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Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.

Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.








Deception - Part 5: The Good Life Gospel

The siren's call of financial success promises status, security and hope for a good life, while disguising the dangers and temptations inherent to wealth. We’ll examine the seductiveness and deceptions of worldly wealth and how the reality of the gospel offers instruction for how to truly enjoy "the good life." 1) A Truth to Embrace 2) A Practice to Follow 3) A Result to Expect Text: 1 Timothy 6:17-19


Deception - Part 4: Be Cool

Every Christian has experienced the pressure to fit in. Whether in school, at work, or at play, sometimes our social circles compel us to squeeze ourselves into a different mold. What's actually happening in these instances is more sinister than we may realize. So much so that Jesus took the time to teach about it. Craving Acceptance... 1) Can Be a Barrier to Saving Faith 2) Creates Invisible and Inaudible Believers 3) Comes From Fear and Love 4) Is Anchored in Pride 5) The...


Deception - Part 3: Be Free

Think about this: technology has shifted the balance of power from nature to human beings. The world used to be an objectively authoritative place. Today, it's filled with "stuff" we manipulate and use to suit our desires. This subtly undermines an important biblical ethic: the goodness of authority and virtue of submission. And it does so under the guise of, "Be free!" 1) Authority and Submission Are in Our Divinely Given DNA 2) Authority and Submission Do Not Devalue 3) Authority Is...


Deception - Part 2: Don't I Deserve Happiness

A boost of self-esteem. Feeling loved and significant. Experiencing satisfaction. Does Jesus give us these things? Is God's greatest desire to make you feel good? Is this the gospel? We will take a look at this in light of the temptation of Christ. 1) Satan Wants You to Be Comfortable 2) Satan Wants You to Test God 3) Satan Wants Your Allegiance Text: Matthew 4:1-11


Deception - Part 1: Did God Really Say

We are living in a day and age where language and meaning are destabilizing. Words once thought to have simple, straightforward definitions are getting contorted. How does a Christ-follower find their way through this sort of thing? Join us as we begin a 5-week series entitled "Deception." In surveying all the passages that talk about justice, here are some observations: 1) Justice is both more and less than we think of it today. 2) None of these exhortations to live justly are given to...


Bold Move: Lakeside Alliance Church

Alliance Bible Church is expecting and we're due to give birth to Lakeside Alliance Church in the fall of 2023. This message will provide some of the answers to the questions many are asking including: Why plant a church? Why plant in this particular area? And who will be leading the charge to make it happen?


Why We’re Jesus Obsessed

Have you found that a bigger house, a nicer vacation, or a better job has given you only short-lived satisfaction? Are you asking the question, "Shouldn't there be more to life?" Join us for our Easter celebration message to find out about the One who can enthrall, mesmerize, and captivate our lives! 1) Hope in the God of Unexpected Reversals 2) Trust the God of Powerful Illuminations 3) Treasure the Christ of the Resurrection Text: Matthew 28:1-10


I Am Barabbas

Jesus' trial was a sham. But we bear a striking resemblance to those who rejected His kingship that day. How it all unfolded is simply a remarkable portrayal of the best news ever. 1) Rejection Method #1: Pleasing the Crowd (Pilate) 2) Rejection Method #2: Stubborn Resistance to the Authority of Christ (Chief Priests) 3) Rejection Method #3: Disappointment (Crowd) 4) What Jesus Does About It Text: Mark 15:1-15


Move - Part 14: Extraordinary Movement

Our disbelief in God's ability to perform the extraordinary keeps us confined to a small world. We play it safe. As we finish our study of Acts, we'll explore a story that blows holes in that approach to life and inspires us to take a risk and step out in faith to watch God do what only He can do. 1) Beware of Manmade Attempts to Manufacture the Extraordinary 2) God Uses the Apparent Triumph of Evil to Spark Revival 3) God Does the Extraordinary Text: Acts 19:11-20


Move - Part 13: A Movement of Passion and Truth

Many Christians have concluded that handling the Word of God is a job best left to the “professionals.” What they’ve missed is how God uses everyday men and women to bring His Word to every corner of creation. As we continue our series, “Move,” a study of the book of Acts, we’ll see how God used everyday Christians like us to carry His message near and far. We’ll consider what goes into this ministry of the Word and how we can help others encounter the Word of God. 1) Are We Passionate 2)...


Move - Part 12: Gospel Movement in Secular Culture

It's easier to talk with people about Jesus if they have some basic understanding of the Bible. But what do you do with people who are largely unfamiliar with it? Join us as we learn from Paul who faced that challenge in Athens. His approach will provide us with some helpful direction as we minister in an increasingly secular society. Four Tips on Engaging Secularized Culture Faithfully and Fruitfully: 1) Expect Friction 2) Establish Pivot Points 3) Engage in Full-Orbed Truth Telling 4)...


Move - Part 11: A Movement of Church Planting

One of the unmistakable themes in the book of Acts is God's mission to multiply gospel-preaching churches. There are rarely enough. More are needed. We'll observe how God used a tragic event to birth a new church and feed its explosive growth. The birth and explosive growth of a healthy church requires... 1) Dispersing 2) Speaking 3) Depending 4) Reflecting Text: Acts 11:19-26


Move - Part 10: A Shocking Movement

Can two completely different and opposing groups of people be reconciled to one another? Is it even possible? Join us, as we look at the unfolding redemptive plan of God in bringing enemies together in Christ. Text: Acts 10


Move - Part 9: A Movement of Christian Inclusion

One of the most challenging obstacles to Christian community is the "clique" feeling. It might surprise you that the Scriptures hint at a ministry we all have that God can use to overcome this and deepen connections among one another. Join us to learn more! 1) Our Reticence to Include 2) The Reason We Hesitate to Include 3) The Pathway to Christian Inclusion Text: Acts 9:26-31


Move - Part 8: A Move Too Far

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not God can use you after all of the sin, failures, and brokenness in your life, then you’re not alone. Whether we ask this question about ourselves or if we ask it about somebody else – we are faced with a question that shouldn’t be simply tossed aside, avoided, or left to our own assumptions. Rather, we need a solid and biblical way to unpack this challenging question regarding our usefulness and purpose. We will aim to do just that as we look at the next...


Move - Part 7: An Upside Down Movement

Many Christians seem stymied and stuck when it comes to sharing their faith. Some feel incredibly awkward about sharing, others never seem to find an appropriate time to talk about it, and still, others wonder if it even matters in such an informed and polarized climate. These thoughts and feelings are enough to keep many Christians safely on the sidelines from ever engaging in the movement of the Gospel in their world. In this message, we’ll look at a passage of Scripture that cuts to the...


Move - Part 6: A Movement of Compassion

Sometimes the growth and expansion of the church can create a good problem as in the case in Acts 6. How does the church continue to proclaim the word of God, while at the same time care for a growing congregation? The answer might be more simple than you think. 5 Implications: 1) There Is No Perfect Church 2) Unity Is Essential in a Church 3) Ecclesiology Matters 4) The Church Uses Ordinary Means 5) Christ Will Continue to Build His Church Text: Acts 6:1-7


Move - Part 5: A Movement of Radical Generosity

Imagine a world in which there are no financially or materially destitute people among us. We don't have to imagine. The Church is meant to be a unique community. One of those uniquenesses is the care Christians give one another when needs arise. It's beautiful when it happens. 1) Radical Generosity Is More Than the Dollar Amount 2) The Church Is a Movement of Radical Generosity 3) Gospel Proclamation and Response Is a Precursor to Radical Generosity Text: Acts 4:32-5:11


Move - Part 4: A Movement of Prayer

Revival doesn't mean opposition to the gospel stops. In many cases, it intensifies. So what then? A church on the move remains bold and courageous, but not by a sheer act of willpower. The roots of courage are deep. We'll discover what they are. 1) They Pray for Boldness 2) They Focus On the Sovereignty of God 3) They Pray With Bible-Rooted Confidence 4) They Use the Past to Shape Expectations for the Future 5) They Were Filled Afresh With the Holy Spirit Text: Acts 4:23-31


Move - Part 3: A Church on the Move

Sociologists and psychologists think they have figured out the secret of how things go viral. But there's one viral phenomenon that defies naturalistic explanation: revival. It's mysterious and unpredictable, but undeniable. Join us as we gaze in wonder at it and pray, "Lord, do it again!" 1) The Power of the Gospel 2) Essentials of a Church 3) Revival Text: Acts 2:37-47