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I Don’t Bite

Boo! Happy Halloween! And it’s Scorpio season aka transformation aka nine lives aka let’s get into how you realllly feel about that. On this episode of A-Kra, Yaa is joined by artist Serwah Efia Barning and they talk about how strength is a performance, taboos, and sitting with our shadow selves. Oh, and horror movies. No spoilers though. Share | Follow | Subscribe Show Song: Theflowerpapi - Film Roll Memories More A-Kra More Yaa


Lost In The Source

Episode 2: Lost In the Source On this episode of A-Kra, Yaa is joined by musician and writer, Debbie Frempong, also known as Narah. Starting off making popular highlife covers, she has been balancing her art with academia since she started graduate school and is currently pursuing a PhD in Anthropology at Brown University. Narah just released her first EP, ‘Tide’ this summer, it is an absolute bop! Big sitting on the beach with your girls, all wearing pastel colours and eating fruit kind of...


On Schooling (And 99 other ways to Dim a Black Girl’s Light)

On this episode, Yaa invites lawyer, enterpreuner, and artist Kanchelli Iddrisu to talk about how they’ve resisted early attempts to dim their light. Discussing strong mothers, colonial schooling, and body shaming, Yaa and Kanch work through some of the ways society tries to contain women’s power. Kanchelli Iddrisu is the founder of: Dream Fourteen (social justice apparel), Buy Black London (marketplaces and global black business directory), and Concernata (Women’s education NGO). She...


Welcome To The A-Kra Podcast

Welcome to A-Kra, a platform in service of creating safe spaces in real life and online-this is episode zero, introducing our podcast. How do you create a life that you have no blueprint for? I’m not sure but on A-kra podcast, we are figuring it out together. In Akan cosmology Kra, meaning soul, is one of the three major parts of our being- a deep well of knowledge and drive that guides us throughout our life. In this season, we will be hearing from five Ghanaian women creatives on how...