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be weird and do good things




You can't dump that there

For whatever reason the Chicago Tribune left newspapers on my sidewalk for three days in a row. I like that because reading the paper from start to finish broadens my horizons. I come across articles and the like that I wouldn’t have sought out on my own. Like this particular Dear Abby-ish piece about a couple that was having a fundraiser with the funds coming from a cash bar. Another couple had shown up with their own wine and proceeded to drink out in the yard or something. So then the...


Karma doesn't torture us

While I was sitting with my nicotine withdrawal earlier, I was saying my morning prayers, asking god to take my nicotine addiction away, take all the pain and discomfort. And then I started to get crabby because these withdrawals have been going on for well over a month. Fucking Greg. And then I kind of scolded myself, “God’s got nothing to do with this.” My nicotine withdrawal is the consequence of decades of smoking. My smoking. No amount of praying is going to take that physical...


The light is green for both sides

This scene is my truck. I’m barreling north on Randall Road and need to turn left at the next intersection. There’s a handful of cars that are also barreling south toward the intersection. Because everybody’s got to get to work. The light is green for both sides. Timing will be close but the southbound traffic has the downhill advantage. I add a little acceleration to the equation. A little horsepower to even the odds. The light turns yellow so I slow down and then stop at the red...


You're still dumb

My podcasts were probably broken for the last few days or so. To make up for the flub, please enjoy this flashback to the late 90s. I wrote, recorded, played all the instruments, and even sang on this gem. Alias: graham sexton Title: you're still dumb #tcrmusic #diariespodcast View original


Miracles are seen in light

I fall short in life. That’s not a judgment call or me being hard on myself. It just is. I’m just another guy wandering around aimlessly doing my best…and sometimes doing my least. Struggling to maintain that non-mistake-making state only makes my life harder. Letting that struggle go gave me so much more free time to enjoy life and the company of my fellow humans. Well, I guess I never really expected myself to be perfect but I was pretty good at torturing myself when I did screw up....


A Key Lime Bomb in one hand

Guys, if you haven't had one of Blue Goose’s Key Lime Bombs then you're missing out. Eating one of those is way better than the time Christie Brinkley kissed me on the cheek. Okay, that’s a lie. That never happened. But my 16 year old self wishes it would have. Anyways, the moral of the story is that this dessert bomb will literally change your perception of the entire cosmos. Yeah, they will. It’s got a little whip cream swirl with lime zest, it’s got the key lime, it’s got the moist...

A peer in the revolution

And then there was that one time when myself and two older friends were drinking and carrying on, using too many drugs, and just driving around out in the country. And then they decided they wanted to rob a house. Being younger I went along with their plans because that’s what I usually did. Everybody I knew, everybody that I got high with in the early 90s was older. Sometimes a lot older. And I went along with them because a- it was generally fun being up to no good and b- I liked...

Scowling at the clock

My cat was glaring at me as I was putting on my shoes this morning. I was like “what the fuck are you looking at?“ Yeah, it was early. And then as I’m walking into the other room I looked back at her and she was still scowling, scowling at something off in the distance. And then I remembered that life’s not all about me. When I was telling Maggie my struggles she said, “She was probably scowling at the clock. Nobody likes the clock this early.” It’s important for me to share these...

When others are behaving badly

It’s easy to be of the mindset that how people behave is their business and I shouldn’t let it affect me. But that’s a level of spiritual enlightenment most likely I’ll never reach. Setting such a high bar for myself always makes me feel like I’m coming up short. I shouldn’t go around expecting myself to be more than I actually am, do more than I actually can. When I try and stop things from bugging me I tend to act/react twice as bad. The situation tends to ratchet up because I’m...

A tag below my chin

I don’t know how it is that I still put on my shirt backwards. I get one on, something feels uncomfortable, and then I look down and see a tag below my chin. What the fuck? Am I five? I pull my arms out and then do the straitjacket maneuver to spin it around proper. Next thing I know I’m on a dolly and Senator Martin is questioning me about her daughter. This is why I have a hard time even getting out of bed in the morning Oh, and Senator, just one more thing. Love your suit. #fashion...


And there was that one time way back in high school when my best friend and I would sit in the round-a-bout in the middle of town. When cars would circle by we would wave “HI” at them. And then when they’d wave back, we’d shout belligerently “NOT YOU.” Some of you may have heard that story before. It’s one of those things I still feel legitimately bad about. I mean everybody has had somebody wave at them and then after the fact realized that they weren’t the ones actually being waved...

Assume the future will be good

Here’s a peek behind the curtain. Maggie and I are both introverts. We’re most comfortable hanging out alone or with just one or two people. In the winter we isolate even more. It’s cold outside and neither of us are into sledding and all that wintery hoopla. After these past Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays I was worried we’d hibernate on the weekends, just she and I in front of the TV watching Lost. I was worried we’d turn into The Shining twins or something come...

A get-together this coming Saturday

I’m *thinking* about having a get-together this coming Saturday, February 24th. If you’re reading this you’re invited. It would be a social mixer of sorts with snacks and drinks. No, I’m not making you all dinner. Tater-tots could possibly be available. It would be kid friendly, too, since Maggie would also be hosting. Also, since you all know me you know that I don’t drink anymore. It’s not that I didn’t like drinking, it was more that I didn’t like to stop drinking. Yes, you could bring...


Mostly it just makes you feel worse

And then there was that one time when one of my brothers called me out of the blue. I hadn’t talked to him in close to three years and we were just catching up, talking about a whole lot of nothing. And then without warning or skipping a beat or barely pausing for a breath, he asked me if, when we all lived together, if I had slept with his girlfriend. Oh 😬 I wasn’t taken completely off guard as I stood in the kitchen with the phone up to my ear. I knew that this day was coming...


Mechanically and electrically perfect

Mechanically and electrically perfect, draft one. Recorded in GarageBand, same as the podcasts. I hate Sunday's. 😒 Video file - MP4Audio file - MP3Cover art - JPG#audio #tcrmusic #diariespodcast View original


Maggie and I talk bacon

I picked Maggie up from her mom's and on a whim we did a quick, off the cuff podcast in my truck on the way back home. There's some background noise but that's what happens when you're recording while driving 45 mph. And yes, she was holding the phone and not me. Safety first kids. Also, neither of us had prepared for this. Spontaneity in all its glory. View original


Something I've never forgotten

Wherein I remembered this guy named Don. View original


When I see other drivers yawning

Wherein I think of a way to bond with my fellow drivers. View original


A pizza up on some roof

Someday I would like to order a pizza and then when the delivery guy hands it over, just throw it up on the roof, frisbee style. Not on my roof though. I don’t want a pizza on my roof. Like an asshole. I think that this would fulfill some part of me. Fulfill some tiny destiny… Wait. Did that happen in a movie? Was there a pizza up on some roof? What movie was it? Let me know… As a note: this isn’t about the pizza delivery guy although I’m sure he would worried. But I’d calm his...


Slip Slide Melting by For Love Not Lisa

More Peeps, here’s your find-a-space-in-the-sunshine Friday jam to blast you threw your workday. The audio’s not the best but it’ll do in broad daylight. The Crow soundtrack is still one of my favorite goto albums. So many good bands, so much good music. I think I bought a CD from every artist on it. Okay, Ghostrider wasn’t Rollin’s best work but see also Machines of Loving Grace[1] and Jesus and the Mary Chain. See also Jack be nimble, Jack fall...