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Ep 008 - Thyme & Resistance Part 1

Mindie and Lana are back! This week's herb is all about thyme. Most people have access to thyme via the grocery store OR growing in their gardens/windowsills. Thyme is an excellent herb to add to your herbal medicine cabinet and helps fight off infections. To learn more about thyme check out Rosemary Gladstar's book "Medicinal Herbs - A Beginner's Guide" Resistance is part of this human experience. Many of us think that if we are listening to Spirit, and living our most authentic life,...


Ep 007 - Doing the Spiritual Work?

It's been almost a year since our last podcast! Tune in to catch up and learn more about Mindie's tour! Many think tour is an extended vacation but is it really?? Also, what does it mean to do the work? We've heard this phrase time and time again, but how does that apply in real life? Does it mean radical life changes, one time changes, or small consistent changes? It's a episode filled with raw truths and laughs! Book and Connect with Mindie: www.mindieadamos.com Connect with Lana:...


Ep 006 - Crystals Q & A

Happy Lion's Gate! It's been a wild and crazy week or so with Lion's Gate energy! This weeks Herb of the week is Lana's FAVORITE herb.... calendula. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, this herb is easy to grow and great for the skin. We didn't finish our crystal conversation so we continue it this week with questions from listeners about how to clear crystals, how to choose your crystals, how to charge your crystals and more! Visit Mindie at www.mindieadamos.com Commercial music by...


Ep 004 - What the Health is This?

Thinking you need to go Vegan after watching "What the Health"? Believe Meat and Dairy are the devil? Before chucking all your groceries out the window tune in and listen to Mindie and Lana's take on this controversial movie. Also, the herb of the month is Cayenne pepper! Many of us have this herb in our fridge or pantry! To learn more about the benefits of Cayenne pepper go HERE: http://www.umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/cayenne "What the Health" can be streamed on Netflix or...


Ep 003 - Soul Mates, Relationships & More

Soul Mates... who is your Soul Mate? Did you miss your Soul Mate? Do you think you've found your Soul Mate? On this episode of wellFULL Mindie and Lana talk about all things Soul Mate, relationships and more. One of the top inquiries Mindie has in her line of work is about relationships and Soul Mates. Commercial Music by BENSOUND http://www.bensound.com/


Ep 002 - New Energy Parenting

This week we follow up with Mindie and Lana after Mindie's tour in Iowa! How was tour? Did things fall apart? Also, what is it like parenting in the new energy? Lana and Mindie discuss a parenting article going viral, "The silent tragedy affecting today’s children" by Victoria Prooday. Both Mindie and Lana have strong opinions and messages about today's unattainable family lifestyle. Tune in to learn more about God's Love Army and a few practical ways to move your family from a space of...


Ep 001 - Leap of Faith (Taking Risks)

Many times we are told to take that leap of faith and take risks, but what does that look like? On today's episode, Mindie and Lana discuss what it means to take a risk, how risks can be very messy, and ways to tap into inner knowing and figure out if its a good risk to take! Connect with Mindie at www.mindieadamos.com and Lana at www.lanasimmons.com