle by we would wave “HI” at them. And then when they’d wave back, we’d shout belligerently “NOT YOU.” Some of you may have heard that story before. It’s one of those things I still feel legitimately bad about. I mean everybody has had somebody wave at them and then after the fact realized that they weren’t the ones actually being waved...

Assume the future will be good

Here’s a peek behind the curtain. Maggie and I are both introverts. We’re most comfortable hanging out alone or with just one or two people. In the winter we isolate even more. It’s cold outside and neither of us are into sledding and all that wintery hoopla. After these past Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays I was worried we’d hibernate on the weekends, just she and I in front of the TV watching Lost. I was worried we’d turn into The Shining twins or something come...

Communal cigarette larceny

So one time when I was “quit smoking” I was headed up to see my dentist in Elgin. Don’t ask me for a referral. He’s long since retired and is probably off riding a mule in the Grand Canyon these days. He actually rode a mule there once. A mule by the name of Travis. I heard that story every time I went to see him. Anyway, whatever stop smoking aid I was using that day wasn’t working. I had a little panic attack and that quickly turned into full blown, terror frenzy. I stopped and...


A get-together this coming Saturday

I’m *thinking* about having a get-together this coming Saturday, February 24th. If you’re reading this you’re invited. It would be a social mixer of sorts with snacks and drinks. No, I’m not making you all dinner. Tater-tots could possibly be available. It would be kid friendly, too, since Maggie would also be hosting. Also, since you all know me you know that I don’t drink anymore. It’s not that I didn’t like drinking, it was more that I didn’t like to stop drinking. Yes, you could bring...


Mostly it just makes you feel worse

And then there was that one time when one of my brothers called me out of the blue. I hadn’t talked to him in close to three years and we were just catching up, talking about a whole lot of nothing. And then without warning or skipping a beat or barely pausing for a breath, he asked me if, when we all lived together, if I had slept with his girlfriend. Oh 😬 I wasn’t taken completely off guard as I stood in the kitchen with the phone up to my ear. I knew that this day was coming...


Mechanically and electrically perfect

Mechanically and electrically perfect, draft one. Recorded in GarageBand, same as the podcasts. I hate Sunday's. 😒 Video file - MP4Audio file - MP3Cover art - JPG#audio #tcrmusic #diariespodcast View original


Maggie and I talk bacon

I picked Maggie up from her mom's and on a whim we did a quick, off the cuff podcast in my truck on the way back home. There's some background noise but that's what happens when you're recording while driving 45 mph. And yes, she was holding the phone and not me. Safety first kids. Also, neither of us had prepared for this. Spontaneity in all its glory. View original


I don't consider myself high maintenance

Wherein I review a short list of my quirks. View original


Break On Through by The Doors

Wherein I never held girls' hands in school. View original


PechaKucha Night (cont)

Wherein I practiced being social. View original


Each and every single target

Wherein my brain continues to work harder than it should. View original


Can I spray paint my couch?

Well, I guess there’s nothing that would actually stop me but what are the pros and cons? The ebbs and flows? The ups and downs of such a Jackson Pollock maneuver? Granted he used brushes and had more of a splatter/drip/drop technique with the reds and the blues and the blacks. Also, in his most delightful biographical movie, starring Ed Harris, Pollock did in fact urinate in someone’s fireplace. Which of course I would never do. But still, this isn’t the kind of painting operation your...


Doing more, more, more

Wherein I give up juggling. View original