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KCBI is a listener-supported Christian radio station that offers music and teaching that encourages listeners and impacts more lives for Christ.

KCBI is a listener-supported Christian radio station that offers music and teaching that encourages listeners and impacts more lives for Christ.


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KCBI is a listener-supported Christian radio station that offers music and teaching that encourages listeners and impacts more lives for Christ.








5 Things You Need To Get Right About God

1. God saved you because he wanted to. Ephesians 1:5 – "In love He predestined us to adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will." No one twisted His arm. He is not obligated to you because you walked an aisle and prayed a prayer. Your salvation was His idea. This is something He wanted to do and He’s not sorry He did it. 2. You have a role in God’s epic plan of redemption and reconciliation. Acts 1:8 – "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit...


Settle The Score on the YouTube TV Dilemma | Afternoons with Lauree

Dallas Sports Fans - you gotta SETTLE THE SCORE!! Producer Josh is furious about the new reality that his YouTube TV didn't come to terms with Sinclair media and the local Rangers, Mavs, and Stars games are NOT AVAILABLE after February 29th. But Lauree "LO" Austin is looking at this situation as a great benefit to all the Servers at restaurants who need their tips to support their families PLUS, think of the community we get to experience when we have to go out to watch the game... SETTLE...


Study Shows Men Are Actually More Afraid Of This Than Women

Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we've had it wrong all along! At least according this new study. Apparently, studies show that men are more afraid of Spiders than women. Who knew?? For all my single ladies out there still looking for their spider killer, you can do it. Data says so!


Jay Allen's App Of The Week: Centriq

The All-In-One Companion For Everything You Own. Meet Centriq. The FREE app that puts everything you need to troubleshoot, operate, and maintain all your stuff, right at your fingertips.


After 20 Years, Tenth Avenue North Is Disbanding Following Their Farewell Tour

Today on Instagram, Tenth Avenue North announced some heartbreaking and unforeseen news – after 20 years, Tenth Avenue North will be calling it quits.


Lauree Worried About a Conversation with Her Sister, Needed This Reminder

We tell ourselves a lie, "its too small, it doesn't matter to God." Or we even would think our prayers would be wasted on such a menial worry. A lie indeed. And what was the reminder that Lauree needed as she faced an uncertain conversation with her sister?


True Crime, The Good Kind: The Mysterious Journey of The Ring That Found It's Way Home

Nearly 50 years after Debra lost her boyfriend's class ring in a Maine department store, it turned up buried six inches deep in a forest in Finland! Listen to today's True Crime, The Good Kind episode of this mysterious journey of a class ring from 1973. Until next time my True Crime Junkies, Watch Your Six (and Be Kind!)


Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: The Smart Cane

A lot of things in our world are getting the word 'smart' put in front of them and for good reason! Smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Smart Appliances, Smart Phones, and now another thing has been added to the list: the Smart Cane! In a world where over 250 million people are visually impaired with over 36 million people being diagnosed with blindness, it's never been more important to see how we can make the world more disability-friendly. That's why a non-profit company called 'WeWalk' is looking...


60 Seconds In The Word With Rebecca Carrell: John 11:35

If you ask anyone with the shortest Bible verse in the Bible is, they will probably tell you John 11:35, which of course is, "Jesus wept." I want you to think about this in those two little words because there is a great deal of good theology and good truth in this tiny verse. Think less about what that verse says and more about what it implies. Jesus wept because Lazarus had died. When Mary & Martha were mourning, he didn't offer them an Old Testament scripture or say, 'cheer up.' If you're...


What It Means To Be Seen By God

No matter how insignificant or unimportant you feel, the God of the Universe sees you. What does that mean and why does it matter? Kristen Brewer, who is leading worship at the HeartStrong Faith Women's Bible Conference, sits down with Rebecca Carrell and Liz Rodriguez to talk about the God who sees you. Listen to the full episode here: https://www.heartstrongfaith.com/podcasts/


Ladies, You're Allowed To Do This One Thing On Leap Year

This Saturday we're celebrating Leap Year! In recognition of this extra day, I wanted to share with you a fun tradition from way back when that gives all ladies the opportunity to buck the trend on this one thing!


A Food Run For The Ages

Every single reason to join team sports comes down to this one cross country team in New York. It's crazy what a team can accomplish with a few bucks, a little bit of creative thinking, and a giant craving for Chick-Fil-A!


How To Get Beyond A Broken Heart

Whether it's a breakup from a friend or within a romantic relationship, we often experience the symptoms of a broken heart. So where do we go from there when we are dealing with those circumstances first-hand? Here are some great tips that we discussed this morning about how to move forward after experiencing a broken heart.


The Leaning Tower Of Dallas Is Stilling Standing!

Well, this is a little awkward. We were told yesterday that the Leaning Tower of Dallas would be knocked down as originally intended and let's just the saw that the process has been a little grueling to watch.


The Story Behind Big Daddy Weave's New Song, "I Know"

KCBI Artist Big Daddy Weave has released a new album called, 'When The Light Comes' and one of the songs on that new album has really gained some traction as it speaks to a lot of people in their own struggles. Here is what the band had to say to TheChristianBeat.com about their song, "I Know": “When we were working on songs for this new record,” shares lead singer Mike Weaver, “they were all written from a place of processing grief and sorrow. We were in a season of serious hurting.” The...


Daily Dilemma: I Have Feelings For My Best Friend & I Don't Know If I Should Tell Him

Dear Rebecca and Burns, I have a dilemma. I’ve been best friends with a guy in my small group for years. Recently I’ve started to have strong romantic feelings for him. Half of my girlfriends say I should tell him, the other half say I shouldn’t. Would you ask your listeners to weigh in? I don’t want to ruin our friendship but it’s killing me to just sit on this. So what do you think?


"Night To Shine" : A Video That Will Lift Your Spirits

You’ve heard of the Tim Tebow Foundation’s “Night To Shine” event, right? It gives people over the age of 14 an opportunity to have an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God's love. Maybe you have a loved one who took part this year. It has become more than a movement … it’s a big family. It’s now a worldwide effort to value every person's life. And it IS making a huge difference in the lives of people.


The Doctor Said It's Not Good News

Wednesday (the 5th) my wife, Julie, got the news that she has Type 1 Diabetes. I never knew that you could catch a virus, have your immune system attack your pancreas cells in response, and as a result develop Type 1 Diabetes. But that’s what’s happened.


"I Listened to God" - Texas School Principal Donates Kidney to Student's Father

We’ve got a real hero right here in North Texas. Specifically, Arlington. Sarah Schecter, the head of lower school at The Oakridge School, teaches her students about kindness and having character, so she modeled her own message.


How Many Days Have You Been Alive?

Ever thought about your age? Sure, but have you ever thought about your age this way... How many exact days have I been here?