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What if Christianity isn't about blindly following rules? 200 proof, pure good news, God is pleased with you without your good works. Some Lutherans with microphones and 200 Proof Gospel will give you more answers than you have questions and they will have fun doing it.

What if Christianity isn't about blindly following rules? 200 proof, pure good news, God is pleased with you without your good works. Some Lutherans with microphones and 200 Proof Gospel will give you more answers than you have questions and they will have fun doing it.


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What if Christianity isn't about blindly following rules? 200 proof, pure good news, God is pleased with you without your good works. Some Lutherans with microphones and 200 Proof Gospel will give you more answers than you have questions and they will have fun doing it.






200 Proof Gospel #100! The one about Justification and stuff

The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy and Craig party like it's episode 100... BECAUSE IT IS! Lots of grace, justification, imputed righteousness in this episode as they discuss the article of faith on which the church stands or falls, Article 4 of the Augsburg Confession. The one about being justified by faith through grace ALONE! www.200ProofGospel.com Email us at 200proofgospel@gmail.com


200Proof Gospel #99 Gobble Gobble!

The Master Distillers, Troy and Craig discuss the first Thanksgiving in some sort of loose fashion. Along the way, the question is asked is Thanksgiving a church holy day? Shortly after Thanksgiving, Advent begins, do they work together well? Many other questions come up, what is the highest Church Holy Day? Then a trip to the Mailbag for some interesting discussions from listener Jan. www.200proofgospel.com Email us at 200proofgospel@gmail.com


200 Proof Gospel Episode 98 The Reformation Part 2

Troy and Craig get to a couple of emails and discuss the joys of grace. Then the Master Distillers get down to business and continue their history of the Lutheran Reformation. What were these 95 Theses about? What is the Bible really all about? What are the Solas of the Reformation? What is a "Sola?" Can you do whatever you want and still be saved? Listen to this episode and find out the answers to all of these questions and more on this 200 Proof Gospel The...


200 Proof Gospel #97 The Reformation - Part 1

Troy and Craig discuss Martin Luther's theology and bowels in this action-packed episode of 200 Proof Gospel. Why did Luther post the 95 theses? Can the forgiveness of sins be purchased? Why was Martin so corked up? Listen to this episode and find out for your self. Email us at 200ProofGospel@gmail.com Website www.200proofgospel.com


200 Proof Gospel Episode 96 - Concretus Gospelus Number 2 - Howling at the moon!

The Concrete Gospel Part 2. Troy, Craig on Nebuchadnezzar the saga continues! Living in the tension of paradox and other topics will be spoken of. Once again, the FOR YOUNESS that is all over the Bible is discussed. www.200proofgospel.com Email 200proofgospel@gmail.com Get the App on IOS and Android devices!


200 Proof Gospel #95 - Danny Boy and the Concrete Gospel

In this freshly distilled edition of 200 Proof Gospel, Troy and Craig begin a discussion on the concrete nature of the Gospel. Many of your questions will be answered in this episode including, how many ways can the name "Nebuchadnezzar" be slaughtered. If "Neb" feared God, was he by default then saved? www.200proofgoapel.com Email 200proofgospel@gmail.com Get the App on IOS and or Android for all your smart devices.


200 Proof Gospel Episode 94 - Pastors on Vacation, or was that Vocation?

Understanding what your role is, as a Christian is a difficult thing. Do Christians have to serve in the church in order to please God? Do you need to patronize Christian businesses just because they are Christians? Many people think so, but is that actually important? What makes my service to God any different than that of the Pastor? The Master Distillers Craig, Troy and Mark will fill you in on this important topic. You may actually be relieved to find that you're are free to work in...


Episode 93 Grace in an Age of Terror, Remembering 9-11-2001. 200 Proof Gospel

The Master Distillers, Mark and Craig remember the evils and blessings of the Attacks on America 17 years ago and answer the questions of the grace of God in the midst of evil things. That day changed our lives and the American way of living. Since September 11, 2001, people have increasingly been living in fear. This is new to America, but it has been happening for a long time in other parts of the world. Join Mark and Craig for this reflective program as they discuss the topic of Grace...


200 Proof Gospel Episode 92 - I've Seen the Light! Understanding the Vocation of Pastors

Understanding the Vocation of the pastor. Why is it that my pastor does things that I'm not supposed to do? Who should preach? Who should proclaim absolution? Who should Baptize? Why is it right for one and not another? Join the Master Distillers of the Gospel, Mark, Troy and Craig as they discuss this and much more about the office of the ministry and general rambling about nothing and yet everything. www.200proofgospel.com Email: 200proofgospel@gmail.com Get the 200 Proof Gospel App...


200 Proof Gospel Episode 91 On A Mission From God - Preachers

The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy and Craig pay homage to the late, great Aretha Franklin and then they talk about what makes for a good sermon and what makes for a bad sermon. Are preachers supposed to give you a to-do list for the week? Are preachers supposed to leave you feeling good about yourself? What are preachers supposed to do? The boys will discuss this, and the Blues...


200 Proof Gospel #90 Lord's Supper Part 3 - Do you deserve it?

Listen to Mark eat something and we congratulate Maddison on her acceptance into nursing school. Along the way, the Master Distillers discuss a bit about who should and or shouldn't receive the Lord's Supper. Please don't eat and or drink to your judgment. The Master Distillers, Craig, Mark, and Troy discuss some great theology and some inane inanity. www.200ProofGospel.com Email: 200ProofGospel@gmail.com Get the App for IOS and Android and check us out Friday mornings on Pirate...


200 Proof Gospel #89 Lord's Supper Part 2 - The For You Part

FOR YOU! How often do you hear or receive the Gospel, but it isn't clear that it is FOR YOU? When you receive the Gospel, sometimes we are not sure that it is really for you, maybe for the guy next to you, but how can you be sure that the Gospel is for you? When you receive the bread/body and the blood/wine in your hand or in your mouth, there can be no doubt that this gift is for you. Be careful though, it isn't just between you and Jesus as this goes on in a church and is a participation...


200 Proof Gospel Episode 88 Where is Jesus hiding? Communion part 1

Holy Communion Where is Jesus? What the heck does "in, with and under" mean? What's going on in the Lord's Supper and why? Does the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ? What is Transubstantiation? What does "the real presence" of Jesus mean? Listen to this exciting episode of 200 Proof Gospel and find out the answers to these and more questions as Troy, Mark, and Craig - The Master Distillers discuss these and many other issues. www.200proofgospel.com Email:...


Episode 87 - Justification... the Gospely parts

Justification, what does it mean to be justified? What is objective Justification? What is subjective Justification? Why does it matter? Listen to the blowtorch of Christian "Gospelliness" as poured out liberally by the Master Distillers of the Gospel. The Master Distillers of the Gospel, Troy, Craig, and Mark dive into the depths of Justification. Be sure to subscribe on Itunes, Podbean or your favorite podcast outlet. We would be very grateful for a positive rating and review on Itunes...


200 Proof Gospel Episode 86 - How can water...?

Baptism... How can water do such great things? The Master Distillers take up some questions from an email from a listener. What about the person who is baptized as a baby and never comes back to church? Or what if they do come back, many years later? What about the thief on the cross next to Jesus? Was he baptized? The Master Distillers, Mark, Troy, and Craig answer these and many more of your questions will be answered in this amazing episode of 200 Proof Gospel! Drink deeply, my...


200 Proof Gospel Episode 85 - Baptism Part 2

"Come on in boys, the water's fine!" Some basic teachings on baptism. Who does what and why? Am I being baptized to show my obedience to God? Is God doing something in baptism? Should I be baptized again because I wasn't sincere enough the first time? So many questions confuse people about Baptism, but the Master Distillers are working hard to distill some 200 Proof Good News Gospel to set your heart at ease. Join in with the Master Distillers, Mark, Troy, Timothy and Craig as they...


200 Proof Gospel Episode 84 - BAP... wait for it... TISM!

Baptism is so confusing to so many Christians. Who is the one baptizing? How must one be baptized for it to work? What do we know about baptism before the time of Jesus? Should you throw your couch into a lake? Why would we even ask such a question? All of the Master Distillers Mark, Timothy, Troy, and Craig are all together on this one. Check it out. 200proofgospel.com Subscribe - https://reverendme.podbean.com/ Email us: 200proofgospel@gmail.com


200 Proof Gospel Episode 83 - Table of Duties... even more

WE ARE FAMILY! I GOT ALL MY BROTHERS AND ME... which has nothing to do with this podcast. Instead, we are talking about why are the explanations of the Small Catechism on the 6th commandment so long? We are also talking about kids and parents in the Table of Duties from the Small Catechism. All the Master Distillers, Troy, Mark, Timothy and Craig are unchained as they distill some good stuff here.


200 Proof Gospel Episode 82 - Jerusalem, Trump and the Rapture

The US Embassy in Israel is moving to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Will this usher in the Kingdom of God? Will this finally cause the rapture? Is it a good idea? Is there a Tiki Bar in Jerusalem? Listen to this white-hot episode of 200 Proof Gospel to find the answer to these questions and more as all four of the Master Distillers Mark, Timothy, Troy and Craig will illuminate your mind or at least entertain you while discussing this topic and more.


200 Proof Gospel Episode 81 Table of Duties Husband and Wives

The Master Distillers Mark and Craig hold court on the magical subject of marriage. What do you owe to God and your spouse? Is there any Gospel in that? Well, listen and find out! www.200proofgospel.com Check out our Facebook Page and Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/605516629600352/ https://www.facebook.com/200ProofGospel/?ref=br_rs Email us 200proofgospel@gmail.com Be sure to get the 200 Proof Gospel app for IOS and Android Thanks to Five-Eaux for providing music for the...