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Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.

Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.


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Captivating generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ.








The Total Package

What comes to your mind when you think of spiritual gifts? Perhaps something mystical, pointless or maybe even divisive? This week, let’s take a look at what the Word of God has to say on this issue and set the record straight when it comes to spiritual gifts and their use. 1. Prophecy 2. Service 3. Teaching 4. Exhorting 5. Contributing 6. Leading 7. Mercy Text: Romans 12:3-8


Victory - Part 18

"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each of us may receive what is due us for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad" (2 Corinthians 5:10). Are you ready? Let's get ready. 1. We are justified by faith alone, but we are given heavenly rewards according to our works. 2. Our works will be evidence confirming the genuineness of our faith. Text: Revelation 20


Victory - Part 17

Jesus is coming back! And when He does, He'll do so in judgment and salvation. Did you know He's given us work to do to prepare for His arrival? We'll consider that in this message. God’s Judgment Is Cause for… 1. Praise 2. Preparation 3. Indebted Gratitude Text: Revelation 19


Pocket Change

In this message, we'll have the opportunity to reach down deep into our pockets and pull out what we really believe about giving. As we explore the basics of financial giving, we'll come away with a fresh perspective on this "Too Hot to Handle" topic. 1. What Is the Right Context for Giving? 2. What Is the Right Measurement With Giving? Text: Luke 21:1-4


Living the Resurrection

Jesus' death and resurrection creates the shape of the normal Christian life. Your life is a series of hundreds of mini-deaths followed by hundreds of mini-resurrections. When your outlook on life is shaped by this, amazing things begin to happen. Join us for our Easter Celebration and you'll discover the power of living the resurrection. 1) Jesus' Death and Resurrection Is Something We Believe and Mimic 2) Mimicking Jesus' Death Normalizes Suffering 3) Mimicking Jesus’ Death Helps Us...


Good News

Christians need multiple exposures to the gospel. It was the apostle Paul's practice to do this. So will we. Join us this Good Friday, as we spend time reminding ourselves of the good news of Jesus Christ. 1) Who Made Us? 2) What Is Our Problem? 3) What Is the Solution? 4) How Do We Get Included in the Solution? Text: Selected Scriptures


Victory - Part 16

Worldliness is whatever makes wickedness look normal and righteousness look strange. This is the core character trait of Babylon. She exists in every nation and is a threat to each believer. God's call to His people this week is, "Come out of her! Come out of Babylon!" We'll explore how we do that in this message. 1. X-Ray Vision 2. Wealth Management 3. Wet Suit Text: Revelation 18


Victory - Part 15

Appearances can be deceiving and we can be gullible. Jesus knows this and helps us see past the alluring cosmetics of idolatry to the spiritual reality underneath. Revelation 17 contains timely teaching for Christians in the 21st century. 1. The Allure of Idolatry 2. The Self-Destruction of Idolatry 3. The Hope in a World of Idolatry Text: Revelation 17


Victory - Part 14

The Scriptures are repetitive when it comes to their insistence on God being a judge. But God's judgment is measured, precise and filled with truth we need to see, know and believe. We'll examine a number of implications of God's judgment, as we consider Revelation 15-16. 1. What God’s Judgments Do for Humanity 2. What God’s Judgments Say about God Text: Revelation 15-16


Is love, LOVE?

Does what you do matter to God? How about as it pertains to your sexuality? In this message, we will look at how the Scriptures address this important topic and how it should shape our own identity. 1. The Foundation 2. The Distortion 3. The Redemption Text: Romans 1:18-32


Dealing with Drinking

Living and working around the self-proclaimed “Beer Capital of the World" presents Christians with unique questions and challenges. In this message, we'll take a look at how Christians can deal with the issue of drinking. 1. Is a Christian Allowed to Drink? 2. How Do We Drink to the Glory of God? 3. What Does This Look Like? Text: 1 Corinthians 10:23 - 11:1


Victory - Part 13

At 80 years of age, the renowned preacher David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was asked a final question: “What parting word have you for the secular man or woman who does not take Jesus Christ seriously?” To which the man of God replied; “Flee from the wrath to come and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." This is the somber and hopeful message of Revelation 14. 1. We are prone to placing a high-gloss veneer over sin. 2. Diminishing the punishment diminishes the cross of Christ. 3. Warning of God's...


Victory - Part 12

What is the cause of the church's sufferings and difficulties? The Bible's answer is deep: the rage of Satan. But Satan also works through means. In this message, we'll peak behind the curtain to see how Satan's two henchmen, government (and its leaders) and false religion, work to oppose the church and what we can do about it. 1. The Authority of Government and Its Leaders 2. The Deception of False Religion 3. The Way Through It Text: Revelation 13


"What if I Don't Feel Like Going to Church?"

Commitment can be a challenging thing for some people. How about when it comes to the body of Christ? Is the gathering of the saints an option for Christians or something that God requires? Most importantly, what does the Scripture say? Join us and find out! 1. Problem 2. Privilege 3. Purpose Text: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26


Victory - Part 11

You may think your life is mundane. But you would be wrong. In this message, the curtain will be pulled back and we'll get a leering look at a character who is hellbent on dethroning Jesus from your life. Will he succeed? Join us to discover the answer. Three crucial truths we need if we're going persevere in hard times: 1. Remember you are in the midst of a cosmic conflict that is profoundly spiritual. 2. Remember you're spiritual well-being is more important than your physical...


Victory - Part 10

Jesus said, "In this world you will have trouble..." Christians are not immune to persecution. As Revelation recalibrates our expectations for life in this world, it teaches us to expect opposition. But it never ceases to insist on the ultimate victory of Jesus and his Church. 1. Measuring the Temple 2. Two Witnesses 3. Applications Text: Revelation 11


Victory - Part 9

The book of Revelation clearly teaches the ongoing judgments of God on the world in the form of things like: war, civil strife, economic scarcity and death. Christians are not promised immunity from these. In fact, we've been given a mission to accomplish in spite of it. What is that mission? What will it be like? And how do we get the job done? Revelation 10 answers those questions. The Christian Life in the Wilderness… 1) Keep Your Bearings 2) Be Courageous 3) Fulfill Your...


Victory - Part 8

God brings about economic deterioration, the shaking of earthly power structures, the bitterness of suffering, and spiritual darkness as a wake-up call to rouse a complacent world. Don't hit the snooze button! Get up and pay attention. Let’s get our heads around what God is saying to us by asking five basic questions: 1. Who? 2. What? 3. When? 4. Where? 5. Why? Text: Revelation 8:6 - 9:21


A New Profile

Many of us are familiar with the everyday struggles, temptations and joys of social media. But in this message, let’s take a look at what the Scriptures have to say about our words and ways we use these platforms. 1. Truth vs. Lies 2. Righteous Anger vs. Unrighteous Anger 3. Stealing vs. Hard Work 4. Rotten vs. Wholesome Talk 5. Bitterness vs. Compassion Text: Ephesians 4:17-32


Gossip and the Opposite

How has gossip impacted your life? What do you think the opposite of gossip is? Join us to find out! 1. What Is Gossip? 2. What Is Our Identity? 3. What Is Our Purpose? Text: Ephesians 4:29