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Short (5 minute) thoughts of inspiration out of God's Word, the Bible to challenge the way we think.

Short (5 minute) thoughts of inspiration out of God's Word, the Bible to challenge the way we think.


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Short (5 minute) thoughts of inspiration out of God's Word, the Bible to challenge the way we think.






RT064 - How long will you wrestle with God? Psalm 32:5 - A Radical Thought

Wrestling with God is a foolish exercise practiced by the immature. God is not limited to working with His people to accomplish His will. He is sovereign and that also means King David was a great man of God, but he wasn’t a perfect man. In...


RT063 - God uses unlikely tools to accomplish His will! Ezra 1:2 - A Radical Thought

God can operate through unbelievers just as easily as He can through believers. God is not limited to working with His people to accomplish His will. He is sovereign and that also means He can exert control over unbelievers. There are some in...


RT062 – Trusting God with your mistakes! 2 Chronicles 25:9 - A Radical Thought

Our mistakes should bother us because they are against God not because it costs us money, time, prestige, or position. Mistakes will cost something. If you drive too fast and get a ticket, it will cost you. All mistakes have some kind of cost...


RT061 – God always answers our prayers! Psalm 18:6 - A Radical Thought

It is a thing of wonder that our cries and prayers actually are heard by God. Prayer is an exercise of faith! We can’t see the Person we are praying to. We don’t get audible feedback regarding our prayers. And sometimes it seems that they are...


RT060 – What do you do in the face of opposition? Acts 26:9 - A Radical Thought

Opposition may change your circumstances, but it doesn’t change what God told you to do. It is naïve to believe that you will be able to do God’s work without opposition. If you attempt to do something great for God, you should expect great...


RT059 – Compromise: one small step toward destruction! Genesis 19:1 - A Radical Thought

It takes great courage to resist the temptation to compromise. The story of Lot is both tragic and instructive. He is a man who is given every opportunity to succeed and appears to do just that, but then everything goes terribly wrong. We all need...


RT058 – A Christmas tune-up! Luke 2:11 - A Radical Thought

Christ is the reason for the season and love is the reason for Christ! Merry Christmas! This is a special Christmas edition of A Radical Thought. Rick shares a thought on tuning up our faith during this celebration of the birth of our Savior. ...


RT057 – Why do good people suffer? Amos 4:6 - A Radical Thought

Good people sometimes must endure difficulties as God deals with the wicked. It is not always easy to understand why God allows hard things to come into the lives of His people. As we see in this text, it might be because of what God is trying to...


RT056 – What are you looking at? Psalm 123:1 - A Radical Thought

What do you do when you are frustrated or discouraged by things in your life that you are powerless to change? It is not possible to go through this life and not experience things that are annoying, painful, or troubling. Thankfully, God didn’t...


RT055 – A light in the darkness! Psalm 119:105 - A Radical Thought

One tiny light in the darkness may help someone to find their way to the love of God. Walking in the dark without a light can be a dangerous thing to do. Much of this word is in spiritual darkness and we need a light to see our way safely through...


RT054 – Approaching God in prayer! Ezekiel 41:22 - A Radical Thought

To truly pray we need to give God our will, our mind, and our heart. Prayer is more than just asking God to give you what you want or take away what you don’t want in your life. Prayer is an incredible privilege and ought to be a humbling...


RT053 – Do you need to be humbled by God? Ezekiel 28:3 - A Radical Thought

God resists the proud and He confounds the wise. Have you ever felt like God was fighting against you? Maybe He is! God is both the source of and giver of wisdom. It bothers Him when one of His creations believes they have taken that place in...


RT052 – Who can be saved? Hebrews 7:25 - A Radical Thought

The gospel is not complicated. Salvation is so simple that a small child can attain to it by faith. In this devotional we are reminded not to make salvation complicated or hard to attain. No one is beyond the reach of God’s grace, mercy, and...


RT051 – Our wonderfully good God! Lamentations 3:25 - A Radical Thought

God’s goodness is not dependent upon our circumstances. God is good always – even when the things of life seem bad. That is what the prophet Jeremiah reminds us of in today’s verse. He then encourages us to do something that might feel hard...


RT050 – Don’t ask God to bless your plan! Jeremiah 42:6 - A Radical Thought

God rightfully expects us to obey Him. Just because you come up with what you believe is the perfect plan to prosper yourself or to be happy doesn’t mean that God is going to go along with it. It is okay to make plans, but we need to let God...


RT049 – A battle of the will! Romans 10:3 - A Radical Thought

We don’t get to decide how we come to Father God. Some people have odd ideas about how they will approach God to worship Him. They imagine that they can choose how God wants to be worshipped. It doesn’t work that way. We don’t decide how to...


RT048 – Learning the hard way! 2 Chronicles 12:8 - A Radical Thought

The choice is ours; serve God with a humble heart or endure the forced humbling of our heart by an unloving destroyer. Not everything bad that comes in our life is because God is mad at us or punishing us; sometimes it is just the fact that we...


RT047 – God hears your prayers! 2 Chronicles 7:14 - A Radical Thought

No matter where we are God will hear us in heaven and respond. There might be times in life when it feels like God is ignoring our prayers. In our verse for the day, the Lord tells King Solomon that there are things we can do to guarantee that God...


RT046 – Giving it all to God! 1 Chronicles 29:14 - A Radical Thought

The church and ministry ought to be an extension of only one person; Jesus Christ. The people of David’s time gave generously to build a temple for God. When we give of our time, talent, and reassures, are we doing it to build the kingdom of...


RT045 – Calling the equipped! 1 Chronicles 26:8 - A Radical Thought

You should rejoice if God brings someone into your midst who is better than you. There is a natural tendency to protect our positions in life. But what if God is preparing someone else for a role you have in the church or in your workplace? How...