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KCBI is a listener-supported Christian radio station that offers music and teaching that encourages listeners and impacts more lives for Christ.

KCBI is a listener-supported Christian radio station that offers music and teaching that encourages listeners and impacts more lives for Christ.


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KCBI is a listener-supported Christian radio station that offers music and teaching that encourages listeners and impacts more lives for Christ.








6 Ways The Coronavirus Will Change You

Times are tough. There is no question about that and with the fear that is being experienced by everyone, it can sometimes seem impossible to see how things will be after all of this. But our own Rebecca Carrell has put together 6 ways that the Coronavirus will change us for the better once this pandemic is all over.


Ep. 44 | A New and Temporary Normal

As the world is forced to adjust to a new (but temporary) normal, Liz-Rod-on-the-Pod and Rebecca Carrell look at the way things have changed and the uncertainty we are all navigating. So what can we know for certain in a season of uncertainty? We pray this episode blesses you as much as it blessed us.


How To Manage Your Money During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Millions of people are freaking out because of what the Coronavirus is doing to our economy as the stock market is more volatile than ever, jobs are being lost by the millions, and with 78% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, people are beginning to wonder where there next meal or paycheck will come from. In times like this, it's always great to have experts weigh in so that's why we decided to see what Financial Expert, Dave Ramsey suggests we do during this time.


Reframing The Coronavirus

Have you ever seen the movie Apollo 13? If you don't know what it's about, it highlights the story of the seventh crewed mission in the Apollo space program and the third meant to land on the Moon. During one scene where things are going very south during the mission, a quote stood out when someone commented about the situation being a great catastrophe and the response was, "With all due respect sir, I think this is going to be our finest hour." WOW! What a quote! But you know something?...


KCBI Artist Danny Gokey Releases New Song, "Wash Yo Hands"

Danny Gokey has decided to perform the Wash Yo Hands Challenge and let's just say if you're looking for something to sing while washing your hands, this will definitely do the trick! Whether it's the flu, COVID-19, or just the common cold, here are some great principles to follow, and music is a great way to spread the message. In light of current public health concerns, this is a fun reminder to be vigilant without instilling fear. So share the song, learn the moves, and stay healthy!


Jay Allen's App Of The Week: One Minute Pause

A simple way to connect with God in the middle of your busy day. From John Eldredge, the New York Times Best Selling Author of "Wild at Heart" and "Captivating". Based on the One Minute Pause chapter of his new book “Get Your Life Back”, this app invites you into the simple practice of releasing everything to God, restoring your union with God and inviting Him to fill you.


Dr. Robert Jeffress Shares Encouragement In The Midst Of COVID-19

With the fear and panic surrounding COVID-19 continuing to rise as case numbers continue to increase, it's important for us as Christians to be a beacon of light and hope as the whole world endures this together. Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, joined Rebecca & Burns to share some encouragement for us as we face these very uncertain times.


5 Things You Can Be Certain Of In An Uncertain World

The coronavirus has shaken the very foundations of our society as everything we used to see as normal is either closed or suspended until further notice. Not to mention, sports are temporarily canceled, the stock market is all over the place, and restaurants, as well as other businesses, are having to shut their doors to the general public for a shelter-in-place. So even in these uncertain times, here are some things that you can hold onto and know are true.


Out Of Work Because Of The Coronavirus? These Places Are Hiring!

If you are somebody that has had their employment affected or terminated because of the coronavirus closures, first of all, we want to say we are so sorry. We are not living in easy times as millions of people are looking to see where their next paycheck is coming from in the midst of unemployment. As a result of this, we wanted to provide you a comprehensive and continually updated list of places hiring during this time that will hopefully ease the financial strain that the coronavirus is...


Rebecca's Top 5: Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System During This Time

In a time like this, we definitely want our bodies and our health to be the best it can and so that's why we decided to highlight several simple ways that you can boost your immune system so that your body can be strong as we fight the coronavirus globally.


Welcome To The Future With Jay Allen: The Graze Autonomous Mower

Graze is building electric, autonomous lawnmower specifically for the commercial landscaping industry to counter labor shortages and rising wages in the US.


5 Relationships That Every Christian Needs Now More Than Ever

It's no secret that the Coronavirus outbreak has done a number on our personal relationships as recent developments have not only required us to stay indoors other than necessities like groceries and medical care but have also put many people at work. Of course, most of us have had to resort to Facetime, Skype, or Zoom calls as we look to engage with our friends and family during this difficult time. Although, it's important that know that as Christians, there are 5 relationships that we...


Here's Some Good News About The Coronavirus

Now before we go any further, the COVID-19 threat is still very real and needs to be taken seriously as our government leaders and officials have required citizens to stay inside and self-quarantine unless for necessary reasons: groceries, food, outdoors (6 feet apart from others), as well as many other things. However, as we watch footage of TV station after TV station or news article after another highlighting how the virus is getting worse, we decided to share some good news about the...


An Astronaut's Tips For Dealing With Isolation

With the latest update on Dallas County's law on social distancing going into effect at midnight tonight, even more people will continue to face the harsh reality of social distancing and isolation as the world looks to deal with the coronavirus. Scott Kelly, who is a retired NASA Astronaut has been on the International Space Station so he definitely knows what it's like to be isolated and so he decided to share tips recently with the New York Times on ways to deal with isolation as we all...


John Eldredge Shares How To Navigate Chaos & Crazy

As we make our way forward filled with uncertainty, author and therapist John Eldredge says we can find healing and wholeness in unlikely places. Nika Spalding sat in for Liz-Rod-on-the-Pod for this can't-miss episode of Honest Conversations. Listen to the full episode here: https://www.heartstrongfaith.com/podcasts/


Ep. 43 | Navigating Chaos and Crazy | Guest: John Eldredge

As we make our way forward filled with uncertainty, author and therapist John Eldredge says we can find healing and wholeness in unlikely places. Nika Spalding sat in for Liz-Rod-on-the-Pod for this can't-miss episode of Honest Conversations.


CoronaVirus Pantry Rules

At times like these, I wish I still lived at home with my parents! I need my mom to enforce some pantry rules for me because it's far too easy to raid the snack shelf dry! One mom's list of pantry rules I saw is absolutely brilliant: -No opening a new box of cereal if the other one isn't empty -You better have eaten some fruit or vegetables before you come for the snacks And my personal favorite -If anyone tries to eat one of my Cadbury eggs, you're going to wish you had the Corona Virus


A Hallmark Christmas Surprise

I've got some good news for all of you Hallmark Channel lovers! If you missed the headline, the Hallmark Channel is bringing back wall to wall Christmas movies to help you power through this CoronaVirus quarantine!


Celebrating Building Bridges | Afternoons with Lauree

Celebration is such a beautiful thing, especially in times like this. It seems like when we focus our eyes on Jesus, we can really focus on showing gratitude for things he is doing! I want to celebrate, that even in these circumstances, God allows us to build bridges relationally. For me, that looks like fostering a relationship with a cashier at my local Trader Joe's who I know is going through a tough time right now. She is a single mom with another on the way and currently is in a walking...


BBQ With A Side Of Toilet Paper? | Afternoons with Lauree

With restaurants not able to house diners during the CoronaVirus, they're having to get creative. One pizza place in Wisconsin decided to start offering toilet paper a side item and others decided to follow suit. Since Dallas is such a big city, Lauree and Producer Josh decided to call a local BBQ joint to see if the headlines really hold up!